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Dukascopy Review 2016

Dukascopy is one of the most recognized and valued names of the Forex market today. This Swiss marketplace and bank, founded in 2004 in Genova, remains one of the staple names of the Forex market. Currently there are over 200 people working for Dukascopy worldwide, with offices in cities such as Hong Kong, Kiev, Moscow and many more. Highly recommended by many brokers, we decided to see for ourselves if Dukascopy lives up to its reputation, so read ahead and check out our Dukascopy Review 2016.

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Broker Type

All Dukascopy clients fall under the Swiss Forex marketplace. All clients have equal trading rights, and equal access to market information, liquidity and feeds. This ensures that there is no discrimination between small and big traders, everyone is treated equally. Some of the liquidity providers include big names such as JP Morgan, the Deutsche Bank, Barclays and many more. All orders going through Dukascopy are processed by straight processing with no human involvement, ensuring that no human error can occur in transactions. All of Dukascopy’s clients have the same prices, thus preventing conflicts of interests.  In our Dukascopy Review 2016, we proved that this is indeed true. The prices are published publicly so clients can review and verify them, ensuring that no one gets scammed. All of this, coupled with Swiss banking regulations, ensures that various Forex scam alerts have no issue with Dukascopy. You can read more about this at our Dukascopy Scam Test 2016.

Dukascopy Forex News

Dukascopy Forex News

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Regulation

Dukascopy is regulated a bit differently than most other Forex platforms and brokers. The Swiss authority, the FINMA, treats Dukascopy as a bank, and as such, Dukascopy is subjected to a bit stricter regulations than most Forex traders. While this may seem like a downside at first, during our Dukascopy Review 2016, we found that Dukascopy has never violated its regulations with the FINMA. A testament to the trustworthiness of Dukascopy.

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Software

Dukascopy offers some unique software, but the thing that stood out the most was its Java based trader. Using the Java based web trader, you can trade using Dukascopy on any PC in the world if you have an internet connection, no download required. Dukascopy also have their own platform for trading called JForex which is targeted at people who already have experience in the Forex market, but is simple enough for newcomers to quickly grasp as well. With over 180 tools at your disposal for market analysis, trading and prediction, the JForex platform is a remarkable act of programming. There’s also an app for mobile trading, which is very useful if you haven’t got access to a computer at all times. Logging into Dukascopy is very simple using the Dukascopy Login tools.

Dukascopy Trading Platform Charts

Dukascopy Trading Platform Charts

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Online options

Online trading is a must in today’s busy world, so in our Dukascopy Review 2016, we decided to check out and familiarize ourselves with some of the online options that Dukascopy has to offer. Dukascopy currently offers online trade in precious metals, Forex and CFD trading. We had no problems in accessing the numerous banks associated with this broker, as well as the Forex market. The software proved easy to use and accessible, with equal opportunities for every trader.


Dukascopy Review 2016 | Spreads

Dukascopy offers some highly competitive spreads, unlike many others in the Forex market. Dukascopy publishes all of the previous spread history for free, so you can see the variations for yourself. The Dukascopy commissions are also reasonable – up to a maximum of 3.50$ per lot in forex and 5.25$ with precious metals. All rates are expressed in USD per 1 million USD traded.

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Deposit and Withdrawal

If you’re just starting with Dukascopy, a deposit of 50 000$ is often recommended, but you can go as low as 5000$. Depositing is possible through a bank wire, and in seven different currencies. The Dukascopy Withdrawal Procedure is very elegant and simple, so we are happy to say that we encountered no problems in trading with Dukascopy during our Dukascopy Review 2016. The withdrawal form is available on their website for everyone to see.

Dukascopy Funding Options

Dukascopy Funding Options

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Demo Account

Clients who are interested in Dukascopy can register freely and use the Dukascopy Demo Account for a period of two weeks without a fee. After entering your desired account balance and leverage, as well as your information and e-mail using a simple interface at the Dukascopy website, your demo account is active and ready to go. The demo account simulates the Swiss Forex marketplace in real time. It uses real information from the history of the market to give you accurate results. This is a great way to test out Dukascopy itself, as well as your personal ideas. During our Dukascopy Review 2016, we tested out the demo account, and found it to be a great tool for less experienced traders.

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Information and tutorials

Dukascopy’s website is teeming with valuable information. With over 100 000 users, all from various backgrounds and countries, sharing information on forums and apps, you’ll find some great, useful advice. The site also hosts numerous training videos and guides for successful trading on the Forex market. The Dukascopy customer support team is highly skilled and available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week for all your questions and inquiries. Part of our Dukascopy Review 2016 involved testing out the customer support thoroughly,  and we found that they were indeed highly skilled, as well as fluent in several languages.

Dukascopy Interactive Rooms

Dukascopy Interactive Rooms

Dukascopy Review 2016 | Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say without any doubt that Dukascopy is a broker worthy of your time. Dukascopy Review 2016 has clearly shown that. Great service and high standards across the board allow you to fully enjoy your trading experience with them. There are numerous advantages to trading with this broker, so it’s really no big surprise that this company is among the most revered ones in this industry. Open an account with them and see for yourself.


Dukascopy Review 2016 | Website Preview

Dukascopy Home Page

Dukascopy Home Page

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