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EssenceFX Scam Test

EssenceFX is one of the youngest companies in the forex trading industry. They were founded in 2016, and their headquarters are in the small Baltic country of Estonia. Although they are quite new in the business, they seem to have many faithful clients who really appreciate their work. That’s why we decided to see for ourselves if they really are a legit company or is this number of satisfied traders just a clever trick. We tested them on our own, and you can read results of our investigation in the rest of this EssenceFX scam test. Read our unbiased analysis and find out all you need to know about this broker’s reliability!

EssenceFX Scam Test | Regulation

The very first thing you have to have in mind when choosing which broker you’d like to trade with is the regulation. Some brokers might have good trading conditions, modern website or customer support that’s always eager to help, but you definitely shouldn’t trade with them if they’re not a regulated company. Only registration under a strong financial institution can guarantee that you won’t get scammed.

Luckily, EssenceFX is registered under the Ministry of Finance of Estonia. As you know, the ministry of finance is government’s body that takes care of financial and fiscal policies. Since Estonia is a member state of European Union, their activities have to comply with strict European monetary rules. We’d also like to add that we teste all of the payment methods available on the website, and we are happy to report that there were no troubles with depositing or withdrawing our money. Moreover, the company keeps your account safe in other ways. The next part of our Essence FX Scam Test will analyze them more thoroughly.

EssenceFX Home Page

EssenceFX Scam Test | Segregated Accounts and Customer Support

If you want to read more about the offer here, make sure you check out our EssenceFX Review 2018, as we will only be discussing safety features here. Besides regulation, EssenceFX have implemented some extra measures of precaution. The most important thing is that they keep clients’ funds in accounts that are segregated from the company’s. In other words, with accounts being segregated, you can be completely sure that your money won’t be used to, for example, pay back creditors in the unlikely event of the company’s default.

Furthermore, we’d like to underline EssenceFX’s customer support. We’ve communicated with them in various ways. If you have some minor problem that can be solved in a couple of seconds, you can talk to them via live chat. If you think that the issue is more complex, you can always send an email. In both cases the company’s staff will help you almost immediately.

EssenceFX Segregated Funds

EssenceFX Scam Test | Conclusion

There’s not much left to say in the conclusion of our EssenceFX Scam Test. First of all, the company is registered under the Estonian Ministry of Finance, so you can be completely sure they won’t take your money and leave. Besides that, the company takes care of money by segregating clients’ accounts from the accounts of their own. Having in mind that their customer support is excellent as well, we really think you should open an account with EssenceFX. You will enjoy every second of trading with them!

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