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Everest Market Scam Warning

When selecting a broker in the forex industry, caution is always advised. Although most brokers are regulated and reliable companies, there are some that don’t play by the rules. Some choices may seem completely legit and can have, for example, a fancy website, but there are more important things you have to keep your eyes on. We are here to help you find the right partner, or rather to avoid bad ones. In this article, we’ll write about a broker that has scammed many traders. Read our Everest Market Scam Warning article and don’t repeat mistakes other traders did before you!

Everest Market Scam Warning | Bonus Problems

As you probably well know if you’re at all familiar with this business, the industry of foreign exchange is growing on a daily basis. That’s why every brokerage company usually has some special offers. In most cases, they have something to do with the bonus policy. Brokers offer bonuses to their clients, but this isn’t always as simple as it might seem. In order to be able to withdraw your bonus money, you have to trade a certain volume. After that, the additional funds can be withdrawn to your bank account. Like many other brokers, Everest Market also promises some nice bonuses to their clients. However, it seems like they do not really allow their traders to withdraw this money at all. We came across traders who actually fulfilled all requirements for withdrawing the bonus, but the broker’s account managers said that still was not enough. Consequently, these people never got their bonus money. Apart from these situations, some traders had problems with regular withdrawals, as well. When they would submit their withdrawal requests, the broker’s staff would simply tell them that they can’t get their money because their bank accounts were allegedly blocked. Even after those traders would send in proof of their accounts’ validity, they still couldn’t access their money or even get an apology.

But that’s not all our Everest Market Scam Warning has to tell you. Communication with the broker also caused problems. Read on to find out all about it!

Everest Market Scam Warning | Lack of Communication

The most important part of every broker – client relationship is communication. When you have some technical problem or some questions regarding trading, you should always be able to contact your broker and get the information or advice you need. If the broker is good, its support team will respond you in no time. To every good broker communication is a priority, but that’s not the case with this company. During our research, we came across clients who had difficulties contacting the broker’s support team and account managers. And when they finally succeeded in getting in touch with them, they were usually of no use, which is another proof our Everest Market Scam Warning needed to be written. These people would just stall, avoid answering the questions directly and never resolve any issue, an obvious sign of a dishonest broker.

Everest Market Scam Warning | Conclusion

As you can easily conclude from our Everest Market Scam Warning, this broker is definitely not legit. If you choose them for your broker, they probably won’t answer your calls or even allow you to withdraw your money. We honestly think that you should open an account elsewhere. Our website offers loads of reliable alternatives, so feel free to browse around and inform yourself about your choices.

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