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InvestTech FX Scam Warning

Forex trading is a very big industry with many participants. Most of them are legit brokers, but you may sometimes encounter those with dishonest intentions. In this article, we’ll talk about a company that’s definitely not legit. Check out our InvestTech FX Scam Warning and remove this broker from the list of your potential trading partners!

InvestTech FX Scam Warning | No Withdrawals Allowed

We’ll start our InvestTech FX Scam Warning with the most common problem of doing business with scam brokers – withdrawal. Many traders have complained how they couldn’t get the money they earned after sending in a request. In some cases, they could withdraw their initial deposit, but they couldn’t get their profit or their bonuses. Some of them also tried to close their account, but even that seemed to be impossible. The broker just kept sending e-mails saying that they cannot close the account for some reason.

Not being able to withdraw your funds is indeed a very serious problem and a very strong indicator that a broker cannot be trusted. A company that cannot provide its clients with basic things, such as fast and safe withdrawal, is a company that you should definitely avoid.

InvestTech FX Home Page

InvestTech FX Home Page

InvestTech FX Scam Warning | No Support from Support Team

Every trader who encounters a problem in the trading process usually talks to the broker’s support team. The information this team provides can be simple or complex, but it’s crucial that they do their job. This is how traders can be sure someone is taking care of them and how they know that there will always be somebody to talk to, no matter the reason. On the other hand, if you can’t communicate with your broker, that usually means something is wrong. Everyone can make a mistake: let’s say that the support team has some system problems and that they really can’t answer you the very same moment you texted them. In a normal company they will text you back as soon as they fix their problem, they will apologize and try to solve your problem. But that’s not the case with InvestTech FX. If you try to contact them, they will either ignore you or they will send you to some other address. In other words, they don’t want to communicate with you, meaning they are most likely a scam broker.

Let’s also add to our InvestTech FX Scam Warning that we found many traders who were very disappointed with this company. If there were only a couple of them complaining, we could say that they are just some lousy traders who are only complaining because they lost their money. But if you try to do a little research, you will notice that there are many of their ex-clients who complain about the same things.

InvestTech FX Scam Warning | Conclusion

At the end of our InvestTech FX Scam Warning analysis, we would like to repeat one more time that this company is most definitely a scam and that you do not want to trade with them. If you do, you probably won’t get your money back and there will be nobody to talk to about it. Just pick another broker from the brokers we reviewed on this website and start your trading career elsewhere!

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