5EMAs Forex System scam
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Yet another system, that seeks to make your Forex Trading Work for You. It’s interesting to note that when you visit the website of these systems, you are greeted by grandiose words that taken together mean absolutely nothing. In the first few sentences they talk about getting guaranteed high returns and by the last few sentences they ask you to not expect too much. The 5EMAs is also another system that promises the world and then suddenly takes it all away from you. I went for it, but I was soon undone by the empty promises made by the creators of the 5EMAs Forex System.

Prediction of Market Movements

All Automated Forex Systems seek to predict the movement of the market. That too accurately, and that too all the time! If that was possible the Forex Market would be a stop-over for every one who wants to make a quick buck. Let me tell you what attracted me to 5EMAs Forex System – A statement quoting monthly returns of between 30% and 55%. The problem was that the words just preceding the statement did not register in my mind. The words mentioned that the earning was dependant on the exit strategy selected. Voila! Losses Guaranteed.

Intrinsic Problems

I have also realized another thing. My use of the 5EMAs Forex System confirmed that almost all such systems are developed by people who build a formula on faulty understanding of the Forex Trading in general. Moreover, they also want to take people like me for a ride. Forex trading is never easy at the best of times, and all these Forex Systems try to dumb it down for people who are looking for an easy way to make money. The system is not easy to implement and though it advertises flexibility as its key strength, it is anything but.

It’s a Scam

There is no other word for it. I was duped. Why would you guarantee a specific amount of earnings and then not come good on your promises? The 5EMAs Forex System promises incredible results but for me the incredibility was of the negative variety. I made incredible losses, by depending completely on this system. I belatedly realized that there is no alternative to pure research, understanding, intelligence, and hard work, when it comes to Forex Trading.

Its You all the Way

All that this system does is that it underlines a few set of principles that need to be followed while validating the setup that has been identified. The thing is, if at the end of it all, it depends on your decision, what’s the point of buying this piece of junk. I realized my mistake a bit too late, and by the time I realized that, I have been had, I had already lost quite a great deal of money. Please don’t make the same mistake.

The Verdict – After reading the article, do you really want me to spell it out for you?

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they scammed me as well, stay away from it!!! hugh

Comment by hugh — 24/04/2009 23:12:02 , Tag: 5EMAs Forex System
Don’t use the 5EMA as a forex trading platform!!! You will lose all of your money. If you are newbie stay away from 5EMA Forex System!!! This broker does not allow to close the trade at market price if price is moving against them. I get 'Data not found', 'Waiting for dealer', 'Your order didn't execute'.

Comment by shaunmitchell — 01/05/2009 06:51:00 , Tag: 5EMAs Forex System review
5EMAs is scam. They offer attractive rollover/cost of carry rates for some Forex pairs, then claim there was a technical error and make an adjustment to your account.

Comment by james — 02/05/2009 04:09:29 , Tag: 5EMAs Forex System review
ooooo!! don't buy this product its a scam.

Comment by david — 12/05/2009 03:00:26 , Tag: 5EMAs Forex System
i think you just avoid it .it is very useless product.

Comment by yome — 05/06/2009 02:14:40 , Tag: 5EMAs Forex System
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