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ICM Capital Review 2016

We have a new broker to put on our long list of reviews. This time it is ICM Capital, a well-known broker with a lot of awards that show their value: Best Institutional Forex Broker 2016, Most Transparent FX Broker 2015 and Best FX Spreads Provider, to name just a few. They are a proud sponsor of the England Polo Team and focus on clients in their approach, which means they value their traders very highly. In this ICM Capital Review 2016, we went through everything this company has to offer, from trading platform to account types, just to find if there are any downsides to trading here. We found some pretty interesting stuff, so stay with us, keep reading and you will learn everything there is to know about ICM Capital.

ICM Capital Review 2016 | Trading platform

Trading platform is always a very important aspect of any broker’s offer, so that will be the first thing we examine in this ICM Capital Review 2016. In this respect, the company provides the best possible choice for their clients: MetaTrader 4. It is the most widely used forex trading platform and everyone loves it, beginners and professionals alike. It is 100% user friendly and very reliable, so this is a perfect choice for all traders. However, there are several other options, as well. For example, you can use ICM Direct platform designed to provide trading via all imaginable web browsers – all you need is a computer with internet access. This platform is held in high regard because it perfectly utilizes ECN technology, so you can rest assured you will be able to trade without any problems. You can also trade via MetaTrader 4 on Mac or even on your smartphone. You only have to download the app and you will be able trade on the go! If you want to try the trading platform out without the risk of losing you money, then open your ICM Capital Demo Account. This allows you to trade with virtual funds until you are ready to switch to the real stuff. Keep reading this ICM Capital Review 2016 because money transfers are the next topic on our list.

ICM Capital MetaTrader 4

ICM Capital MetaTrader 4

ICM Capital Review 2016 | Money transfer

All the awards and sponsorships are worth nothing if you can’t transfer your money easily and safely to your account. Fortunately, ICM Capital has this section covered very good. For deposits, they accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), minimum deposit is USD 200, while the maximum is USD 10,000 per transaction. If you are more into internet banking, you can transfer money with Skrill or Neteller, which is an easy and safe way to transfer money online. You can also deposit money directly into the broker’s bank account by making a bank transfer from your own bank account. Withdrawals are done very easily and it usually takes 3-5 days for the funds to appear in your bank account, but there is a much faster and better way to use your money.

ICM Capital Deposit Methods

ICM Capital Deposit Methods

ICM Capital has partnered with MasterCard to offer all their clients ICM Capital prepaid MasterCard card. This card is linked to your live trading account and you can use it to transfer funds and withdraw money whenever you want. It allows you to do a quick withdrawal on any ATM or you can pay with it in stores. As you can read in our text Is ICM Capital a Scam, money transfers with this company are completely legit and secure. There are also several ways to get extra funds, so if you want to find out how to boost your account balance, read the next part of our ICM Capital Review 2016.


ICM Capital Review 2016 | Bonus program

If there is one thing that shows how much a broker values its clients, it is the company’s bonus program. There is nothing better than getting extra money for trading regularly with your business partner and that is exactly what ICM Capital enables. Each time a trader deposits over USD 2,000 to their trading account, they will get a 10% credit bonus. That bonus is for trading purposes only, but nevertheless it is a great addition to your account. There is also one more way to earn extra money and that’s through demo championships. Every year this broker organizes a tournament in which you can win up to USD 2,000. All you have to do is sign up for the tournament and trade. If you want to read more about getting extra funds, check out our article on ICM Capital Bonus, as we continue this ICM Capital Review 2016 with account types.

ICM Capital Review 2016 | Account types

The last thing we will show you in this ICM Capital Review 2016 is the account types. ICM Capital offers two types of account: ICM Standard and ICM Direct. Both accounts have a USD 200 minimum deposit, 1:500 leverage and 0.01 minimum lot size. You can also trade forex, metals, futures and shares with both accounts. As you can read in our ICM Capital Spreads article, both accounts provide access to this company’s very competitive spreads. However, there are some differences between the accounts. With ICM Direct there are no stop/limit levels for forex and metals and you can use this account globally, while ICM Standard is only for clients outside Europe and China. There are also no re-quotes with ICM Direct. All in all, both are excellent account types, you just have to choose the right one for you.

ICM Capital Account Types

ICM Capital Account Types

ICM Capital Review 2016 | Conclusion

As ICM Capital Review 2016 has shown, this is an excellent broker that you will enjoy working with. Their trading platforms are the very reliable and safe MetaTrader 4 and ICM Direct, an in-house developed platform based on ECN technology. Money transfer is handled well and you can get your own MasterCard credit card for quick withdrawals. Everybody has a chance to get some extra money in their bonus program or in a demo tournament, and they offer very good account types. What else is there to say? Trust our judgment in this ICM Capital Review 2016 and start trading with this broker right now, you won’t be disappointed!


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