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HotForex Review 2016

HotForex is one of the most prominent forex brokers on the market and a global leader in the trading industry. Numerous awards have already confirmed their quality, but just to give you an example of how popular they actually are, we will mention the fact that they have about 350,000 live accounts at this moment. We are here to show you everything this company has to offer, so that you can see for yourself if what they offer suits you. Our trading experts have analyzed all available features on the broker’s website, and you only have to read this HotForex Review 2016 article to find out what their impressions are. Once you’re done with the text, you will know what makes this broker so great. Read on!

HotForex Review 2016 | Accounts

Examining account types seems like a good way to start this HotForex Review 2016, and right from the start you can see how impressive this broker’s offer actually is. There are no less than eight different account types at your disposal. These include: Micro, Premium, VIP, Currenex, Fixed, VIP, Auto and HF Social. With this kind of variety, there is no way you don’t find something that suits you. Spread types can be fixed and can vary, leverage can be anywhere from 1:100 to 1:1000, minimum deposits also vary etc. On top of all that, this broker also offers a completely new approach to trading through the HotForex PAMM account. This account type allows you to offer or look for trading services in the trading community, and if you like the sound of that go and read our full article on the subject. In any case, no matter how you want to conduct your forex trades, you will be able to do so with these accounts. Let’s now see what else HotForex Review 2016 needs to mention.

HotForex Account Types

HotForex Account Types

HotForex Review 2016 | Platform

Another important part of every trading experience is the trading platform. HotForex opted to play it safe in this respect, so the platform you get here is based on the good old MetaTrader 4. This is the best software you can find in the industry at the moment, and the broker has even tweaked it a little to help traders enjoy their experience more. Over 50 indicators and tools are there to help you trade forex, CFD and futures, so you will have plenty of ways to approach your trades. Apart from that, news feeds are delivered directly into the platform and thanks to some great design, you get to use nine timeframes for each instrument without any troubles. You also have MT4 WebTerminal and MultiTerminal at your disposal, and of course the platform is available on all mobile devices. In short, the broker’s platform is excellent and very user-friendly, so let’s move on to the next stage of our HotForex Review 2016.

HotForex Trading Platform

HotForex Trading Platform

HotForex Review 2016 | Transfer methods

When checking out a broker, a lot of traders will want to see which transfer methods are available and how high the financial requirements are set. Once again, HotForex offers loads of possibilities. Apart from wire transfers, you can also use credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express) and online payment systems (Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Sofort and many more). The same methods are available for HotForex Withdrawal, so you don’t have to worry about anything it that respect. Also, minimum requirements are set very low because you can start depositing money from $50, while the lowest amount you can withdraw is set to only $5.

HotForex Withdrawal Methods

HotForex Withdrawal Methods

In most cases, you won’t need to pay any fees, and we should say that maximum deposit amounts vary depending on the method you use – credit cards will allow you to deposit up to $15,000 per transaction, Skrill $10,000, some other online systems have no limits etc. In any case, you have plenty of options and you can expect to increase the value of your money as soon as you make a deposit. How? You’ll find out in the next paragraph of HotForex Review 2016.


HotForex Review 2016 | Bonuses

Yes, bonuses. Just like so many other features of this broker’s offer, HotForex Bonus policy also has a lot to offer. Apart from three different initial bonus offerings, traders can also participate in various contests and make the most out of HotForex’s loyalty program. It’s interesting to note that the company even offers contests for demo accounts, so you don’t even have to invest real money to win some cash. Even your deposit fees are covered by the broker if you have a live account with them, and this includes wire transfers above $250. Just send them a copy of your transfer receipt and the fee will be reimbursed.  This sets HotForex apart from other brokers and proves that traders’ satisfaction is what this company is focused on. But we are still not done with HotForex Review 2016 – there is one more thing to discuss.

HotForex Bonus

HotForex Bonus

HotForex Review 2016 | Security

Although we have a whole article dedicated to this broker’s security, we think that we should still discuss some of their safety features here, to show you that you don’t have to worry about Is HotForex a Scam or not. First of all, the broker is regulated by CySEC and a member of the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund, an organization that secures your claims against members of this fund. Furthermore, the company conducts its business only with top-quality banks, such as Barclays UK and BNP Paribas. Of course, all traders’ accounts will be segregated from the broker’s accounts and HotForex cannot use the funds in them to pay back their own debts or manage them in other way. As you can see, you are extremely well protected here, so we can conclude our HotForex Review 2016 on a very positive note.

HotForex Regulations

HotForex Regulations

HotForex Review 2016 | Conclusion

After examining everything this company has to offer, we concluded that there is not a single reason why we shouldn’t recommend them. HotForex Review 2016 has shown that you can expect a superb trading experience here and choose between loads of possibilities. Honestly, we can’t think of anything more to ask for from a broker. Open your account with them now if you want a world-class trading partner by your side.


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