Is FinMarket a Scam?

FinMarket is one of the leading companies in the world of forex. They have many faithful clients and a very good reputation among traders. Although all this seems fine, we decided to conduct a little investigation to see if they are really legit. In this “Is FinMarket a Scam?” analysis, you can check out if the broker is regulated by any financial regulatory body and examine the ways this company protects money and data. Read our first-hand analysis and get informed!

Is FinMarket a Scam? | Regulation

Let’s start with the most important security feature, i.e. regulation. If you want to be completely sure that a broker is legit, you should always check if it’s regulated. This will show you if an independent institution has deemed a company reliable, so a licence will prove that you have nothing to worry about.

Luckily, with FinMarket everything checks out. The company is regulated by CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This agency makes sure that companies under its care comply with the monetary regulation of the European Union. In other words, you can be sure that FinMarket does its business in full compliance with the strict European laws. A big plus for the broker, no doubt about that

In the next paragraph of our “Is FinMarket a Scam?” analysis, you can check out how exactly this broker keeps your money safe, so keep reading!

FinMarket Regulation
FinMarket Regulation

Is FinMarket a Scam? | Data and Money Protection

As we already mentioned in our in-depth FinMarket Review 2018, the broker uses various safety measures in order to keep your data and money safe and sound. First of all, the company uses secure sockets layer system that protects all the information you disclose during your transactions. Besides that, Level 1 PCI handles all payments here, which guarantees the safety of international payments. Furthermore, all trading servers are located in SAS 70 certified centers.

If you’re still wondering is FinMarket a scam, we’d also like to mention that the clients’ funds are held in segregated accounts. When you deposit funds to your account, they are always managed separately from the brokerage’s operating and trading costs. Besides that, the company will maintain accurate and authentic verification of your personal data and this information will be used only for the purpose of compliance with international anti-money laundering laws.

FinMarket Safety Of Funds
FinMarket Safety Of Funds

Is FinMarket a Scam? | Conclusion

After examining everything, we are pretty sure that the answer to the question “Is FinMarket a Scam?” negative. First of all, the company is regulated by CySEC, meaning they comply with the monetary laws of European Union. Besides that, FinMarket holds clients’ money in separated accounts, so you can be completely sure your money is safe. As for the data, all of the data transactions between clients and the broker are encrypted and protected by SSL system. After all that, we can only advise you to open an account with FinMarket and start trading today!

FinMarket Review 2018

Forex trading is a quickly-developing business which is becoming very popular all around the world. People have realized that the internet enables you to do business without having to deal with bureaucracy and many other complications. But in order to trade forex, you first have to find a broker you’d like to trade with.

In this in-depth analysis, we will introduce you to a broker called FinMarket. It’s a brand owned and operated by K-DNA Financial Services Ltd. which provides online forex and CFD trading services. We opened an account with this regulated company and traded on its website for a while, so this FinMarket Review will show you all the most important features you can find there. You don’t have to investigate on your own – we did it for you. Read our analysis and find out everything you need to know!

FinMarket Review | Make Your Deposit

As stated, forex is a business that can be done online. Besides being simple, it also saves time. If you decide to open an account with FinMarket, you can start you trading career in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is fill out a simple form, choose the deposit method, choose your account type and you can start trading right away.

First of all, you will have to fill out a list with the most basic information about yourself. That information includes your name, address, the country you currently live in and so on. Once you’re done with filling out the form, you will have to choose an account you’d like to use in trading. More on that can be found in the next paragraph of our FinMarket Review. On the account you choose depends on the amount of money you’ll have to invest as your first deposit.

There are several methods you can choose to make a deposit. You can choose between credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro), wire transfer and ecoPayz. ecoPayz is an online payment method service – we’ve tested it and it works perfectly. In addition, every transaction will be executed reasonably quickly, within a few business days. The same goes for withdrawal. We have to tell you, though, that the method used for deposit has to be used for withdrawal, too.

In the next paragraph of our FinMarket Review, you can check out what are the accounts you can choose between. Stay with us and learn more about this broker!

FinMarket Deposit Methods
FinMarket Deposit Methods

FinMarket Review | Account Types

When you’re trading forex, you have to have as many options as possible, no matter if we’re talking trading options, assets you can trade and so on. The same goes for accounts – a good broker will provide its traders with different accounts, so that every trader can find something for themselves. That’s especially important if you’re a beginner. When you’re making your first deposit, you definitely don’t want to risk too much money. Luckily, FinMarket has various types of accounts you can choose between.

More precisely, FinMarket has four accounts in its offer: Mini, Standard, VIP and Premium. Mini account is made for beginners and requires only $250, which is pretty much a standard in the industry. This is the account with the most basic offer, but you still get some interesting features with it. For example, you get negative balance protection and 24 hours live support. Furthermore, you have the Standard account that requires a deposit of $1,000. It’s designed for those who already have some experience in trading. With Standard account one gets daily market reviews, but there are some other perks as well – personal account manager and personalized daily updates, for example.

There are two accounts that are made for professionals – VIP and Premium account. You will need to deposit $5,000 and $10,000 respectively for them, and they come with VIP trading support and daily recommendations from the company’s analysts.

At this point of our FinMarket Review, we’d like to mention some special promotion offers. These accounts are called Temporary Benefit, No Spread and No Commission and they are provided according to the company discretion upon written request from each client. Also, they are restricted for a specific time period determined by the company.

In the next paragraph of our FinMarket Review, you can read about one special account that can help you a lot in your trading – keep reading and check it out!

FinMarket Account Types
FinMarket Account Types

FinMarket Review | Demo Account

As is the case in any other business, it takes a certain amount of time to become a professional or experienced forex trader. The only difference is that, while practicing forex, there’s a chance that you can lose some money. That’s why it’s very important to know what you’re doing. In other words, you have to be prepared as much as possible before entering the real game. FinMarket allows you to do just that – to get the trading experience before actually investing real money. All you have to do is to open FinMarket demo account and you’ll be ready to go!

If you open a FinMarket demo account, you will have the opportunity to practice and get some valuable experience before risking real money. You can practice in a real trading environment – you will handle real time prices and you will have all the charts and tools at your disposal. Moreover, you will have enough time to completely adapt to a new trading environment, so you won’t be confused once you start trading for real.

We can say that this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re a beginner in the field of trading. Just open your FinMarket demo, try all the options and then invest for real.

The following part of our FinMarket Review will talk about the trading platform you’ll trade on once you open an account with the broker. Don’t go away and you will find out all you need to know about it!

FinMarket Demo Account
FinMarket Demo Account

FinMarket Review | MetaTrader 4

Every trader knows that MetaTrader 4 is the most popular platform in the entire industry. Although the new model – MT5 – has also been released, MT4 is still on the top. It has many advantages, so we’ll name only the most important ones here. First of all, it’s very quick. That means that it can process all your requests in an instant, which is of enormous importance when it comes to trading. Since prices can go up and down very quickly, sometimes seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing. Having that in mind, we cannot emphasize enough how important is to have a quick platform. Furthermore, FinMarket MT4 is very intuitively designed. Although it might not seem so attractive at first sight, it’s extremely functional and anyone can adapt to it fully in just a couple of trades.

The last thing we’d like to underline about FinMarket MT4 are the tons of options it has. In the first place, it has a massive toolbox with many powerful features you can use in trading. There are 30 built-in indicators, over 2000 free custom indicators and 700 paid ones. If you learn how to use, for example, Fibonacci tools or different charts, you will improve your trading big time.

Besides that, FinMarket MT4 offers you an option of receiving trading signals, so you will always be informed about the most important business events, which can help you if you trade both short- and long-term options.

There is also the option of remote trading, which will be analyzed next, so stay with our FinMarket Review!

FinMarket MetaTrader 4
FinMarket MetaTrader 4

FinMarket Review | Mobile Trading with FinMarket

The world of forex gets even more dynamic if you trade with FinMarket. This company has a special feature that enables you to trade anytime you want. If you download the FinMarket mobile app, you will get an opportunity to trade basically instantly whenever you want. There is only one condition – you have to have an internet connection. This feature can be especially useful if you like to invest in short-term options. This practically guarantees you won’t miss a single trading opportunity.

With FinMarket mobile app you will have all the options as if you were trading on the regular platform. In other words, you will have all the tools at your disposal, plus you will be able to use all charts and all trading alerts. The design is so great that you will barely feel a difference. You can just relax and trade.

There’s one more thing we’d like to put our emphasis on. The feature is called WebTrader and it provides you with access to market information from any internet connected device that supports a web browser. It also allows you to access detailed statistics about all open and closed trades in a visual fashion. Also, many methods, analysis and statistics can be viewed over multiple time frames.

FinMarket Mobile Trading
FinMarket Mobile Trading

FinMarket Review | Tradable Assets

When you open an account with FinMarket, you will see that forex isn’t the only thing you can trade. This broker offers you many other tradable options: with FinMarket you can trade forex, CFDs, indices and commodities. In this paragraph of our FinMarket Review we’ll present all of the mentioned assets, so that you know exactly what your options are.

Let’s start with the basics. Forex stands for foreign exchange, and it’s the world’s biggest market. This the market where currencies are traded, and it’s decentralized, meaning it doesn’t have any specific central marketplace. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. Currencies are traded worldwide among big financial centers such as News York, London, Zurich, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Paris, Sidney and Singapore. As already said, it’s the biggest market in the world and any person, firm or country may participate in it.

CFD stands for Contracts for Difference and designates an arrangement made in future contract. The catch with CFDs is that trader doesn’t actually own an asset – CFD only mirrors the movements of the asset underlying it. The profits or losses are made when the underlying asset moves in relation to the position taken. It’s basically a contract between the client and the broker. Trading CFDs brings you higher leverage and that’s main advantage of trading CFDs.

Besides that, you can trade indices and commodities that need no special explanation.

FinMarket Review | Safety

In the world of trading security always comes first. Security should be the most important issue in every type of business, but it’s especially important when it comes to trading. When you’re trading, you’re investing your money in order to earn more money. The importance of safety here is obvious – all the channels where money passes have to be completely safe, and that’s exactly what your broker must provide – the safest trading environment possible. Besides money, there is one more element that needs special security, especially when it comes to the internet: your personal information. In order to trade, you have to disclose certain delicate information with your broker – for example, the number of your credit card. You simply have to be 100 percent sure that a broker guarantees a safety of these information. Although more on the broker’s safety you can read in our Is FinMarket a Scam? analysis, in this paragraph of our FinMarket Review we’ll inform you of some basic safety measures.

First of all, the company uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software in order to protect information during transmission. In other words, all data transfers between server machines are transmitted using SSL encryption, so there’s no way someone abuses any of your information. Also, all financial transactions are handled by Level 1 PCI certified international payment service providers. Besides that, all communication between the company’s clients and data servers is encrypted so we can conclude that FinMarket is completely safe. We’d also like to mention that this broker is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), which is also a very important fact.

FinMarket Safety Of Funds
FinMarket Safety Of Funds

FinMarket Review | Contact and Support

In this paragraph of our FinMarket Review, we’ll discuss another element of the broker-client relationship. It’s something we use in many different aspects of life, but it’s especially important when it comes to trading – technical support. When you start trading, there will probably be some things you won’t figure out immediately. That’s why is very important that you have someone to help you and to guide you through the processes of depositing, withdrawing and, finally, trading.

Luckily, with FinMarket you won’t have any difficulties regarding technical support. We’ve tested them a couple of times and we’ve asked them all types of questions. We can say we were very satisfied with their response. Besides being very quick, they were also very patient. If you don’t understand something, guys from FinMarket’s support team will repeat and explain until you understand it properly. Having that in mind, you can completely relax – you always have FinMarket on your side.

As for the contact, you can call them on their phone number and you can send them an e-mail. Also, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

FinMarket Contact
FinMarket Contact

FinMarket Review | Conclusion

There’s not much left to say in the conclusion of our FinMarket Review, so we’ll only repeat all the important features of the broker. First of all, we’d like to repeat that you can start your career with FinMarket very easily. All you have to do is to fill out a simple application form and make your first deposit. Both the application and deposit shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. As for the money, the minimum deposit that guarantees you an account with FinMarket is $250. For that amount of money, you will become a holder of Mini Account. Besides Mini, there are Standard, VIP and Premium account, so you will definitely find something for yourself. There are also some special promotion accounts that you should definitely take a look at.

Once you open an account with FinMarket, you will get an opportunity to trade on a trading platform called MT4. This is the most popular trading platform in the world of forex. It’s designed intuitively, it has many cool analytical tools and it’s very quick. It also comes as an app, so you can trade anytime you want. Having in mind that forex is a very dynamic game this is something you should definitely take the advantage of.

We’d also like to mention that there are many tradable assets in FinMarket’s offer. Besides forex, you can also trade CFDs (that have bigger leverage than the rest of the offer), indices and commodities.

Having all that in mind, we think you should definitely open an account with FinMarket, make your deposit and try your luck today!

Is Just2Trade a Scam?

If you have some questions about Just2Trade, you’re at the right place. We tested this broker to see is Just2Trade a scam, so you can check for yourself how this company conducts its business. We’ve tried out all the most important aspects of the offer, so read our analysis and learn all you need to know before investing on this website!

Is Just2Trade a Scam? | Platforms and Demo

The very first thing to be analyzed here in our Is Just2Trade a Scam? analysis is the trading platform. More precisely, there are two trading platforms this broker offers – MetaTrader 5 and Just2Trade +. Since we’ve tried both of them, we can confirm firsthand that both platforms provide an excellent trading experience. There are numerous trading assets you can choose from and many tools that can help you improve your trading. Besides that, everything is designed very intuitively, so you’ll get the hang of everything very quickly.

But the best part is that you can test the platforms for free! Just2Trade gives you the opportunity to hone your trading skills and explore your trading environment completely before actually risking any money. If you open a Just2Trade demo account, you will have the same features at your disposal as you would if you were trading on a real account. It’s a completely real simulation of market conditions and it will help you a lot in your further trading.

In the next paragraph of our Is Just2Trade a Scam? article, you can learn about the broker’s support team and regulation. Keep reading!

Just2Trade Demo Platform
Just2Trade Demo Platform

Is Just2Trade a Scam? | Support and Mobile Trading

It’s quite important that you have someone reliable on your side while you’re trading, especially when it comes to handling the money. You want to know that the broker’s team will help you no matter what. As already mentioned in our Just2Trade Review 2018, we’ve tested their team and they definitely are quick and reliable. You can send them a mail or a message on Facebook, but you can also call them on the phone.

Finally, we have to say that Just2Trade is regulated by CySEC. They received their license in late September 2015 and have since then maintained a high level of security and reliability. This means that everything here is done in accordance with strict EU standards. Additionally, they are a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, which means you will have insurance for your deposits and a way to resolve disputes. All in all, you can feel completely at ease when trading here.

Just2Trade Contact
Just2Trade Contact

Is Just2Trade a Scam? | Conclusion

Is Just2Trade a scam? We can conclude that they definitely are not. As a matter of fact, they provide a very good service to their traders. Just2Trade has two trading platforms you can trade on, with both of them being absolutely impeccable, plus you can try mobile trading, as well. But the best thing is that you can try trading for free – all you have to do is to open a demo account – which certainly boosts the company’s credibility a lot. Furthermore, their support team is always ready to help, and they will provide you with all the help you might need. We sincerely advise you to open an account with Just2Trade and start trading today!

Just2Trade Review 2018

The world of trading is getting more and more popular every day. There’s a big competition among brokers, and everyone is trying to get their piece of the pie. With so many companies participating in the game, sometimes it can be difficult to decide who to trade with. We want to help you with that by conducting investigations designed to show you where to open your trading accounts. In this review, we bring you all relevant details concerning Just2Trade.

We tested them on or own – we opened an account and checked all the most important elements of their website. As you will see from our results, the broker has an excellent trading environment, many trading options and many features you can explore. Also, they have many types of accounts you can choose from. Read our Just2Trade review and you will discover a very interesting company!

Just2Trade Review | How to Start Trading

As you all know, we live in a dynamic and highly technological world. Today, everyone uses computers and connects to the internet, so it has become possible to start your own business online. Trading forex is the best way to invest, and Just2Trade enables you to begin your trading career in just a few steps. We all know time is money – Just2Trade really saves yours big time.

Let’s mention at the very beginning of our Just2Trade review that with this broker you can trade in the US, Europe and Asia. Many similar companies do not have a permission to do the business in America, so we can say that Just2Trade has a big advantage here. If you’re from Europe or Asia, in order to log in you’ll have to submit an ID that contains your photo, signature and expiration date (you can submit your passport, driver’s license and so on). You’ll also have to send a document with the address of your place of residence (a utility bill or bank statement not older than 6 months).

If you live in America, besides an unexpired passport and the proof of address, you might also have to send in some documents that include a proof of employment, funds, income and address verification. Besides that, you’ll have to share only your basic data, such as your name and date of birth. But apart from submitting the documents, there’s one more thing you have to do in order to start to trade – make a deposit. Stay with Just2Trade review and find out how this can be done!

Just2Trade Registration Page
Just2Trade Registration Page

Just2Trade Review | Make a Deposit

As we said, in order to trade you have to make a Just2Trade deposit. In trading, it is very important that all monetary transactions go smoothly, that the directions are clear and simple and that you don’t have to spend too much time on figuring out what to do. Luckily, Just2Trade makes all monetary transactions very, very simple and safe, something that is also discussed in our “Is Just2Trade a Scam?” article

There are several ways you can fund your account. You can use wire transfers, ACH transfers and account transfers (transfers of money from other accounts). We have to highlight, though, that a Just2Trade deposit cannot be made via credit/debit card or PayPal. ACH transfers can be used by the citizens of the United States. It’s an electronic network for financial transactions and it works without any papers – no checks, no postage charges, and so on. Transactions conducted via ACH can take up to 2-3 business days to complete, while bank transfers take 24 to 48 hours (foreign wire) or up to 24 hours (USA). As for the numbers, the minimum Just2Trade deposit is set to $100 for all ACH requests, which is affordable for almost anyone. When you’re done with depositing, you’ll be able to choose the account you’d like to use in trading. Keep reading our Just2Trade review and explore the choices you have in that respect!

Just2Trade Funding Methods
Just2Trade Funding Methods

Just2Trade Review | Accounts

When you’re choosing a broker to trade with, you always tend to choose the one that has the account that suits your trading style. If a company has, for example, 5 accounts in its offer, you have a bigger chance of finding what you need than with a broker that offers 3 accounts. And when it comes to Just2Trade, these guys really have a great offer – you can choose between no less than 13 accounts that differ not just by the deposit, but by the type of service as well. In this paragraph of our Just2Trade review, we’ll mention the most important ones.

The most basic type of account is called the Individual Account. It’s a standard account with only one owner. If you’d like to open an account with some of your friends, you can open a Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship (JTWROS) Account. That’s also a standard account, but it’s shared by two or more individuals, and each holder has an undivided interest in the account. There’s also the Joint Tenants in Common (JTIC) Account, which allows each holder to own their own percentage of the total assets. The next type on our list is the Custodial account, an account managed by a custodian for the benefit of a minor. If you’d like to open an account in the name of an incorporated business, you can open a Corporate Account.

As you can see, with Just2Trade you can choose between many trading accounts, so we’re sure that you’ll find something that suits you right. And in the next paragraph of our Just2Trade review you can learn about the trading platforms this broker offers, so don’t leave yet!

Just2Trade Account Types
Just2Trade Account Types

Just2Trade Review | MetaTrader 5 and Just2Trade +

Every trader knows that trading platform is the most important element of trading. Good trading platforms can increase your chances to win, while bad trading platforms will disable you in your trading plans. You can tell if a platform is good by a few things – the tools that you can use, the speed of processing and the intuitiveness of its interface. In this paragraph, we’ll present you one of the latest trading platforms in the field – Just2Trade MetaTrader 5.

MetaTrader is a well-known brand among trading platforms. We can even say that it has become the standard in the entire business. The fourth version of MetaTrader is extremely popular among traders, and Just2Trade went one step further – they decided to offer their clients MT5. It’s a multi-asset trading platform with powerful tools and all kinds of options. Just2Trade MT5 offers all kinds of technical indicators that can be set to operate automatically in order to detect different patterns in the price dynamics. Some of these indicators are Oscillators, Volume indicators and so on. There are also many charts you can use: candlesticks, bars, broken line etc.

Besides MT5, the broker also offers another platform – Just2Trade +. It’s also completely web-based, it gives you the option of real-time analysis, provides detailed stock info and access to the latest news and more. But the best thing with Just2Trade is that you don’t have to sit in front of your computer in order to trade. More on that you can find out later on in our analysis, and in the next paragraph you can check out other features you can use on MT5! Just2Trade review continues.

Just2Trade Demo Platform
Just2Trade Demo Platform

Just2Trade Review | Other MT5 Features

Apart from the analytical tools and indicators that were already mentioned here in our analysis, there are also some other interesting things we’d like to mention, as well. The first of these features is the option of using Just2Trade trading signals. It’s a trading service that allows for automatic real-time copying of trading operations from one trading account to another. There are many free signals, but some of them you’ll have to buy. This service is beneficial both to users and sellers of signals. It can help you a lot in your trading, so we strongly advise that you try it!

As for the fundamental analysis, MT5 provides financial news and an economic calendar. These features give you access to the most important events from the entire world. Economic calendar provides publications of macroeconomic indicators, which is especially important if you trade long term.

On top of that, you can use automated trading robots which analyze prices and perform operations without any human involvement. Unlike humans, trading robots won’t stress out when a situation gets complicated, and they can work 24 hours a day without a change in their efficiency. Trading robots can process a large amount of currencies instantly, they use more precise signals and can’t get tired. In addition, you can also use the MT5 Strategy Tester. This feature is based on historical quotes of currencies, stocks and other assets. It’s designed to test automated robot performance in trading. Its main task is to perform virtual transactions according to the algorithms. Having in mind that trading robots have access to all the financial instruments in the tester and that they can perform trading transactions with any of them, we can say that it would really be wise to try it!

Just2Trade MT5 Features
Just2Trade MT5 Features

You can check more cool features if you stay with our Just2Trade review: mobile trading and demo account are coming up next, so stay tuned!

Just2Trade Review | Mobile Trading and Demo

As we’ve already mentioned, nowadays you don’t have to sit in front of your computer in order to be active on the market. Just2Trade enables you to trade from anywhere you want. There’s only one condition – you have to have an internet connection.

If you download the Just2Trade MT5 app, you’ll have all of the options as if you were trading on the regular platfom. It’s very fast in processing trading requests and has no bugs, so you don’t have to worry that a bad application will harm your trading results. You can use all of the tools from the regular MT5 offer – the only difference is that you can trade from any place you like!

Another feature we’d like to mention at this point of our Just2Trade review is the demo account. It is an excellent option for practicing your trading skills without risking any real money. We’d recommend it both to beginners and experienced traders alike. Beginners can get the real perspective of trading by practicing in a realistic trading environment, whereas professionals can develop their own trading styles without any risk. But you also have many different orders at your disposal here. We will tackle them next!

Just2Trade Mobile Apps
Just2Trade Mobile Apps

Just2Trade Review | Order Types

Trading forex and binaries can be really exciting because you can choose between many trading options. In other words, you can trade in many ways and apply different styles. In this paragraph we’ll write about some of most important order types you can choose if you open an account with Just2Trade.

The very first type we’d like to present is a market order. It’s an order to buy or sell a stock at the next available price. Then we have limit orders, which are orders executed at the limit price or lower/higher (it depends on whether you sell or buy). Furthermore, you also have the stop order. This enables you to buy or sell a security when it reaches a specified price. When the price is reached, the order becomes a market order. There’s also an order that combines both stop and limit orders. When the price reaches a specified level, the order becomes a limit order to buy or to sell at the specified price or better.

As for the products, you can trade in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Futures, OTC (Over the Counter Stocks) and EFTs. EFT stands for an exchange-traded fund. This is actually an investment fund which can be traded on various stock exchanges. It consists of various assets including stocks, commodities, bonds and others, operating with the so-called arbitrage mechanism which enables trading close to its net asset value.

Just2Trade Order Types FAQ
Just2Trade Order Types FAQ

Just2Trade Review | Customer Support and Education

One thing that you also have to have in mind when choosing a broker is its ability to help you when necessary. In other words, you need to have someone reliable at your side, a team of experts that can help you with anything you need. That’s why we decided to test their support team in order to see if they really can do their job.

Luckily, we can say that Just2Trade’s support team can handle all types of issues. We’ve asked them all kind of questions, some regarding the process of making an account, others about the trading itself. We can confirm that they helped us with every issue we had. And not just that they helped us: they were quick and very professional, too. As for the ways of contact, you can contact them by sending an email or you can call them on the phone. Besides that, you can send them a message on Facebook, which is quite cool.

Another important element we’d like to mention in our Just2Trade review is education. Every good broker will provide education to its clients, and Just2Trade has several options for education. You can join educational webinars presented by the broker’s experts or you can watch some video tutorials. We tried both of them and they are just great! That’s another opportunity you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re a newcomer in the field of trading.

Just2Trade Contact
Just2Trade Contact

Just2Trade Review | Conclusion

At the end of our extensive Just2Trade review, we would like to repeat the most important elements. First of all we have to highlight one more time that this broker is also available in the United States. This is quite rare: it’s very difficult to get a permission to conduct forex-related business in the USA, so we can say that Just2Trade has a really good reputation in the field.

We’d also like to highlight that it’s very easy to start trading with Just2Trade. In order to confirm your identity, you will have to submit certain documents and you will also have to share some basic information about yourself with the broker. There are several ways fund the account and each of them functions perfectly. As for the offer of accounts, we can say that this is one of the biggest broker’s advantages. You can take a regular account, but you can also share account with partner, you can open your company’s account and so on.

Another big broker’s advantage is the MT5 trading platform. It provides many powerful tools, automated trading system and signals. It also gives you the possibility to try different orders, but you can also practice for free with demo account.

All in all, we can say that Just2Trade is one of the finest brokers we saw in a while. Therefore, we strongly advise you to open an account with them. Start trading today!

Trade WFX Scam Investigation

The world of forex trading is growing on a daily basis and every day we have more brokers participating in the field. This is why it can sometimes be quite difficult to choose the broker you want to trade with, so we decided to help you.

In our Trade WFX Scam Investigation, we will show you one of the most popular brokers in the industry. We opened an account and tested out all the important elements regarding its safety, such as the safety of monetary transactions and the security of your data. Read our analysis to find out if there are any traces of Trade WFX fraud!

Trade WFX Scam Investigation | Regulated

The very first thing we would like to mention in our Trade WFX scam analysis is the fact that the broker is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. This organization takes care of legit functioning of financial markets in the United Kingdom. Their main task is to secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers. If you will have any troubles while trading, you can always contact the FCA and this institution will help you with everything you need.

Besides taking care of traders, the Financial Conduct Authority protects the integrity of the UK financial system in general and promotes effective competition. All in all, we can say that this organization makes the trading totally safe. But there are other things where Trade WFX scam can appear, so we have to check out other elements of the broker’s safety. Stay with us!

Trade WFX Home Page
Trade WFX Home Page

Trade WFX Scam Investigation | Encryption and Money Transfers

In every business that can be done online, you have to be very careful with the safety of your data. There are people who will try to abuse some of your personal information, whether to steal your identity or your money. Your broker’s job is to prevent any possible abuse of clients’ data. We can say that, regarding data safety, Trade WFX is doing a great job.

Trade WFX uses the latest encryption during data transmission, so you can be completely sure nothing will happen to your personal information. Furthermore, they have strong authentication mechanisms in order to confirm your identity. The company uses information only to provide you with the best service possible and will not do anything else with it.

There’s one more thing we’d like to mention in this part of our analysis – money transactions. It’s very important that a broker provides you with a smooth monetary service. As we mentioned in our Trade WFX Review, there are several transaction options – bank wire, credit cards and e-wallets – and all of them function perfectly! No traces of Trade WFX fraud at all!

Trade WFX Benefits
Trade WFX Benefits

Trade WFX Scam Investigation | Conclusion

Is Trade WFX a scam? At the end of our analysis, we can only repeat the most important elements of the broker’s safety. As we’ve already mentioned, the company is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, so the broker’s traders always have a legal safety net. Moreover, the company uses high-tech encryption, so that you never have to worry about safety of your personal data. And last but not least, the broker provides various methods of transferring your money and all of them are secure. All in all, we can say that Trade WFX is a legit broker. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Go ahead and open an account with them today if you want to trade with a reliable company.

Trade WFX Review 2017

Trading forex and binaries has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Having that in mind, it’s not a surprise that there are a lot of brokers on the market, and sometimes it can be really hard to choose whom to work with. In this Trade WFX review, we bring you an in-depth analysis of one of the most underrated brokers in the industry.

If you read our guide, you will find out all you need to know about them. This broker is special because it provides you with some other ways of profiting besides trading. You can refer friends or do some PR, and they also have a very good bonus policy. As for the trading, they use the MT4 trading platform, the best platform in the industry. Read our analysis and you will discover an excellent business partner!

Trade WFX Review | Start Your Business

Nowadays, when everything happens so fast, it’s quite important not to lose your time if you don’t have to. And the best thing when trading forex with Trade WFX is that you can start your own career in just a couple of minutes! That’s right: you don’t have to deal with any sort of complicated bureaucracy. All you have to do is fill out a simple form with the very basic information and you can start trading right away!

If you decide that Trade WFX is the best option for you, you’ll have to fill out the registration form that consists of some very simple questions, such as your name, email and so on. For some required information you’ll have to submit a proof (of your address and ID proof). Also, at this step you’ll have to choose the type of account you’d like to use (more on the types of account you can read in the next paragraph of our Trade WFX review). But this is all very quick and simple to do, which is the first advantage of many this broker has. For further information keep reading our Trade WFX analysis!

Trade WFX Registration
Trade WFX Registration

Trade WFX Review | Minimum Deposit and Account Types

As mentioned, in this paragraph of our Trade WFX review we’ll discuss the accounts types this broker offers. One of the characteristics of devoted brokerage companies is that they have many types of accounts that you can choose from. That way everyone can find something for themselves. And when we say everyone, we really do mean everyone because Trade WFX minimum deposit is set to only $200! In other words, Trade WFX allows you to start a completely new career for a pretty reasonable amount. That way you really don’t have to risk too much in order to participate on the market. On the other hand, we’ll would advise you to invest more than the Trade WFX minimum deposit: the more money you invest, the more options you have and the faster you can increase your earnings

As for the Trade WFX account types, you can choose between no less than seven accounts: Micro, Standard, Gold, Pro Gold, Platinum, Pro Platinum and VIP. Every account comes with a particular set of privileges. Platinum, Pro Platinum and VIP are designed for traders who already have some experience and are willing to invest more substantial amounts. On the other hand, Micro and Standard are perfect for beginners.

As you can see, Trade WFX account types give the possibility of choosing between many trading packages and an opportunity to start trading for a relatively small amount of money. In the next paragraph of our analysis, however, we will write on the ways you can make your deposit, so stay with us!

Trade WFX Live Account
Trade WFX Live Account

Trade WFX Review | Payment Methods

When you’re investing your money, you want to see everything going as smoothly as possible. To that end, your broker should provide you with various methods you can use to make your transactions. Luckily, with Trade WFX deposit is the easiest part. The broker provides all kinds of methods, so any trader can find something that suits them just right.

You can choose between the following Trade WFX deposit methods: bank transfers, credit card, Skrill and Neteller. Bank transfer and credit cards do not need special explanation: these are reliable, old-fashioned ways to fund your account and from our firsthand experience we can say that they work perfectly well. Skrill and Neteller are modern providers of online payment and they also function without any problems at all. So, as you can see, you can choose between traditional and modern methods; whatever you choose, you can be 100% sure that the money will be deposited into your account.

As for the withdrawal, we can confirm that this part functions perfectly, too. We have to underline, though, that the method used for depositing will also be used for withdrawal. The processing time can be up to a few working days (if you choose bank transfer), but you’ll always get your money within the promised deadline.

Now when we see that it’s quite easy and quick to start trading with Trade WFX, in the next part of our Trade WFX review we will be talking about the platform this broker uses. Keep reading and find out all you need to know!

Trade WFX Review | Trading Platform

Now when we’ve explained the importance of simple registration and safe monetary transactions, we can start talking about other important features. In the terms of trading, the most important element we have to keep on our minds is the trading platform. When you choose a broker that’s going to be your partner in trading, you have to know that the company will provide you with a platform that doesn’t have any bugs, processes your requests without any problems and offers many trading options and tools.

Trade WFX trading platform is based on MetaTrader4 software, which is the most popular platform in the entire industry. The very first thing we’d like to mention about MT4 is that it’s very well designed. Its intuitive design makes trading very simple and every important feature is very easy to notice, so you won’t spend time trying to find what you need. Besides that, it’s good to know that Trade WFX platform is very quick, meaning it can process your requests almost immediately. With all that said, we can conclude that this broker really provides you with an excellent trading environment.

There is one more element we’d like to mention – the technical analysis tools. Trade WFX platform has more than 30 indicators and many custom indicators (Fibonacci tools, shapes, arrows and so on), so you will be able to make the best short-term predictions possible. Also, you can display 9 timeframes at a time, and you can use unlimited number of charts! But our Trade WFX review has some other perks of this trading platform to discuss, so keep reading!

Trade WFX Home Page
Trade WFX Home Page

Trade WFX Review | Alerts, News and Signals

In this paragraph of our analysis we’ll write about some other Trade WFX features that can improve your trading results. First of all, we’d like to highlight the option of receiving trading alerts. When you’re trading, you don’t have to miss an opportunity, so you simply have to have all the relevant information. Trade WFX platform allows you to keep track of the most important news in the world of finance and business in general. This type of help can be especially useful if you trade long-time trades (as a part of fundamental analysis). Also, it can help you whether you trade currencies, indices or shares. Besides that, Trade WFX platform also offers a possibility of copying other traders’ trades in real time. We don’t think you should completely rely on other traders’ predictions, but it can definitely help you a lot, especially if you find an expert to follow.

Furthermore, there is an option of automated algorithmic trading. This type of Trade WFX trading enables you to develop your trading robots and you can apply technical indicators of any complexity to your strategy. That way you can trade even if you’re not sitting in front of your computer.

In the next paragraph of our Trade WFX review, we will show you another, more dynamic type of trading. Stay tuned!

Trade WFX Benefits
Trade WFX Benefits

Trade WFX Review | Mobile Trading

As you all know, trading is a very dynamic activity. Markets are constantly moving and there is always some chance for you to make a profit. All good traders are aware that you can’t sit all day in front of your computer in order to wait for the right trade. That’s why all good brokers – including Trade WFX – offer you the possibility of mobile trading.

As you can see, with Trade WFX you can trade anytime you want and the best thing is that Trade WFX app doesn’t charge anything for this option! All you have to do is download the MT4 mobile application. You can get it both for Android and iPhone, and we can say it functions perfectly on both types of software. We’ve tested it and we were very satisfied. The mobile Trade WFX app has all the features as the regular platform, as you can use various technical tools, charts and so on. The only condition is that you have access to the internet.

If you already have some experience with trading, mobile trading should be a must. With the possibility of intervention at any time, you will increase your chances a lot. Trading is a dynamic activity, but if you can make it even more dynamic, you most definitely should.

There’s one other feature offered by Trade WFX that will also help you a lot , especially if you’re a newcomer in the field of trading. Keep reading and find out what we’re talking about!

Trade WFX Review | Demo Account

Demo account is one of the most important features of Trade WFX. This broker gives you an excellent opportunity to practice your trading without risking any real money! Although this is of special importance for beginners, we would advise every trader to open Trade WFX demo account. It can help you a lot and you have absolutely nothing to lose.

With Trade WFX demo account, you can explore all the features of the broker’s trading platform. When we say all the features, we really mean that. Their demo account is a 100% real simulation of market conditions. You can test various strategies in order to develop the one that will suit you best. You can try all the trading tools the platform provides, and you can also try various trading models. On the other hand, since the Trade WFX demo surrounding is a perfect simulation of the real market, you will get real and valuable trading experience and you won’t risk any money.

We’d like to highlight that you can’t open a demo if you don’t have a real account. When you choose one of many accounts Trade WFX offers, you will get an opportunity to trade on demo account before you start investing your money.

But there are other ways to profit from joining with this company. Of course, our Trade WFX review will cover them all, so stay and find out what this is all about!

Trade WFX Review | Promotions

Among other signs, you can recognize a good broker if it provides you any opportunities to improve your balance besides trading itself. When we talk about Trade WFX, they have many other promotions and ways to profit without really risking much.

First of all, you can earn some money by referring friends to the broker. That way you can get up to $100 of Trade WFX bonuses. All you have to do is provide referral details to the account manager. When your friend activates account and completes his or her first trade, your Trade WFX bonus will be added to your account.

Trade WFX Bonuses
Trade WFX Bonuses

Moreover, if you have some social media skills, you can take the advantage of Social Media Promo option. That way you can get $25, $50 or $100 of Trade WFX bonus in your account. Besides that, you can get special bonus on your first deposit of $500 + spread reduction on one instrument of your choice. There are also some exclusive Trade WFX bonuses up to 50% on redeposit, and you can also get an account upgrade. All in all, we think these are some great promotions and bonus policies, so you should definitely explore them!

Trade WFX Review | Regulation and security

Although more on the broker’s safety you can read in our Is Trade WFX a Scam? analysis, in this part of our Trade WFX review we’ll still mention the most important information. First of all, we’ll say a couple of words on the safety of your information. The company has to collect certain information about you in order to create your account. As you will see, there are some rules about the authentication of your ID in order to prevent identity frauds. All of the information is used only to provide you financial and trading services and to manage your account.

As for the security, Trade WFX uses various safety measures in order to protect the important information. For example, they use encryption during data transmission and they separate machines and data to provide secure areas. As we already mentioned, they have strong authentication mechanisms, so you can be completely sure no one will take your money or your identity. And last, but not least – they are registered with the Financial Services Authority.

At the end of this paragraph we’d like to say that, if you have any troubles, you can always contact Trade WFX’s support team. You can call them, or you can send them an email. We’ve tried to contact them several times and can only say that these people take their job very seriously and are very professional at what they do.

Trade WFX Contact
Trade WFX Contact

Trade WFX Review | Conclusion

In the conclusion of our Trade WFX review, we would like to emphasize all the important elements of the broker’s offer and its biggest advantages in general. We will start at the very beginning, which is very simple. You can register in just a couple of minutes and you can start trading for only $200. By setting the Trade WFX minimum deposit that low, the company has made trading affordable to almost anyone. You can also choose between seven types of account, and you can open a demo account and explore the trading platform for free!

As for the platform, the broker uses MT4 software, the best in the industry. It also comes as an application, so you can keep investing wherever you are. Besides trading, Trade WFX offers some other ways to increase your income. You can earn by referring a friend, by managing account, handling social media or you can simply get your hands one of the broker’s bonuses!

As you can see, Trade WFX definitely has a lot to offer. Open an account, make the deposit and start trading with them today!

Is 121Clearing a Scam?

Nowadays everyone can make a decent website and offer nice bonuses, but the best way to find out if a broker is legit or not is to open an account with them. If you’re a regular trader, that’s quite risky – so we do it for you!

In this Is 121Clearing a Scam? article, we’ll analyze one of the hottest brokers on the market at the moment. In our unbiased article, we will address all the most important security questions about this company. Stay tuned and learn all you need to know!

Is 121Clearing a Scam? | Regulation

We’ll start our Is 121Clearing a Scam? investigation with regulation. When you’re thinking whether a broker is legit or not, regulation is the first thing you should be looking for. Some brokers might have excellent performances and they can be good in all possible ways, but if they’re not regulated, you can never be 100% sure that they are legit. Luckily, 121Clearing is a regulated company.

They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s the conduct regulator for more than 50.000 financial services firms and financial markets in the United Kingdom. The FCA controls fairness of the financial markets, so you can be completely sure that with 121Clearing you’re trading with a legit company. The regulatory has thoroughly checked the broker for scams, frauds or anything of the sort and found nothing. In the continuation of our Is 121Clearing a Scam? analysis, you can read about another safety measure of the company. Stay with us!

121Clearing AML Policy
121Clearing AML Policy

Is 121Clearing a Scam? | Safety of Funds

We also have to write about additional safety measures that make your funds with this company even safer. One of the most important ones is the segregation of traders’ funds. Clients’ money is held on different account than the company’s: the money is “ring-fenced” in bank accounts and perfectly safe at all times.

Furthermore, the company has made an extra effort to fight more successfully against the money laundering. As we’ve mentioned in our 121Clearing Review 2017, the broker requires a valid proof of the client’s identity, valid utility bill as a proof of residence, they closely follow clients’ money transaction and so on. Besides that, they have an excellent return policy, meaning you can make your withdrawals with ease and very quickly. All in all, your funds are perfectly safe with 121Clearing.

121Clearing Safety Of Funds
121Clearing Safety Of Funds

Is 121Clearing a Scam? | Conclusion

In the conclusion of our Is 121Clearing a Scam? article we can only repeat that this broker is completely legit and that you won’t make a mistake if you open an account with them. Your money will always be safe, held in separate account and protected from money-laundering. Furthermore, the broker is regulated by FCA, which is another reason to consider them legit. We’ve tested them on our own and everything went perfectly fine.

121Clearing Review 2017

The world of trading is getting more and more dynamic. There’s always something happening on the market and there are more traders and brokers than ever before. Having in mind that sometimes it can be really hard to choose the broker you’d like to trade with, we’ve decided to make an in-depth analysis of a very interesting broker – 121Clearing.

Some of the main advantages of 121Clearing are easy login, excellent trading platform and reliable support team. Besides that, they have some great trading features and they’re completely safe and reliable. We’ve spent some time trading with them ourselves so that we could present all you need to know about the company. Read our 121Clearing Review and find out all the most important information on this interesting broker!

121Clearing Review | Start with Ease

Like with any other broker, you can’t trade unless you register. The process of registration is, luckily, very simple and you really don’t have to be a genius to sign up. In the first step of the process, you’ll have to choose the 121Clearing account you’d like to have. You can opt for individual, joint or corporate accounts. When you’ve done that, you’ll have to enter some basic information about yourself, such as your first name and surname, date of birth, e-mail address, mobile phone number and so on. It might seem that personal information shouldn’t be shared with anyone online, but you can be completely sure that nothing bad will happen. The company won’t share your information with any third party, and more on the broker’s security can be found later in this 121Clearing Review or you can check out our Is 121Clearing a Scam? analysis.

Apart from signing up, in order to trade you will have to do one more thing – you’ll have to make your first deposit. So, in the next paragraph of our 121Clearing Review, we’ll show you how to deposit and withdraw your funds. Stay tuned and get informed!

121Clearing Account Creation
121Clearing Account Creation

121Clearing Review | Make Your First Deposit

As we already mentioned, now we’ll explain how to fund your account. This part can seem very delicate, so it’s very important that the broker does everything possible to make the process simple and safe. We tried it on our own and we can say that 121Clearing deposit functions perfectly. You really can fund your account in just a couple of clicks.

There are several 121Clearing deposit methods you can choose between. The first way of funding is wire transfer. It’s the old fashioned way, but it works perfectly. We have to underline, though, that you might pay some fees that are going to be set by your bank. If you use wire, you can choose if you’re going to fund your account in USD, EUR or GPB. The second method you can choose is SafeCharge, a platform that facilitates payments for highly demanding businesses. 121Clearing deposit fee in this case is 2.95%.

The last payment method is for Chinese traders only. If you’re from China, you can use UnionPay, the only domestic bank card organization in the People’s Republic of China. As for the fees, they have a transaction processing fee (3.95% plus a 35 cent) and additional withdrawal fee (2% credit fee plus 20 euros). Let’s also mention that the minimum 121Clearing deposit is set to $500, which is pretty much the industry’s standard, perhaps slightly above that. As for the withdrawal, we tried it too and we can say it works perfectly. We have to highlight that you have to withdraw using the same method you used for deposit.

In the next paragraph of our 121Clearing Review, you can check out the account types the broker offers in more detail, so stay with us!

121Clearing Deposit Methods
121Clearing Deposit Methods

121Clearing Review | Accounts

The offer that a broker has regarding accounts can tell a lot about them. It’s important that they have something for everyone. In other words, it’s important that both professional traders and newcomers can find a perfect account for themselves. Fortunately, 121Clearing is a perfect broker for any type of traders.

For only $1000 you can get a Retail account. It has 0 commission and 100:1 leverage, and it’s great for beginners. You don’t have to invest your entire capital in order to trade. Then there’s the Standard account that requires the minimum investment of $25000. However, if you’re a professional and you already have some trading experience, we advise you to take the pro account ($50000).

If you’re very experienced and you already have some clients on your own that you advise in trading, you can open a special 121Clearing Money Manager Account. There are several types of MAM accounts and all of them facilitate managing multiple accounts at once.

The last type of 121Clearing account we’d like to present provides you with free training hours – it’s the 121Clearing demo account. If you’re about to enter the world of trading, you could most definitely use some realistic simulation of market conditions. You could use it even if you’re already a professional trader who wants to open an account with 121Clearing. We think this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. You can try all options of the 121Clearing trading platform this way, but more on its general performances you can read in the next part of our 121Clearing Review!

121Clearing Account Types
121Clearing Account Types

121Clearing Review | Trading platform

Every successful trader has to be aware of the importance of having a good trading platform. If you’re going to be successful, you have to trade on a platform that’s going to have all the features you might use, that’s well designed and that’s quick in processing your requests. In other words, you have to trade on a reliable platform. Luckily, 121Clearing uses the best trading platform in the entire industry – MetaTrader 4.

Although you probably already know something about MetaTrader 4, we’ll point out once again a few important options this platform offers. The most important elements we’d like to put our emphasis on in this 121Clearing Review are the analytical tools this platform offers. When you have some powerful tools in your toolbox, you have better chances of winning trades. On MetaTrader 4, you can use many useful analytical mechanisms such as the Gann and Fibonacci tools. With this kind of help, predicting future was never easier!

Furthermore, with a little help of trading signals you can get a useful tip whenever you need it and there are more than 200 trading signals available, so you’ll definitely find something that suits you perfectly. They can be found on the MT4 website and some of them are free. Besides signals, you can also use automated trading, meaning you don’t have to sit in front of the computer in order to trade. With automated algorithmic trading you can apply various strategies and it will definitely help you a lot. Our 121Clearing Review will next show you the most dynamic type of trading you can get here, so stay tuned!

121Clearing MT4 Features
121Clearing MT4 Features

121Clearing Review | Mobile Trading

As you all know, the world of trading is very dynamic. The market always provides you with a possibility of making profit. In other words, there are always some chances you can take the advantage of. As mentioned before, you don’t have to be in front of your screen in order to trade – you can use automated trading. But besides that, you can also download the 121Clearing mobile app and trade anytime you want!

121Clearing provides you with the mobile version of MT4. There are a few very important characteristics of this mobile platform that we’d like to highlight here. First of all, it’s extremely intuitively designed, meaning you won’t have to spend too much time figuring out the way it works. Moreover, the time of reaction is also of big importance, and we can confirm that this mobile application can process all your requests very quickly. There are no bugs either, so you won’t lose any money due to an error in the system.

As for the tools, you can use all the analytical tools that you use when trading on the regular 121Clearing platform. Many people think that mobile platforms don’t have the same toolbox, but they usually do. With 121Clearing mobile platform, you can actually do whatever you want. You can download it to your Android or iOS devices and it’s, as we’ve already mentioned, completely free! If you’re into more dynamic trading and you like to take the advantage of every trading possibility, this is the perfect option for you! Speaking of options, have a lot of them here, which is why 121Clearing Review will tackle that topic next. Keep reading and learn all you need to know!

121Clearing Review | Forex and CFD’s

121Clearing allows you to trade forex and CFD’s. Most of you have already heard of forex and CFD’s, but some of you maybe don’t know how it really works in trading. Because of that, we can conclude that this paragraph might be of big importance to newcomers in the trading industry.

Let’s start with forex. Forex stands for foreign exchange. It refers to the OTC (over-the-counter) market, meaning that the very market is decentralized and that it doesn’t have any actual physical location. The entire trading process is done via electronic banking network infrastructure, financial institutions and transactions between individuals. When you’re trading forex, you buy one and sell other currency. The market sets the initial price, but there are many factors that affect the dynamics of the prices: national economies, political and economic turmoil and situation etc. There are two basic types of forex traders. Short term traders make the decisions based on technical analysis, and long term traders have to take into account some more general information, such as certain economic politics and so on.

121Clearing CFD Features
121Clearing CFD Features

As for the CFDs (contracts for difference), the point is that you can invest into an asset, but you don’t have to actually own it. It’s a contract between two parties – the seller and the buyer – that states that the seller pays the buyer the difference between the current value of as asset and its value at contract time. Let’s also add that forex and CFDs are the most popular means of trading at the moment. 121Clearing provides you with trading both and we think you should take this chance!

121Clearing Review | Contact and Support

When you’re choosing your broker, you have to keep several things on your mind: the trading platform, type of accounts and trading features are just some of them. But besides that, you have to be sure that your broker won’t let you down. In other words, you’d certainly like to do business with a company that can provide you with quick and professional assistance, no matter what happens.

Luckily, people from 121Clearing support are just great. We’ve tested them on our own several times, asking them all kinds of different questions (regarding account management, technical options on platform and general information on the company and forex in general). We’re happy we can state that the guys really can do their job. They are smart, patient, quick and they’re definitely a support team you can rely on.

As for the 121 contact methods, there’s a form you have to fill out in order to submit your request. There are two services with two mail addresses – client service and MT4 (platform) support, but you can contact them by the phone. As stated, they are quick and reliable and will definitely solve all of your problems. Finally, before we conclude this 121Clearing Review, you can check out what the broker did to provide you with a safe trading environment!

121Clearing Contact
121Clearing Contact

121Clearing Review | Safety

Another important element we didn’t mention much previous parts of our 121Clearing Review is safety. No matter how good options the broker offers or how many trading features it has, you have to be sure that the company is legit in the term of legislation. In this type of work, where you handle money all the time, you have to be 100% sure that the broker you’re working with is completely trustworthy. Fortunately, 121Clearing is definitely legit and can be relied upon to provide excellent service in all aspects.

When speaking of safety, there are several things you have to keep in mind. One of them is safety of your funds. 121Clearing holds clients’ money entirely separated from their own. The money is held in segregated accounts so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.  Funds transferred from an individual client to the broker will be received directly into a segregated client’s bank account. Furthermore, 121Clearing does not tolerate money laundering and they have significantly developed anti-money laundering measures. For example, you’ll have to provide valid utility bills for proof of residence.

The last thing we’d like to mention is regulation. 121Clearing is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so you can just relax and trade away.

121Clearing Safety Of Funds
121Clearing Safety Of Funds

121Clearing Review | Conclusion

In the conclusion of our 121Clearing Review, we’ll mention once again the most important things you need to know about them. First of all, 121Clearing makes trading possible to anyone. You can choose an account and make your first deposit in just a couple of clicks. The minimum deposit is set to $500. Furthermore, there are several accounts you can choose between, and you can practice trading for free using 121Clearing demo account.

The next important element we’d like to underline is a 121Clearing trading platform. As stated, the broker uses MT4 trading software, the best software in the entire industry. It has many powerful tools and trading features, and you can also download the mobile version of MT4. With 121Clearing you really trade anytime you want.

Therefore, if you still haven’t made up your mind, now is the time – open an account with 121Clearing and enter the world of online investments!

Global Prime Review

A leading Australian-based company, Global Prime is one of the most respected brokers emerging from Down Under. The company quickly rose to prominence thanks to their huge effort they’ve made in creating a fantastic trading experience for their customers. This particularly goes to customer support team, which is highly capable, responds quickly and won’t try to sell you anything, but merely help you with any potential problems. However, the broker has more interesting features that have played a significant role in its global success. That’s why we decided to give this company a more detailed look, which resulted in this Global Prime Review article. Here you can find everything you need to know about the brokers before you decide if you want to trade here or not. From account packages and trading platforms all the way to banking options, this review will give an unbiased opinion of this promising broker. So keep on reading and learn all the vital facts right now!

Global Prime Review | Logging in

Prior to actually commencing trades with the broker, you will be required to create a free trading account. The procedure is fairly simple, and we will analyze it as a sort of introduction to our Global Prime Review. You will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your full name, address, email, phone and such. You’ll also provide information about your previous trading experience, so that customer support team knows how much and which way to assist you. Upon filling the form and submitting it, a support team will review the credibility of given information. Also, due to the KYC policy implemented for the sake of regulation license, you’ll have to provide some personal documents – proofs of identity and residence, to be precise. Your government-issued ID or driver’s license may serve as a proof of identity, while utility bills and bank statements are considered as valid proofs of address. And that’s pretty much it – just be patient and wait for the approval, and you’ll be all set to begin your trading journey. Now, let’s see the features you’ll be able to experience upon signing up – read on!

Global Prime Login Page
Global Prime Login Page

Global Prime Review | Live and demo account

Since we have analyzed the simple registration procedure, this part of Global Prime Review will be dealing with features of both live and demo account. Live, also known as a real account is automatically opened the moment your application form is verified and approved. And it really packs some fantastic features. First of all, minimum deposit for opening the real trading account is set at 500 AUD but can be matched by any other supported currency. This includes USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and SGD, but bear in mind that once selected, base currency cannot be changed later on. As for the account ownership, on the account creation page, users can choose among Sole, Proprietary and Company ownership. This means that a single trading account can be used by one person, several people or can be put under the jurisdiction of MAM. Standard leverage is set at 1:100, and can grow up to 1:200, while there is no negative balance protection implemented, as Global Prime tends to attract customers that are aware of their true possibilities and don’t want to risk more than they are ready to lose. Over 40 different currency pairs are available for trading with extremely low spreads thanks to the fully-transparent market providers. Minimum trade size is set at 0.01 lots for currencies and metals, while the fixed commission is 7 dollars per lot. You can choose whether you wish to pay the commission price separately, or simply have it incorporated in spread size. Finally, margin calls and stops are set at 120 and 100% respectively, giving you great trading conditions.

Global Prime Demo Account
Global Prime Demo Account

However, if you are a complete newbie in the world of Forex trading, the broker itself strongly suggests that you should start off by registering for a free demo account. This is because newcomers might find the whole concept of Forex market and trading a bit overwhelming, especially when trading with real money. Therefore, Global Prime offers a fully functional version of their live account, with the difference being virtual money instead of real one. That way, new clients can try out different strategies, learn the basic concepts of trading and get the grasp of the broker’s trading interface without the need of risking their own funds. Offering a demo account is still not the common practice among brokers, so we’re giving Global Prime a huge plus here. And that’s pretty much it when it comes to trading account – although the offer is quite basic, the superior quality of these products is out of the question. Now, let’s see if the same thing can be said for available banking methods. Stick around!


Global Prime Review | Banking options

Another interesting feature we’ll be analyzing during this Global Prime Review article is definitely banking options. Deposits can be made via bank transfer, credit cards or through Neteller e-wallet. If you decide to deposit using bank transfer method, you won’t be charged a single dollar by the broker. However, based on the location of your residence, you might be a subject to some intermediary fees imposed by your bank, which are completely unrelated to Global Prime itself. On the broker’s website, you’ll find all the details needed for completing your wire transfer, with which we’ve had nothing but the pleasant experience so far. The same thing can be said for Neteller, a popular e-wallet solution used and accepted in more than 180 countries worldwide. Here, transactions are completely free and fast, without hidden fees, with daily deposit limit set at 500 AUD. Keep in mind that your Neteller account must be linked to your trading account and verified, which can be done in a matter of minutes.

Credit card transfers support Visa and Mastercard and are genuinely faster than transfers conducted via bank wire. Again, a credit card linked to your account must match the one you’re using for money transactions, and you should also check that your card is eligible to receive refunds in case of rejected deposit. There is a fixed 3.25% fee for all credit card transactions that are charged by card processing company affiliated with the broker. Maximum deposit amount is set at 10 thousand AUD, and keep in mind that, due to regulatory compliances, all withdrawals made using credit card must be sent to the same card used for deposits. All exceeding withdrawals, however, will be handled with bank wire method free of charge. As for the time required to process withdrawals, it varies depending on the chosen banking method. Neteller and credit card transactions are usually processed in a couple of hours, while bank transfers can take between 1 and 5 business days. For the purpose of this analysis, we’ve thoroughly tested all available methods with various supported currencies, and everything went down as smooth as it gets. Therefore, in terms of banking, you won’t be experiencing any issues with Global Prime. However, if you do happen to stumble upon a problem, you know who to contact. Read on and learn everything about the broker’s famous support team!

Global Prime Credit Card Funding
Global Prime Credit Card Funding

Global Prime Review | Support

With Global Prime, getting professional help regarding any of your issues or concerns has never been easier. This solid team is made up of highly-skilled trading professionals and experts with decades of experience in various markets. You can reach them 24 hours per day, 5 days per week, that is, when the global market is open. Each and every member of this numerous staff is properly educated and knows the solution to every possible problem you might encounter. You can reach out to them via email, contact form or using the fantastic embedded chat application. Also, you can give them a phone call, if you prefer that way of communication.

Global Prime Contact
Global Prime Contact

As for our experience with this team, it has been nothing but exceptionally positive. To test their responsiveness and professionalism, we have sent a series of various queries regarding various trading aspects and via different communication channels. Their response was always swift, explaining the process of reaching the solution in a step-by-step manner. Therefore, it’s safe to say that when trading here, you’ll have a fantastic team of experts guarding your back. But, even it is very important, the quality of customer support doesn’t mean that other key trading aspects work flawlessly as well. Read the next part of our Global Prime review and discover how reliable broker’s official trading interfaces are!


Global Prime Review | Trading Platform

When it comes to the core trading interface, Global Prime decided to choose the most trusted platform in the world – MetaTrader 4. We have written about the interface numerous times before, but let’s once again stroll through the most important features. With millions of active traders, MetaTrader 4 is a cross-platform interface with a huge number of pre-installed tools, customizable interface and a vast library of helpful materials. It can be installed and run on any Windows-based computer, as well as on iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets. Although Mac OS is not natively supported, you can install a Windows virtualization machine and run it on Mac computers as well, with the whole procedure described in details on the broker’s website. As for the technical aspect, here you’ll find over 30 different technical indicators to help you make correct predictions, including Bollinger bands, moving average, RSI and many more. There are also many trusted signal providers that enable you to copy trades of other successful traders, as well as the famous option for trading directly from the chart. Speaking of charts, they are fully customizable, with the support for multi-asset tracking if you want to get a detailed insight of them. Also, MetaTrader Market is a kind of educational library offering the biggest selection of trading robots, expert advisors and technical indicators in the world. Market news, advanced analytics and algorithmic trading options are present as well, making MetaTrader 4 the most used trading interface in the world. Download links for all supported platforms are provided on the broker’s website, so you’re free to choose your ideal one.

But the offer doesn’t quite end here, as there are some more specialized options present as well. For example, Global Prime offers a MAM/PAMM platforms to professional money managers. MAM or Multi Account Manager is a special iteration of MT4 platform meant to satisfy the needs of clients looking for a full flexibility while sub-allocating trades from one master account. Functioning as an add-on to the core platform, MAM account is ideal for traders managing several accounts who want the option to modify and trigger multiple trades for multiple accounts with just a single click. PAMM account, on the other hand, breaks down trades to underlying account based on their equity amount. This scheme is beneficial for both managers, who gain a percentage of profit from their clients’ successful trades, and for traders, who can experience high incomes when having their account managed by the experienced manager. Myfxbook AutoTrade option is present as well – being an automated trading social network, it enables you to find suitable, highly successful traders and mimic their trades completely. Here you don’t need to download any software, as the application is completely web-based and accessible from any device connected to the internet. Finally, FIX API protocol ensures swift, a real-time communication channel between client and liquidity provider, giving you the opportunity to use even the shortest chance of earning. As you can see, the broker has really made an extra effort while designing this offer, and we can honestly state that everyone will be able to find their favorites. Now, keep on reading the next part and learn about the legal side of the broker!

Global Prime Trading Platforms
Global Prime Trading Platforms

Global Prime Review | Legal and regulation

In order to give a true unbiased analysis, our Global Prime review wouldn’t be complete without taking a closer look at broker’s privacy and legal statements. Visiting the “Legal” section on the broker’s website will lead you to a variety of legal documents – financial services guide, privacy policy, product disclosure and account agreement. In accordance to their business philosophy, Global Prime tends to keep everything transparent and doesn’t hide a thing from their clients, which is a big plus. You can review all available documents prior to registering, but we can assure you that there is nothing to be worried about. After all, our Is Global Prime a Scam article has proven that fact.

Another rock-solid proof is the fact that Global Prime is fully regulated by official Australian regulatory body, ASIC. Being recognized and regulated by this authority means that Global Prime successfully implemented various policies to their businesses, such as KYC, anti-money-laundering, and identity theft protection. Furthermore, SSL encryption and other security measurements have been embedded as well, meaning that both your funds and personal information will remain intact in case of any hacker attacks. All in all, we can freely say that this broker can be completely trusted, and now it’s time to bring this extensive Global Prime review to its very end.

Global Prime Regulation
Global Prime Regulation

Global Prime Review | Conclusion

As you have surely noticed by reading different parts of our Global Prime review, all of them have something in common – fantastic results. Yes, Global Prime, one of the most recognized Australian-based brokerage companies, has surely created a unique and fantastic offer. Here you’ll be able to custom tailor your account and its key features, but if you’re completely new to the world of trading, you’ll be able to test the platform by opening a free demo account. The variety of available platforms is fantastic – whether you’re a single trader, a part of a bigger company or account manager, you can fully utilize all great features incorporated in legendary MetaTrader 4. Banking works flawlessly as well, and the quality of support team might be one of the best we’ve ever seen. Finally, the fact that this broker is fully registered and regulated just adds the final touch to already great impression. Therefore, we can say nothing more but to wholeheartedly recommend you start trading here. So go on, register your brand new trading account for free and start enjoying the fantastic experience!


Is Global Prime a Scam?

Global Prime is a prominent Australian forex broker with headquarters in Sidney, as well as several offices for support and development throughout the world. Their philosophy is simple – bringing the top-notch trading environment to everyone, with customer satisfaction being of utmost importance. It’s no wonder that this broker has recently seen a mind-blowing jump in terms of popularity, due to their fantastic offer. However, although the general opinion about the broker is more than great, there are some features that are rarely mentioned or explained. In order to prove the company’s legitimacy, we’ve done a series of tests to discover if there is some suspicious behavior present. So keep on reading our article and discover is Global Prime a scam and should you be trading here!

Is Global Prime a Scam? | Fully Regulated

As we have stated numerous times before, the best way of checking if the company is legitimate or not is by searching for regulatory certificates. Unregulated brokers are not monitored by any governmental organization, and since they are free to do what they want with your money, it often gets stolen. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check if the company is being recognized and registered by governing regulatory body. Fortunately, Global Prime is a serious and professional company, fully licensed and registered by ASIC. In order to obtain a license, a company must provide proofs that it is capable of conducting its business operations, has enough equity capital to fulfill all requirements and abides to strict international policies. That being said, we strongly believe that Global Prime is a broker you can fully trust. However, before we reach our final verdict, we still have some check-ups to do, so do stick around and learn is Global Prime a scam when it comes to support!

Global Prime Regulation
Global Prime Regulation

Is Global Prime a Scam? | Customer Support

Apart from regulation, customer support is yet another feature that is known to unmask even the most sophisticated scammers. If the support team is unprofessional, takes too long to respond or, even worse, doesn’t respond at all, that is a huge red alert. However, that is not the case with Global Prime, since our experience with their support team has been nothing but extremely pleasant. Consisted of market experts with huge knowledge and experience, absolutely every problem you might stumble upon will surely be resolved in a matter of minutes. You can reach out to them by means of chat, e-mail or contact form, and they will respond swiftly. If you want to learn more about them, check our Global Prime Review, since we are about to wrap this analysis up.

Global Prime Contact
Global Prime Contact

Is Global Prime a Scam? | Conclusion

So, is Global Prime a scam? No, not at all. This is a completely legitimate company with many fantastic features that will truly delight you. Our analysis has proven that you won’t experience any suspicious behavior, withdrawal delays or ignorant customer service. Therefore, we can only wholeheartedly recommend this broker to you. Go on, open a free trading account and discover the ultimate trading experience!