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Interactive Brokers Features

Is Interactive Brokers a Scam?

Interactive Brokers Ltd. is a well-known brand among senior traders, with over 40 years of presence on the international trading market. A pioneering brokerage company that introduced computer-generated value sheets back in the late 70s, now it has more than six billion dollars in market equity. Offering a variety of trading products including CFDs, futures, Forex, futures and options, this company now conducts almost a million trades per day. Although this truly sound as a fantastic result, we still had to confirm the legitimacy and overall safety of this company. Keep on reading this article and discover is Interactive Brokers a scam or a trusted broker you can trade with!

Is Interactive Brokers a Scam? | Key features

In order to determine is Interactive Brokers a scam or not, we’ve analyzed if main features truly are as spectacular as the company claims them to be. And we’re happy to say that the broker wasn’t lying at all. Here you’ll find the opportunity to maximize your returns through low commissions, no minimum requirements and platform fees, and SmartRouting technology which continuously seeks best price deals for your chosen assets. Also, through financial management service you are able to borrow money with low interest rates, earn it on your idle balances, spend money directly from your account using MasterCard and invest it on more than 100 exchanges worldwide. Furthermore, you can utilize the presence of high-grade technology ranging from multiple trading interfaces and advanced tools to detailed reports and risk management techniques to give your trading successfulness a higher boost. And finally, a wide range of quality educational tools ranging from webinars and educational videos to quick start guides and tutorials will transform you into a great trader in no time. You can always consult our Interactive Brokers Review article to find more info about the broker, but we can say that we’re more than pleased with the offer here. Now let’s take a look if this broker’s operations are considered legal or not. Keep reading!

Interactive Brokers Features

Interactive Brokers Features

Is Interactive Brokers a Scam? | Regulation

Now, if we want to truly determine is Interactive Brokers a scam broker, we have to check if it’s regulated or not. A company this big and this long-lasting shouldn’t afford to bypass strict regulation protocols, and that is the case here as well. Being an US-based company with headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut, it is fully regulated by SEC and FINRA, governing regulatory bodies in the States. In addition, all funds belonging to clients are held in segregated accounts, to prevent any kind of confiscation in case of company losing its solvency. Some other security precautions are implemented as well, rendering this broker completely legit and safe to trade with. That being said, we can now conclude this article.

Interactive Brokers Regulation

Interactive Brokers Regulation

Is Interactive Brokers a Scam? | Conclusion

Well then, is Interactive Brokers a scam or not? Judging by the results of our analysis, not at all. This is a safe and trustworthy company with decades of good reputation and thousands of satisfied customers. Therefore, we strongly advise you to become one of them today. Open up a free trading account and start trading with one of the best brokers out there!

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