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Plus500 Demo Account

Plus500 is, without any doubt, one of the most famous CFD brokers in the world. They offer loads of interesting features and in this article, we will analyze one of them. In this article, we’ll write about Plus500 demo account. Demo accounts are always a great way to get familiar with your trading environment and improve your trading skills because they give you an opportunity to practice your trading for free, which makes them something you should definitely take advantage of. Read our Plus500 demo account and check out all of the options!

Plus500 Demo Account | Trading Platform

Let’s start our Plus500 demo account article by saying a few words about the broker’s trading platform. We’ve tested it on our own (read more about it in our Plus500 Trading Platform) and can definitely say that it’s one of the best trading platforms on the market. The design is simple and very functional: all of the important elements are very easy to notice, so you won’t have any troubles finding what you need. In short, it is very user-friendly, which makes it excellent for beginners. Apart from that, there are some greatly advanced trading tools you can use, such as professional graphs and profit/loss limits. Also, there’s a wide variety of currency pairs with leverage going up to 1:3000 and very low spreads between the buy and sell prices. Among other perks, we would like to highlight the options of ‘Total position value’ and ‘Equity’. These options help traders to have better control over the funds and trading positions. For more on all this, check out our Plus500 Review.

But let’s get back to the demo. Want to know how to open it? Just keep reading!

Plus500 Trading Platform

Plus500 Trading Platform

Plus500 Demo Account | Demo

As we’ve already stated at the beginning of our Plus500 demo account article, this account type allows you to practice your trading skills on the Plus500 trading platform for free! That’s right: all you have to do is create Plus500 demo account and you can trade without investing a single cent! Furthermore, trading with Plus500 demo account will provide you with every trading option you would have if you were trading with the regular account. That’s quite important for your adaptation to a new trading surrounding. If you want to open a demo account, during the registration process you only have to click on the ‘Demo Mode’ option in the ‘Select Account Mode’ window. Naturally, you can switch between the Real Money mode and the Demo mode whenever you want (you have to click on Switch to Demo Mode in the main platform screen). As is the case with all other demo accounts, you trade with virtual money here, so there is absolutely no risk of any losses. Just relax and enjoy the platform.

Plus500 Home Page

Plus500 Home Page

Plus500 Demo Account | Conclusion

We can conclude that you should definitely consider opening a Plus500 demo account. You don’t have to invest any real money, but the move can get you may benefits because you can see first-hand how their excellent trading platform works and you can explore all its trading options. That will be a valuable experience for your future trading. Open Plus500 demo account, check out all of the options and upgrade your trading skills!