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HotForex Bonus

HotForex has been a part of the forex industry for more than six years now, and during that time the company became well known for its quality all over the world. No wonder, because they have over 140 employees in numerous countries, more than 350,000 live accounts and offer support in more than 20 languages. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a reliable company here. In this article, however, we will not be focusing on any of the aforementioned numbers – we are interested in HotForex bonus policy. There are numerous ways to get additional trading funds from this broker, and our trading experts examined all of them. Read on and find out all about it!

HotForex Bonus | Basic offerings

First of all, we have to say that there are three different types of HotForex bonus offerings, and all of them will increase your account leverage. 100% super charged bonus applies to every deposit over $250, plus you can earn cash rebates of $2 per lot on daily basis. Next, you can also get a 30% rescue bonus, a perk that requires you to deposit only $50, so you can qualify for it fairly easily. Finally, there is also the possibility of getting a 100% credit bonus, which gives you a lot of time to fulfil your HotForex Withdrawal requirements, making it easier for you to transfer the additional funds. But there are many more HotForex bonus options to discuss, so stay with us and see what else you get to choose from.

HotForex Bonus

HotForex Bonus

HotForex Bonus | Additional opportunities

For starters, HotForex has a very interesting loyalty program where you can earn various rewards, such as access to advanced VPS, private sessions with the company’s analysts and much, much more. On top of that, the broker organizes various contests and tournaments where traders can win additional cash, and one of the contests is even available for demo accounts – no need to invest real money, but you can still win some. Finally, we should also mention that the company will cover all your deposit expenses, which can also be viewed as a form of HotForex bonus. Simply send them a copy of your receipt and all your fees will be refunded. There aren’t many brokers who will offer you something like this, so this really gives traders a sense that they are in good hands here. However, the company’s offer has many more interesting features aside from the bonus policy, so be sure to check out our HotForex Review 2016 if you want to find out more.

HotForex Trading Tools

HotForex Trading Tools

HotForex Bonus | Conclusion

To conclude, HotForex bonus policy offers loads of possibilities and really shows how seriously this company takes its job and its clients. From basic bonus offerings to refunding your deposit fees, this broker has it all. Loyalty programs, contests and even a web shop – you name it and it’s there. So if you want to feel appreciated by your trading partner, open an account right here and your money will be worth more. Trust us, you can’t go wrong!


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