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eToro India

Foreign exchange business is one of the world’s biggest industries and eToro is one of the leading brokerage companies in the field. This is an extraordinary broker with many satisfied clients all around the world. The newest members of eToro’s trading family are traders from India, so in this eToro India article, we’ll show you all the options and possibilities Indian traders now have. Stay with us!

eToro India | Broker’s Options

First, let’s say a few general things we learned when we tested this broker for our eToro Review. We’ll start with their trading platform, which is excellent. It is designed in an intuitive way, meaning it’s suitable for all types of traders, including beginners. Besides that, this magnificent platform also comes as an app, so you can trade whenever you want. In addition, there’s the WebTrader option which allows you to manage your trading portfolio. Should you ever need any kind of help, we are happy to say this broker’s support team is simply great. We tested them many times and they were always very quick to react and help us out. You can even hope for an eToro Bonus! Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt that this is one great broker and that their clients have every reason to be satisfied. In the next paragraph of our eToro India analysis, you can read about the trading possibilities the company offers to this particular country. Read on!

eToro Promotions

eToro Promotions

eToro India | Trading Forex in India

As we’ve already mentioned, foreign exchange is one of the biggest industries in the world and India is one of the world’s biggest markets. Traders in India weren’t able to trade forex in cross currency pairs and all currency pairs were benchmarked against the Indian Rupee, which was a disadvantage if you wanted to trade international pairs. But now, due to the NSE regulation, Indian traders can trade forex with eToro. They can choose between 3 global currency pairs: EUR/USD, GPB/USD and USD/JPY. Another important thing that we would like to emphasize in our eToro India article is the market time. The market time starts in Japan and the trading will be most active at the same time when USD/JPY is most active. The second big wave of activity comes during the evening, which is due to the opening of the American markets. With eToro India, the whole industry will profit a lot because many new traders will enter the forex market. This will increase the trading volume on a daily basis and make the entire experience much more dynamic.

eToro Trading Platform

eToro Trading Platform

eToro India | Conclusion

At the end of this eToro India article, we can only repeat that the company is doing a great job in providing their traders with the best trading environment possible. They have an excellent trading platform, great application and the support team capable of handling every problematic situation. And with their new Indian option, traders from India can trade forex as well! Therefore, if you’re in India and want to trade forex, this is the best option you have. Open an account now!

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