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FXGiants Review 2016

We are very excited about the new broker we are about review – FXGiants. This is an Australian company that has come a long way since its founding to become one of the leading international forex brokers. They have earned traders’ trust by creating a great trading environment and offering very competitive spreads for the main currency pairs. However, things can change and companies don’t always stay the same. That is why we decided to do this FXGiants Review 2016. We will go through all the main features of this broker in order to see if they still live up to their good reputation. From trading platforms to account types, we will check everything to make sure you know what to expect when opening an account with FXGiants. Join us for this FXGiants Review 2016 and let’s if this company still has what it takes to be successful.

FXGiants Review 2016 | Trading platform

We will start with the basics: trading platform is the first thing on our list. This is an important part of every broker’s offer because you will be spending most of your time here, so make sure you choose a company that offers a good platform. FXGiants offer several options in this respect. For your PC, the only option is the best one possible: MetaTrader 4. This is the very best this industry has to offer when it comes to trading platforms because it is the most widely used forex platform in the world, with excellent features like real-time quotes, advanced charting and dynamic security system. There are also versions of the same platform for Mac, iPhone, tablet and smartphone, and they all work superbly, which means you can trade wherever you are. There is also a PMAM or Personal Multi-Account Manager, a platform for online management where you can create multiple funds and manage unlimited accounts. Keep on reading, next on our list in this FXGiants Review 2016 are account types.

FXGiants MetaTrader 4

FXGiants MetaTrader 4

FXGiants Review 2016 | Account types

FXGiants offer many different types of accounts, which means that everybody should be able to find the perfect combination for themselves. To be more precise, there are five different account types, so let’s start with from the beginning. Micro accounts have their minimum deposit set to USD 500 and their minimum lot size is 0.01. Three other accounts have the same minimum deposit and lot size: 0 Fixed Spread account, STP/ECN No Commission and STP/ECN 0 Spread, but, of course, there are some differences. With 0 Fixed Spread you have a fixed spread, while STP/ECN No Commission has a more flexible leverage of up to 1:200.

FXGiants Account Types

FXGiants Account Types

Premium account is for really experienced traders, as the features are really special. Its minimum deposit is USD 2,500, and you can choose between live fixed or live floating spreads. Leverage can be up to 1:500, but the minimum lot size is not 0.01 like with all other accounts, but only 0.1, so keep that in mind. On top of all that, logging into your account is really easy. We will continue this FXGiants Review 2016 with money transfer methods, so keep on reading.


FXGiants Review 2016 | Money transfer

Money transfer is handled very well by FXGiants. There are several very convenient ways to do this, and we assure you that you will find the one that suits your needs perfectly. We have to say here that FXGiants have their own easy-to-use interface called MyFXGiants Portal, something that you will be using a lot to transfer your money. But let’s start with the methods. First of all, you can use Visa, Maestro and MasterCard credit/debit cards where maximum transition amount is USD 5,000 per transaction. Bank wire is also one of the methods accepted by this broker and there are, of course, internet money transfer systems, as well. These include Neteller, Skrill (both have USD 5,000 maximum amount), DotPay (no limit), ChinaUnion (CNY 360,000) and PayPal (GBP 5,500). There are no deposit fees on any of the methods except DotPay, where the fee reaches up to 1.65%. As we wrote in our article “Is FXGiants a Scam?”, you really don’t have to worry about internet security on their website – everything runs extremely smoothly and without any problems. Do continue with this FXGiants Review 2016 if you want more information on the bonuses this company offers.

FXGiants Funding Methods

FXGiants Funding Methods

FXGiants Review 2016 | Bonus

Don’t waste away a great opportunity to get some extra trading funds! FXGiants offer bonus money to their faithful traders and here is how to get it. First, you have the 20% Bonus Advantage, a great opportunity to get 20 % extra (up to USD 2,000) on all deposits. You just have to deposit USD 100 or more to become eligible for this offer. Next, you also have the 100% Bonus Maximiser. This basically offers you to maximize your trading potential with no limits. You just have to deposit USD 500 or more to receive a 100% bonus. This is a really great offer that expires soon, so hurry up and use it while you can. You can also win USD 100 by playing FXGiants’ weekly Facebook quiz, but remember that before opening a live account and making a deposit you can always try trading with virtual money by opening a demo account. This was the last thing to cover in this FXGiants Review 2016, so let’s try to summarize what we saw during our time with this broker.

FXGiants Home Page

FXGiants Home Page

FXGiants Review 2016 | Conclusion

As you could see for yourself while reading this FXGiants Review 2016, this broker is a really good forex company that you can trust. First of all, they have excellent trading platforms and their account types are suitable for traders of all levels. Their money transfer methods are great, and finally, you always have a few ways to get some extra trading funds after making your deposits. All of this shows that this is a broker with attitude. Trust our judgment in FXGiants Review 2016 and open an account with FXGiants as soon as possible. There are many opportunities waiting for you here!


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