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Is Global Prime a Scam?

Global Prime is a prominent Australian forex broker with headquarters in Sidney, as well as several offices for support and development throughout the world. Their philosophy is simple – bringing the top-notch trading environment to everyone, with customer satisfaction being of utmost importance. It’s no wonder that this broker has recently seen a mind-blowing jump in terms of popularity, due to their fantastic offer. However, although the general opinion about the broker is more than great, there are some features that are rarely mentioned or explained. In order to prove the company’s legitimacy, we’ve done a series of tests to discover if there is some suspicious behavior present. So keep on reading our article and discover is Global Prime a scam and should you be trading here!

Is Global Prime a Scam? | Fully Regulated

As we have stated numerous times before, the best way of checking if the company is legitimate or not is by searching for regulatory certificates. Unregulated brokers are not monitored by any governmental organization, and since they are free to do what they want with your money, it often gets stolen. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check if the company is being recognized and registered by governing regulatory body. Fortunately, Global Prime is a serious and professional company, fully licensed and registered by ASIC. In order to obtain a license, a company must provide proofs that it is capable of conducting its business operations, has enough equity capital to fulfill all requirements and abides to strict international policies. That being said, we strongly believe that Global Prime is a broker you can fully trust. However, before we reach our final verdict, we still have some check-ups to do, so do stick around and learn is Global Prime a scam when it comes to support!

Global Prime Regulation

Global Prime Regulation

Is Global Prime a Scam? | Customer Support

Apart from regulation, customer support is yet another feature that is known to unmask even the most sophisticated scammers. If the support team is unprofessional, takes too long to respond or, even worse, doesn’t respond at all, that is a huge red alert. However, that is not the case with Global Prime, since our experience with their support team has been nothing but extremely pleasant. Consisted of market experts with huge knowledge and experience, absolutely every problem you might stumble upon will surely be resolved in a matter of minutes. You can reach out to them by means of chat, e-mail or contact form, and they will respond swiftly. If you want to learn more about them, check our Global Prime Review, since we are about to wrap this analysis up.

Global Prime Contact

Global Prime Contact

Is Global Prime a Scam? | Conclusion

So, is Global Prime a scam? No, not at all. This is a completely legitimate company with many fantastic features that will truly delight you. Our analysis has proven that you won’t experience any suspicious behavior, withdrawal delays or ignorant customer service. Therefore, we can only wholeheartedly recommend this broker to you. Go on, open a free trading account and discover the ultimate trading experience!


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