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eToro news

As you probably already know, eToro is something very special in the world of online trading, particularly in the forex and CFD industry. This broker offers loads of opportunities, but it is also very active on the market, so it’s always a good idea to check up on them from time to time. They are constantly innovating, which only helps their clients achieve and enjoy themselves more. To help you find the right eToro news, we are going to list some of the most important events related to this popular company in the rest of this article. Keep reading!

A new trading desk

The first piece of eToro news for today is the fact that the company is strengthening its presence in the United Kingdom. They already have an office there (as well as in Cyprus and Israel), but now they are setting up a trading desk in London. This will be a place where solely over-the-counter trading will be conducted. According to the company’s CEO, there is a lot of interest from hedge fund owners and various banks, primarily because they are not allowed to invest in ICOs or trade cryptocurrencies. Now, this type of trading is one of eToro’s strong suits, so it certainly makes sense to explore the market a bit. Judging from the move, they expect a lot from this trading desk. If all goes well, this could make life a lot easier for some big institutions. But there are more things we need to go through, so don’t go away.

eToro Offices

eToro to offer Cardano

Another important piece of eToro news we have to discuss is the addition of a new cryptocurrency to the broker’s offer. From now on, you will be able to trade Cardano, which stands at number eight among the most valuable virtual coins. This is also the eleventh asset the company offers in this category (more on that in our eToro Review). Do keep in mind that the Cardano coin is actually called ADA, and you will able to see it in eToro’s copyFund. copyFund is eToro’s investment portfolio and you are required to actually make a payment if you want to get in on the action. Therefore, the way you trade and invest in this coin does have its requirements. Nevertheless, we think you should give it a shot, especially if you’re a crypto trading enthusiast, because the portfolio started out with just Ethereum and Bitcoin less than a year ago. Considering the fact that the company is extremely interested in the virtual currency market, we expect more additions like this very soon. eToro is becoming the best place to trade cryptocurrencies, not just for regular traders, but for pros and possibly institutions too, so get in on the action while everything is still fresh.

eToro Cardano Asset


That’s pretty much all we have for you this time. As you can see, eToro news from the last few days are focused primarily on cryptocurrencies. No wonder, since the company is investing a lot into making this type of trading available to literally everyone, from regular Joes to trading institutions. So, if you want a serious trading partner that excels in literally all kinds of trading, just open an account with eToro. You won’t just get a broker that way, you will get access to a platform with loads of people just like yourself!

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