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eToro Scam Test 2018

International reputation is an important factor in the world of forex trading because different countries have different rules and regulations for trading. That is why traders value very highly companies like eToro, companies that have an excellent reputation all over the world. Founded in 2006 with offices in Cyprus, UK and Israel, this company always wants to provide the experience of relaxed and quality trading to their traders. But even their sponsorship with West Ham United football club is worth nothing if they are stealing money from the traders or if traders can lose money because of poor security. To ensure the safety of our readers, we decided to do this eToro Scam Test 2018 and see how reliable this broker actually is. We checked their most important features and found out some interesting stuff, so stay with us for this investigation.

eToro Scam Test 2018 | Overall safety

Basic security is always the most important thing when checking a broker’s quality. If online security is poor, your account can easily be hacked and your money can be stolen. But rest assured, this will not happen when you trade with eToro. They use a secure TLS connection that ensures communication security over a computer network. That means that your connection to this site is secure from hacking and completely private. Only you know your login data and only you can access your online account. There is also no reason to worry about getting scammed and that somebody will steal your money. This is ensured by working under top European regulators: Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), organizations that make sure that everybody “plays by the rules”. Your funds are kept in a separate account and your private data must never be shared without your permission. You can find out more general information about the company in our eToro Review 2018, as we move on with our eToro Scam Test 2018 with banking.

eToro Regulation

eToro Regulation

eToro Scam Test 2018 | Banking

We will cover basic banking features in this section of eToro Scam Test 2018, and by that we mean depositing and withdrawing your money. This subject is taken very seriously by eToro because they realize that ignoring this part of their offer leaves their clients quite vulnerable. You can use several ways to transfer money: credit card, online money banking system or wire transfer. Credit cards that are accepted are Visa, MasterCard and Diners, and we suggest using this method to deposit because the money will appear in your trading account immediately. PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, Webmoney and Yandex are the ways you can transfer your money online. Now, you should be careful about minimum deposit and withdrawal.

eToro Deposit Page

eToro Deposit Page

As you can read in our eToro Minimum Deposit article, it is $50-$500 depending on the user profile, while maximum deposit varies a lot: for credit card it is $5000, for Webmoney $50 000, while it is unlimited for wire transfer. Just remember that for withdrawing you must provide a clear color copy of your passport including your written signature, clear copy of a recent utility bill and clear copy of both sides of the credit card if you used that method for depositing. Stay with us for this eToro Scam Test 2018 and learn more about education and support.


eToro Scam Test 2018 | Trading academy

With this broker, you can almost tell everybody that you are studying at an academy. Of course, what eToro offers is not a real academy but internet courses and webinars that help you improve your trading skills. Designed for beginners and experts alike, webinars allow you to watch the presenter’s desktop where you will be shown how to use eToro’s trading platform and how to spot top performers and copy their money-making moves. Their videos and courses on financial trading will help you improve your general trading skills and show you how to earn more money faster. Don’t forget, one way to do that is to apply for bonuses, so read all about it in our eToro Bonus article. Next, we are going to analyze the broker’s support and eToro Scam Test 2018 has a lot more to tell you!

eToro Trading Academy

eToro Trading Academy

 eToro Scam Test 2018 | Support

eToro help team is always there when you need it. Although we did not experience any problems while trading with this broker, we tested all of their ways of communication and our problem was solved very fast. First of all, if you have any questions you will probably find an answer in their extensive help page, which covers everything from accounts to trading. If you still don’t have an answer to your problem, you can always contact them. You can start with writing a post on their customer service page, where you will definitely get an answer very quickly. You can also write to them using their online form, send them an email or call them to their office numbers. As we said before in eToro Scam Test 2018, all of those ways function very good. One last thing – as you can read in our eToro Account article, you get your personal account manager when you transfer to a Premium account. This person also acts as a great extra support and the quality of these managers should certainly be mentioned here.

eToro Premium Account

eToro Premium Account

eToro Scam Test 2018 | Conclusion

This is it from us for eToro Scam Test 2018. We went through eToro’s most important parts to show you that this is a really great company and that you have nothing to worry about when trading with them. They use the latest online security and they are regulated by the governing bodies in each country. You can transfer your money in several very safe and convenient ways and their trading academy is really great for all traders. Lastly, their support team is always there when you need it and helps you out. There is really not a single downside of trading with this trader. Open an account with eToro now and get ready for a great forex experience!


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