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HotForex MT4

HotForex is most certainly one of the leaders in the field of foreign exchange business, with years of experience and many interesting features and trading options at their clients’ disposal. This is all thanks to their excellent trading platform and in this article we’ll analyze how it works and what it has to offer. HotForex MT4 really makes the most of this powerful and well-known trading software, so stay with us and find out what you can expect.

HotForex MT4 | Trading Platform

HotForex uses MetaTrader 4 as their trading platform, and this is probably the most popular trading platform in the entire industry. It’s a powerful and dynamic trading software, intuitively designed, which enables you to apply trading strategies of any complexity. Due to its great design, it’s great for beginners: all important elements are very easy to notice, so you will adapt to your new trading environment in no time.

HotForex Trading Platform

HotForex Trading Platform

MT4 tools for technical analysis allow you to analyze the market of any size. There are many analytical objects at your disposal: channels, lines, shapes, arrows and Fibonacci tools. By using these tools you can easily forecast the price direction and detect various trends. Let’s also add that on HotForex MT4 platform you can open an unlimited numbers of charts. Apart from that, you can customize their appearance the way it suits you best. There are 9 different timeframes which you can use and 30 technical indicators. Obviously, as seen in our Is HotForex a Scam? analysis, the platform always provides perfectly accurate data and the broker does its very best to provide all traders with a safe and pleasant trading environment.

HotForex MT4 | Other Features

In this paragraph of our HotForex MT4 article we’ll present some other interesting platform options, but even more possibilities are shown in our HotForex Review 2016. First of all, let’s mention the MT4 Web Terminal. It’s a trading platform that allows you to trade directly from your browser. In other words, you don’t have to download any additional software. It enables you to monitor your investments and to trade in just a couple of clicks. With another feature – HotForex MultiTerminal – you can manage multiple accounts from a single interface. Besides that, there’s also a mobile version of the MT4. You can have it on your iPhone, Android, iPad or Smartphone and you can download it for free! That way you can trade whenever you want! If you like more dynamic trading and you think there’s always a chance to do something at your MT4, mobile trading is the perfect choice for you!

HotForex Trading Tools

HotForex Trading Tools

HotForex MT4 | Conclusion

HotForex MT4 is as good as you would expect it to be. With MT4, there are always many trading options and analytical tools you can use in your trading, and this broker utilizes them perfectly. The platform’s design will allow you to familiarize yourself with the trading environment in no time, plus there are many other features you can use, such as HotForex MultiTerminal or the option of mobile trading. Open an account with HotForex, try their MT4 trading platform and see how a top-level broker takes care of its clients.

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