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Best forex strategies

Profit is the ultimate goal of every type of trading, and forex is certainly no exception. However, to extract profit from your trades, you will first need to analyze the market and choose the best forex strategies. The more strategies you know, the more opportunities for profit you have, so it’s very important to educate yourself on this matter. Applying the right strategy in the right conditions significantly increases your trades’ efficiency, and this is where we come in.
Our trading experts have compiled a set of materials which will broaden your horizons and teach you new and exciting ways of forex trading. We will also update these materials regularly with more lessons, so you will be able to improve your trading skills quickly and always pick the best forex strategies. With our help, anyone can be a top-tier trader; all it takes is a bit of motivation and effort. Choose the subject that interests you the most and start improving yourself right now!

Forex Currency Correlations

When it comes to the world of finances, correlation is a statistical measure of how two currencies move in relation to each other. Consequently, currency correlation discovers whether two currency pairs move in the same direction, opposite direction or randomly. Since currencies are traded in pairs, there’s not a single ...
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Forex Risk Management

In foreign exchange everything is about the risk. The possibility of earning money is what makes this game so interesting. The possibility of losing it, on the other hand, fills trading with adrenaline. In this article we’ll talk about forex risk management. We’ll discuss how much money you need to ...
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Forex Trading Plan

This is the article where we talk about the importance of having a forex trading plan that you’ll stick to during your time on the market. Besides that, we’ll talk about the discipline in trading. We want to show you that every trader should follow their trading plan rather than ...
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Forex, oil and gold

In the foreign exchange business, there are many parameters you have to take into consideration when making your investment choices. For example, many currencies and currency pairs are in direct relationship with certain assets. In this article on the relationship between forex, oil and gold we’ll discuss the effect two ...
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Forex Harmonic Patterns

Patterns are a very important part of the foreign exchange business because they help us visualize market conditions. In other words, they bring the facts we know about the market closer to us. If we look at them in order to predict future movements, we have to know exactly what ...
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Forex Divergence

In the analysis of the foreign exchange market, one of the most important and most used terms is divergence. When an asset’s price moves in the opposite direction of its indicator, forex divergence appears. It is considered to be a low risk way for selling near the top and for ...
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Forex Breakout

Forex breakout is one of the most important elements in forex trading: if you manage to predict a moment in which some price will break a certain level, you can earn, and you can earn a lot. That’s why we decided to sum up everything you need to know about ...
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Forex Chart Indicators

There are many useful tools you can use to improve your chances on the market. In the following paragraphs, we will be talking about forex chart indicators as a way to help you reach a bigger profit. These indicators are pretty simple to interpret, but can be of a great ...
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Forex Currency Crosses

Foreign exchange is a very dynamic type of trading. The market is almost always moving, so there’s always some trade that can be done. If you have any experience in this business, you probably know that the American dollar currency pairs (major pairs) are the traded the most. In this ...
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Forex Robot Trading

Every type of work can be stressful, but when you’re trying to earn something by risking the money you already have, the level of stress you experience increases quite a lot. When you’re working under big pressure, the chances are that you will sometimes make mistakes and making mistakes in ...
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