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eToro EOS trading now available

eToro, one of the most famous brokers in the online trading community, has announced that they will be adding a new asset to their arsenal. A new cryptocurrency, to be exact. This virtual coin is called EOS, and we will be talking about it and how eToro will be approaching it in the rest of this article. It’s always exciting when a broker of this calibre adds something new to their offer because it means the asset is really promising and potentially very popular. We certainly thought this piece of news was worthy of a separate article, which can immediately tell you a lot. But let’s now get to work and see what can be expected from eToro EOS trading.

What is EOS?

What is EOS, anyway? Well, it is a cryptocurrency which will be used on EOS IO, a platform scheduled to come out in June this year. This platform is supposed to provide the best possible environment for creating decentralized applications, so we can guess that it’s going to be a direct competition to Ethereum. However, extremely quick transactions and great scalability are supposed to be its main advantages. It would appear that people trust this will be a huge success because the EOS token which was launched in summer of 2017 is today one of ten most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Furthermore, the ICO launched by EOS creators is getting close to raising 3 billion dollars. Because of all this, we firmly believe eToro EOS trading is going to be extremely popular.

eToro EOS Explanation

eToro EOS trading options

Why did we say that last thing in the previous paragraph? Well, if you’ve read our eToro Review 2018, you know how many options their platform offers. This is one of the best trading environments you can find, which means eToro EOS options are going to be extremely numerous. Do keep in mind, though, that there will be a daily investment limit for this cryptocurrency, which may cause it to sometimes become unavailable for trading during the day. You will, however, still be able to close your trades whenever you want. Of course, we expect more assets like this to come very soon. This is a huge market, and we don’t think that adding just eToro EOS trading options on the broker’s website will satisfy the people in charge here.

eToro EOS Market


Yes, eToro has a new and very exciting asset to offer you, but the best thing is that it could really explode in value this summer. EOS wants to challenge Ethereum as the main platform for decentralized apps, and it certainly seems like people running the show there have the resources for that. We firmly believe loads of traders will scramble to get the best starting positions for the EOS IO launch in June, and there really is no better way to do that than opening an account on eToro’s website. Do it now and prepare for some serious trading.

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