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AAOption Scam Warning

In the growing world of forex trading, there are some brokers that will try to trick you into depositing with them even though they have no intention of providing you with a decent service. Our job is to stop them and keep your funds safe. In this article, we will talk about a broker that caused many troubles on the market – AAOption. Read our AAOption scam warning and protect yourself from this kind of frauds!

AAOption Scam Warning | Demo and Regulation

The first big indicator of a legit broker that’s going to be discussed in our AAOption scam warning article is the demo account. A broker that’s legit and has nothing to hide will allow their traders to test the trading platform to make sure everything functions well. That’s how you know in what kind of trading environment you will be working. It’s like buying a car: you probably won’t buy it unless you first drive it a bit, and the person who wants to sell you that car definitely shouldn’t mind if you want to test it. Unless there’s something they want to hide from you.

AAOption does not have a demo account. Why this company does not want you to know what kind of service you’re getting from them – we can’t really tell. However, it definitely doesn’t look good nor does it add to the broker’s reliability. But the thing that indicates the possibility of a fraud much more is the lack of regulation. We absolutely must mention this in our AAOption scam warning because if there’s no regulation, you cannot be sure that the broker’s monetary policy complies with international rules and regulations. To put it in other words, you don’t want to trade with them because you don’t have any kind of confirmation of their legitimacy. No regulatory body has tested them and found them worthy of a license. But there’s more.

AAOption Trading Platform

AAOption Trading Platform

AAOption Scam Warning | Withdrawal Issues

We continue our AAOption scam warning article by presenting the biggest problem traders have with AAOption – withdrawal. If you check out some forex forums, you will find a lot of people complaining about AAOption withdrawal. In most cases, the broker just kept on assigning their clients to different managers, without even ever getting to the withdrawal part. Also, many clients said that the broker’s support service treated them as they were idiots, repeating the same phrases over and over. If you can’t get the money you’ve earned – that can really be a huge problem. These are some really serious accusations, so we had to test things out ourselves. Unfortunately, it all played out exactly like many people say. We were constantly assigned to different people without ever getting our withdrawal request approved. This has been going on for several weeks and we have yet to receive our money.

AAOption Login Problem

AAOption Login Problem

AAOption Scam Warning | Conclusion

In the conclusion of this AAOption scam warning, we will once again repeat that trading with this broker can be really dangerous. Both our team and other traders had some bad experiences with the withdrawal, which seems to be the major problem. Also, there’s no demo account, so you cannot test their trading platform, plus they are not regulated, either. Nowadays, when there are many legit and regulated brokers, trading with AAOption would simply be a bad decision. Check our article to find a reliable partner.

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