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The world of online trading is getting bigger and bigger. Every day you can find a new brokerage company offering its services to traders. Obviously, you can’t know everything about them if you’re new to this, but that’s where we come in. was founded in 1999, which makes them one of the pioneers of online trading in general, and they have more than 1 million registered accounts worldwide. The company has offices in Malta, Malaysia and Japan, plus they support many languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Polish, Indonesian and so on. They are also regulated in Malta, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Ireland and Japan.

In this review, we’ll show you all features you can find on their website. If you read this article, you’ll learn how to become their client, which trading platforms they offer, what’s their bonus policy like and, many, many more. So read on and find out literally everything you need to know about this remarkable brokerage company! Review | Login

We’ll begin our review by explaining the login procedure. Login is the very first thing you have to do if you want to trade here. Luckily, with this won’t take more than a couple of minutes. You’ll be asked to disclose some very basic information about yourself. First of all, you will have to type in your email address to which a verification token will be delivered later on. Also, you will need to choose a password for your account. After that, you’ll enter the country you live in, your name and the currency you would like to use (USD, GBP, EUR or AUD).

As you can see, you don’t have to be a genius to pass through the process of login. But still, you can’t trade if there’s no money on your account. Therefore, in the next paragraph of our broker review, we’ll write about the ways you can fund your account. Stay with us! Account Creation Page Account Creation Page Review | Banking Policy

Yes, in this part of our review we’ll present you with the money transfer options you have with this broker. When it comes to deposit methods, you can choose between many options that can be divided into three groups: credit/debit cards, E-cash and wire transfer. As for the credit/debit cards, you can choose between Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay. E-cash methods are OK Pay, Perfect Money, Skrill, Neteller and so on. Everything functions perfectly and you can make the deposit very quickly every time, with the average processing time between a few seconds and one working day. We must add, though, that there may be additional processing time required by your bank or money transfer service.

The same goes for withdrawal which allows you to use the same methods as for depositing. Minimum withdrawal you can perform is set to 5 euro/USD and the same goes for minimum deposit. These are both excellent deals, much lower than what most other brokers can offer, so even complete beginners should have no problems starting here.

With that out of the way, we will be moving our review on. Keep reading and check out the broker’s trading platforms! Payment Methods Payment Methods Review | MetaTrader 5

Every trader can confirm that having a great trading platform is a must if a broker wants to be successful. There are several elements we should keep in mind when talking about trading platforms. First of all, the number of trading and analytical options a platform provides you with has to be satisfactory. Another very important element is the speed of processing. The last thing you should keep your eye on is design, which has to be clear, meaning you can find everything you need in a blink of an eye. Trading Platform Trading Platform

We’re happy to say that trading platform is one of the newest and most advanced on the market. The latest in the series of MetaTrader platforms is the MetaTrader 5 trading software which you’ll have an opportunity to try it if you open an account with this broker. It has all of the most important analytical tools, so you can always make a good call. Moreover, its design is amazing and it will help you to adapt to a new trading surrounding in no time. Besides that, it also comes as a app: you can find it on the App Store and Google Play. If you’re into more dynamic trading, this can be perfect for you! But there are more features of this platform our review has to mention. Stay tuned!

START TRADING WITH BINARY.COM NOW! Review | Other MetaTrader 5 options

The first thing we would like to emphasize in this paragraph of our review is the option of automated trading. In other words, you can let the trading robot do all the work for you. We think this can be a very useful option for all traders because it eliminates stress from trading and it’s definitely very useful for beginners. If you opt for this, you will also be able take the advantage of the ‘Virtual Hosting’ option that provides round-the-clock operation of the trading platform, even when your computer is turned off.  It’s the perfect way to ensure uninterrupted work of your Binary Bot. You can get your ‘Virtual Hosting’ in just a few clicks and there are no additional settings or adjustments.

Furthermore, you have the option of ‘copy trading’. ‘Copy Trading’ allows you automatic real-time copying of trading operation from one trading account to another. You can subscribe to such signals and these deals will be automatically executed in your name. When you become a successful trader, you can make even more money by providing your trading signals to others! Review | Other Platforms

Apart from MetaTrader 5, there are other trading platforms you can use here. The company has developed their own trading platform, for example, which has three main trading options: Up/Down, Touch/No Touch and In/Out. You can choose if you would like to trade forex, indices, OTC stocks, commodities and volatility indices here. Trading Platform Trading Platform

For those who like to trade all the time, offers some interesting mobile apps, too. For example, there’s the Binary Tick Trade App, an extremely fast application that will definitely make your trading more dynamic. You can also us an application called Binary Next-Gen, which has many interesting features you should definitely explore. Binary Webtrader, will allow you to monitor the movements of your favorite assets and markets at the same time, which can be very helpful in trading. Another feature that we’d like to highlight here is called TradingView. It is a powerful charting and technical feature that enables you to analyze the markets with a very extensive range of indicators, price bands and overlays. Although it may seem complicated at the first sight, if you invest some of your time into mastering it, it can help you a lot in your trading!

But if you want to check out all these trading platforms and types of trading software without any financial risk, the broker allows you to do so, too. How? Stay tuned to our review and you’ll see. Review | Demo Account

You know what’s another great thing with They let you practice and learn for free! That’s right, more great news for those who have just entered the world of forex trading. You can trade and practice your skills in peace and you won’t have to pay a single dollar.

This is done through demo account, which is an opportunity no one should miss. With this account, you will have all the trading options that a real account offers. Everything is exactly the same: the same analytical tools can be used in your analysis, you can trade the same assets and you have all trading signals at your disposal… In short, demo is a 100% real simulation of the market, so if you decide to open it you can upgrade your trading skills big time. It also fits in perfectly with the educational materials you get here, but we’ll talk about them more in the following part of this guide. Demo Platform Demo Platform Review | Trading Academy

Yes, you can learn many useful things about trading from this company because has developed its own trading academy. In other words, there is a bunch of helpful materials on this website whose purpose is to help you grasp the most important information and principles about trading and market.

First of all, there’s the broker’s learning center. You can browse through various learning resources and check out what suits you best. For example, has some really cool webinars. They’ve developed their webinars program in collaboration with professional traders, meaning all of the information and tutorials are 100% legit. There are free training sessions for both beginners and advanced traders, so everyone will find something for themselves. There’re also many e-books that can be downloaded for free. These books can be great trading guides: they are comprehensive; they have many jargon words but are also written in ordinary language, so anyone can understand them. The same goes for the glossary, where you can find all of the definitions and terms that you’ll use in trading. If you’re more into watching than reading, you can always check out educational videos. Education Center Education Center Review | Bonus for New Clients

Since there are so many participants in the world of online trading, every broker wants to attract as many clients as possible. Bonuses have become one of the main strategies for that and we can say that a bonus policy has become a standard in the industry. Even though almost everyone offers some kind of bonus, offers loads of very interesting and potentially lucrative deals, so we had to dedicate a part of this review just to them.

First of all, there’s the Deposit Bonus. If you, for example, deposit $100, an additional $25 will be added to your account when you have made at least $125 worth of trades. In other words, you have to reach a turnover that’s only 5 times the bonus amount! This is an incredibly low requirement, so you should be able to access your bonus funds in a flash. You certainly can’t do it this quickly with other brokers. Once the bonus is credited to your account, you can withdraw the money that you’ve won at any time. Keep in mind, though, that this bonus is available only to new clients and that you can get it only once (you can also consider it to be a welcome bonus).


Another type of bonus, also available to new clients only, is the so called Free Bonus. Every new client will receive a bonus code that can be activated upon opening an account. You can withdraw this bonus once you have exceeded an account turnover of 25 time the bonus amount value, which is more than the previous requirement, but still lower than what is usually asked from you in this industry. Review | Safety

The last thing to be discussed here in our review is the broker’s security policy. We also took a look at that in our Is a Scam? analysis, so if you want more info, go and check that out. This industry is growing on a daily basis, so nowadays there are many participants who want to take their piece of the pie. Some of them will even try to scam you in order to get your money. Since we have had some bad experiences with certain brokers, we think it’s quite important to highlight that are completely safe to trade with. Security Security is licensed and regulated trading platform. It serves more than 1,000,000 customers from all over the world. Since they’re registered in Japan, they are regulated by two Japanese regulatory bodies. The first one is the Financial Services Agency, a Japanese government agency responsible for overseeing banking, securities and exchange. The second one is the Financial Futures Association of Japan. When a broker is regulated by two regulatory bodies, nothing can go wrong. But apart from these two, the company also has several other licenses, as mentioned at the very beginning of this review, so you can absolutely rest assured you’re in good hands. Brokers simply don’t come any safer than this.

Apart from that, the broker pays a lot of attention to other safety elements. First of all, we have to consider the use of personal information clients share with the broker. The broker complies with the Data Protection laws, meaning they are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. Also, all of the credit card details are encrypted by SSL encryption technology, so there’s definitely nothing to worry about. Your data is completely safe with the broker, as well as your transactions. Regulation Regulation Review | Conclusion

And that’s pretty much our review. With this broker, you can become a trader very easily. The login procedure is quite simple and it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. You have to send in only very basic data about yourself and, logically, fund your account. There are many ways to fund your account, but the best thing is that you can start your career with only $5!

Secondly, the broker offers many trading platforms with excellent tools and trading options. With you can trade on MetaTrader 5, the newest MetaTrader platform in the online trading industry. Trading on such a modern platform will increase your chances big time. If you like to trade in a more dynamic way, there are various trading applications that can be downloaded for free!

We’d also like to underline their educational options made for beginners and demo account that will help newcomers to adapt to the trading environment. They also offer some nice bonuses for new clients, so we think that you should definitely consider choosing this regulated company as your broker! Given all this, you certainly cannot go wrong if you opt for Open an account with them and you’ll be in for a great trading experience!



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