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Forex Beginners Guide

Looking to dive into the fantastic world of forex trading, but don’t know exactly where to start? Don’t worry, our Forex Beginners Guide is exactly what you need to learn all the basics of this business. Here, you will find everything you need to know about this particular type of trading, and upon going through all the materials, you will know exactly what needs to be done in order to start trading efficiently. Forex trading requires careful planning, especially if you’re still a rookie in this business, so jumping into the trading fray headfirst will most likely only incur losses.
Everything you read in Forex Beginners Guide was written by some very experienced forex veterans who have spent years in this business and have decades of combined experience between them. Rest assured, you are in quite capable hands here, and if you want to get off to a good start in your forex trading career, this is the place to visit.

Forex Stop Losses

In order to control your risk, you have to learn how to define and place your stop losses. Stop losses are points at which you know it’s time to exit a trade. When you reach this point, you know that the situation has become unsalvageable, so it is far better ...
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MetaTrader 4 in Forex Trading

If you’re about to enter the world of foreign exchange, you should definitely get familiar with MetaTrader 4. It’s the most popular trading platform in the entire forex industry and it’s used by traders of all levels. Because it has so many technical tools and indicators, it’s great for more ...
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Forex Mechanical Trading System

As you all know, nothing is sure in the world of foreign exchange. There are many elements that can affect your judgment. Some of them are extrinsic – market movements, particular economic situations and other factors that one takes into consideration when entering a trade. On the other hand, there ...
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Forex Trading Tips

The foreign exchange industry is growing on a daily basis and more and more traders want to participate in this game. Unfortunately, most of them never manage to further develop their trading careers. Instead of making money, newcomers lose their funds because they don’t really understand how the foreign exchange ...
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Forex Carry Trade

Forex carry trade is one of the most important trading strategies in the business. Although it’s quite simple, it’s also very popular among traders, especially the ones who are more serious and who take many trading factors into consideration. Read our forex carry trade analysis and learn this important strategy! ...
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Japanese Candlestick Charts

Before the bar and point-and-figure were discovered, the Japanese used candlestick techniques in order to help them trade rice. One Japanese mathematician noticed that there is a strong connection between price and supply and demand of rice, but he also noticed that people’s emotions have a strong influence on the ...
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Forex Market Environment

Before opening a trade, every serious trader will first analyze the status of the asset he’s about to invest in. Although sometimes a narrow analysis can be sufficient and can lead you to profit, you should always try to get the whole picture of the market. In other words, you ...
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Forex Resistance Level

If you’ve been in the forex trading business for a while, you have probably developed your own trading strategies by now. All traders have their own ways of analyzing the market - they use these strategies when trying to predict how the prices will behave. One of the most important ...
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Forex managed accounts

The foreign exchange industry has become really popular over the last few years. Even today, there are many new traders joining the market and, logically, the number of brokerage companies is growing as well. Although most of these companies are legit and really do try to provide their traders with ...
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Forex signals

When you’re trading forex, you have to have something upon which you will base your decisions. To help you with that, there are analytical signals that tell us whether we should enter or leave a trade. Of course, the decision is all yours and you are the one who makes ...
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