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Caesar Trade Scam Warning

Foreign exchange business is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the entire world. Its popularity has been growing rapidly in the last couple of years and nowadays we have many brokerage companies participating in the forex market. Logically, everybody wants to get their piece of the pie. That’s why brokers offer a broad variety of products and services to their clients. Unfortunately, not all brokers are legit. A small portion of them lie to attract customers and, ultimately, carry out a scam. In this article we’ll write about one broker that seems to be a scammer. Read our Caesar Trade Scam Warning analysis and see for yourself if they are legit or not!

Caesar Trade Scam Warning | Customer Service Problems

One of the most important things in every business is communication between service provider and their clients, and the world of foreign exchange is no exception. As a matter of fact, communication is especially important when it comes to forex trading. Traders usually have their personal managers who guide them through the trading process.

When it comes to Caesar Trade, it seems like they don’t pay too much attention to this aspect of trading. Many traders have complained about awful communication with the broker’s customer support. The biggest problem is that they simply don’t do their job. It’s very hard to get any useful information from them: they usually don’t answer e-mails or even live chat. When they do, in most cases they just don’t know how to solve the problem. We tested them a couple of times saying that we have a question about some small technical issues, but they didn’t help us at all. But that’s not all! Traders had other, much more serious problems. Stay with us!

Caesar Trade Home Page

Caesar Trade Home Page

Caesar Trade Scam Warning | Withdrawals and account closing

Besides having troubles with contacting the broker’s customer service, Caesar Trade’s clients had problems when they tried to close their accounts. The broker was not so eager to let them to do that. Using some technical difficulties as an excuse, they simply refused to close their accounts and to give them their money back. Another thing that we should underline here in our Caesar Trade Scam Warning is that some traders couldn’t even withdraw their money, which is simply unacceptable in the foreign exchange business. Any problems concerning money transfers cannot be tolerated and for us this is a clear sign that this company cannot be trusted. At the very least, they are not competent enough to handle your hard-earned money. But given that we haven’t heard of any attempts to rectify things, it may very well be that there are much more sinister motives in play here.

Caesar Trade Scam Warning | Conclusion

As you can see, we issue our Caesar Trade Scam Warning for a good reason. This is not a legit broker. Their communication with clients is terrible and they won’t help you at all. On top of that, they probably won’t let you close your account or withdraw your money, either. Do not open an account with them! Save your money and start your career with some other broker: we have plenty of very reliable ones right here on this website.

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