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FX-Advisor Review

FX-Advisor is committed to making trading fun and easy experience for traders. With the understanding that the internet is filled with many confusing materials for traders, the company realized the need to come in and clear the waters.

They are doing just that. The Forex industry has its own share of scams and traders need to take extra caution to protect themselves from them. However, they can only do so if they get a reliable platform that will connect them only to the best in the industry.

FX-Advisor is such a platform. They believe that traders deserve to succeed and are undeserving of needless losses. Hence, the company connects them to reliable Forex and CFD brokers that will offer them the right set of services that they need to indeed succeed.

Thus, FX-Advisor ensures that investors get brokers that give nothing but the best in terms of trading conditions, educational resources, research and economic analyses and overall, the best trading experience. Indeed, FX Advisor wants nothing but success for every trader that uses their services.

Hence, if you need a duly licensed, well-regulated broker who will give you all these services and more, FX-Advisor is here to show you how to pick one.

FX-Advisor Account Features

If you are a beginner trader, one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make is the kind of account you pick. Brokers provide different account types, differentiating them on specificities such as the minimum deposit requirements, leverage, spread, and others.

Often times, the minimum deposit requirements can be as low as $50 and as much as $1,000. This is the part where newbie traders can have a bit of tough time as to which one to pick. For them, there is a tendency to abandon account types with high minimum requirements.

And FX-Advisor understands that. As a result, they seek to connect those who turn to them for advice to the best broker to pick in terms of minimum deposit requirements and other perks. Hence, with them, you will get useful information that will enable you to pick the best broker that will offer you the greatest bang for your bucks.

They do this on the basis of investment opportunities different brokers make available to their clients and favorable commissions and spreads.

As a result, their clients get to make the right decisions that will be very defining for their trading career. And no matter their level of market experience, they get to have the best.

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Demo account

There is another basis on which FX-Advisor classifies brokers. Do they offer a demo account or not? The provision of a demo account by a Forex broker is very important. It is especially crucial to beginner traders who need to learn to trade or to learn and trade.

For them, a demo account makes that easy. Being a virtual environment whereby traders can get to practice and hone their skills without having to worry about the risk of losing their money, a demo account is highly recommended as the starting place for every newbie trader.

Still, this account type can be highly useful for even a pro who wants to develop new trading strategies. They too can use the account to assess the level of effectiveness of their new strategies and how much they need to be tweaked. A demo account, indeed, is highly vital to the success of every trader.

fx-advisor demo accout

FX-Advisor Trading Software

FX-Advisor, through their reliable and well-tested brokers, provides investors with reliable access to a wide range of financial markets including Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. And they ensure that this is done on standard trading platforms that offer quality trading experience.

FX-Advisor especially pays strong attention to the trading platforms brokers offer to their users. The trading platform is a crucial aspect of the user experience. Hence, it is important to traders’ success. A standard trading platform must also be glitch-free.

Additionally, FX-Advisors factors advanced, professional traders into the equation. Consequently, they ensure that its recommended brokers have advanced functionalities that can cater to this category of professional market participants.

Also, they give all categories of traders choices to pick from in terms of trading platforms. Thus, they list brokers that offer different trading platforms such as a web-based platform, the MetaTrader 4, and a mobile app.

FX-Advisor software

The Web-based Trading Platform

Web-based trading platforms are usually desktop-based. So you will not have to download or install anything. They are especially easy and simple to use. You just log in to the platform, sign up for an account and start trading!

The MetaTrader4(MT4)

The MetaTrader 4 platform has become extremely popular with traders over the years. It has standard real-time charting, research, market analysis, and news functionalities that users can benefit from. Most especially, its technical analysis tools are comprehensive consisting of tens of technical indicators. This platform has grown to become the Forex industry golden platform.

FX-Advisor ensures that the brokers they recommend provide the best trading platforms that their users will find extremely useful. As a result, they become an invaluable indirect partner towards ensuring traders’ success.

Customer Support

How reliable is your broker’s customer support team? FX-Advisor can rate it over 10. They do intensive research to ascertain the competence, effectiveness, and responsiveness of customer support groups of different brokers.

FX-Advisor Payment Methods

You should consider the deposit and withdrawal methods that a broker allows before you open an account with it. Withdrawal is a stage at which most brokers perpetrate their fraud. So, it is very important to ensure that you are getting a broker that will not run away with your funds.

FX-Advisor enables you to pick the best broker by highlighting the different payment methods that different brokers support. Consequently, you will be able to pick a broker with many payment options. Also, they ensure that those methods are fast and easy to use, too.

Most importantly, they detail customer experience with those methods. By so doing, you will be able to get an idea of how satisfied many others who have used those methods were with them. They also examine brokers on the level of their genuine willingness to help their clients.


  • a variety of different categories and classifications
  • easy to use
  • detailed information on a huge number of brokers
  • only proven brokers are recommended
  • in-depth analysis of every broker by a team of experts


  • perhaps more trading platforms could be included

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Broker Pros & Cons

  • a variety of different categories and classifications
  • easy to use
  • detailed information on a huge number of brokers
  • only proven brokers are recommended
  • in-depth analysis of every broker by a team of experts
  • perhaps more trading platforms could be included

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