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ICM Capital Spreads

Although they are a relatively new broker when compared to some of the competition in the forex industry, ICM Capital has gained more than enough experience over the last five years on the market. As a matter of fact, they are considered to be one of the very best companies in the business and even the England Polo Team has signed a sponsorship agreement with them. Their business philosophy revolves around the trading experience and the company is prepared to go to great lengths to make sure its clients are satisfied. ICM Capital spreads are an important element of this experience and we are going to tell you all about them in this article. Read on!

ICM Capital Spreads | Basics

As you probably already know, spreads basically represent the cost of trading with a particular broker. If the spreads are low, you won’t have to spend much to invest in a particular asset. Generally speaking, ICM Capital spreads are pretty tight, but they differ depending on which asset you choose, just as you’d expect. However, 40 cents on Gold and 1.6 pips on EUR/USD are great deals no matter how you look at it, so if you’re looking to trade these assets, you should be pretty satisfied. Combine that with a leverage of up to 1:500 and you’re in for a great time. If some other asset interests you, it will be worth your while to examine the offer more closely or simply read our ICM Capital Review 2016. But there is something else very important we have to discuss, so stay with us.

ICM Capital MetaTrader 4

ICM Capital MetaTrader 4

ICM Capital Spreads | Fractional pips

You see, ICM Capital spreads for popular currencies are calculated based on fractional pips. This means that the quotes of these pairs are calculated by using an extra pip. As a result, the spreads are generally lower and more accurate, so you can trade more efficiently. For example, the already mentioned EUR/USD pair is usually quoted with 4 decimal places, whereas ICM Capital adds one extra space to give their traders a more precise piece of information. You can see for yourself how this fairly unique feature works if you open an ICM Capital Demo Account, which is completely free. That way you’ll see how this change impacts your trading style, but you won’t have to expose any of your funds. We sincerely recommend it.

ICM Capital Calendar

ICM Capital Calendar

ICM Capital Spreads | Conclusion

In the end, we can say that we were very pleasantly surprised with ICM Capital spreads. Not only are they very tight, but they also provide more accurate information than is the case with most other brokers. This just goes to show how dedicated this company is to its clients. Combine that with other interesting parts of the company’s offer, like the free demo account and the leverage, and you will get a superb trading experience that puts you at the very center of things. If you like the sound of that, open an account here. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.



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