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IQ Option Review 2018

Today, we have something really special for you. This time, we will be reviewing one of the most famous brokers in the world with a special emphasis on its forex offer. IQ Option has been around for several years now, but the company started out as a binary options broker and then gradually expanded its offer to include forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and lately even FX options. There are many perks to trading on this excellent website, so we think it is absolutely necessary for every trader to get to know the choices and the features that await you here. This IQ Option review will, therefore, be extremely detailed and show you absolutely everything that has made this company one of the very best in the world. You’re definitely in for a treat, so let’s get going.

IQ Option Account Types

You can’t trade without an account, now can you? That’s why we’ll start our analysis with a look at the live IQ Option account types. There are actually only two of them – Real and VIP – but we would argue that this is one of the keys to the company’s success. Allow us to elaborate.
Real IQ Option account has absolutely everything a trader needs. You get full access to the trading platform, you can use all payment methods, access the support and absolutely everything else you expect from a trading experience. The VIP will up the profit you get from each trade, add a personal manager into the mix and allow you to participate in some fairly unique deals. So, where’s the catch? The catch is that IQ Option account types have the lowest minimum deposit requirements in the industry! You only need 10$ to open the real account and just 1000$ to open the VIP account. That’s extremely low, especially if you compare the VIP account requirement with the rest of the industry. Some brokers may ask for tens of thousands of dollars for the VIP experience, for example.
But there is one more account type you can open. It too demonstrates clearly why these guys are so good at what they do. That’s next in our IQ Option review!

IQ Option Account Types

IQ Option Demo Account

If you want to check how things work on this website, you can do that by opening a practice account also known as the IQ Option demo account. Now, a great thing about this account is that you don’t have to make a deposit to be able to use it. All you need to do is create your account and then, after inputting all the information, choose the demo version. After that, you can switch between your demo and live account as you please, without any problems. As a matter of fact, you never have to use the live version if you don’t want to. You can simply practice indefinitely.
What is great about IQ Option demo account is that it has absolutely everything the real platform offers. This is important because the platform is in-house made, but more on that later. All the tools, all the indicators and every other feature can be tested here. Combine that with numerous educational materials, and you got yourself a potentially extremely useful tool which can help you a lot in improving your trading skills. So, if you don’t want to invest real money first, do check this out, but we’re sure you’ll want to activate your live account after spending some time with the demo version. Here’s how you can do that.

IQ Option Demo Account

IQ Option Deposit

Like we said, minimum IQ Option deposit is among the lowest, if not the lowest requirements of that kind in the industry. 10 USD shouldn’t really be a problem for anyone who wants to be a trader, and 1000 dollars is a bargain for a VIP account. However, you will be happy to know that the company accepts numerous payment methods, as well.
IQ Option deposit methods include credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro), but you can also fund your account via w e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney or even use bank wire transfers. The last method is a bit slower, though, since it can take up to five days for your IQ Option deposit to appear in your account balance. Additionally, your bank may charge you some fees for that (IQ Option has no deposit fees you need to worry about), so you’re probably better off depositing by some other method. It will be faster and cheaper.
We would also like to point out that IQ Option deposit can be made in GBP and EUR, too. So, if you’re from Europe, you don’t have to worry the currency either. If you’re from outside Europe, on the other hand, you can deposit in your own currency and it will automatically be exchanged for one of those three currencies, depending on which one is your account currency. But that’s only one side of the money transfer processes. We have more info on payments in the next part of this IQ Option review.

IQ Option Deposit Methods

IQ Option Withdrawal

Withdrawals are the kind of process everyone expects to go smoothly, but if it doesn’t it can cause a lot of damage to the company’s reputation. Don’t worry, though, IQ Option takes this very seriously and has made sure everything is in full accordance with legal requirements and the industry’s best practices. Check our IQ Option Scam Investigation for more info about that. However, there are some rules about this process you need to be aware of.
If you deposit via your bank card, for example, the IQ Option withdrawal can only go through that card up to the amount you have deposited. In other words, if you deposit 100 dollars this way and make 150 dollars with that, you will only be able to withdraw up to 100 dollars back to the card because this is viewed as a refund. The rest can be withdrawn either via e-wallet or via bank transfer. The thing is, if you go for bank transfer, you can expect an IQ Option withdrawal fee to be charged to the amount you’re withdrawing: 25 EUR or 31 USD. There are no IQ Option withdrawal fees for other methods, so we suggest that you conduct your business with this company via one of the e-wallets.
What is extremely important to mention is that there is no minimum IQ Option withdrawal requirement and that your every request will be processed within 24 hours. You can withdraw up to one million dollars per day, and you can withdraw as many times as you like during a month. This all fits into the company’s financial policy very nicely, as it allows you to be extremely flexible when planning your investment strategy. That’s one of IQ Option’s biggest strengths. Another big strength is the trading environment, so let’s see how that looks, shall we?

IQ Option Trading Platform

IQ Option trading platform is an extremely advanced piece of trading software which is also designed in a superb way to help people find their desired assets as quickly as possible. Like we said, this is an in-house made platform, but that fact takes absolutely nothing away from it. Quite the contrary! There are loads of ways to analyse the market, plus you get a constant stream of the latest news, too.
As for the assets, you can choose between various types, from cryptocurrencies and ETFs to stocks, forex and options. Depending on which type of asset you choose, CFDs may be available, as well. But, since this is a primarily forex-oriented website, we will take a closer look at that particular category. If you’re into forex, you’ll be delighted with what IQ Option trading platform has to offer because just a couple weeks ago about 40 new pairs were added into the mix. This brings the total number of forex pairs you can trade close to 100, and there are some really interesting currencies to consider. DKK, TRY, ZAR, MXN and many other exotic currencies are all a part of the line-up, but all major pairs can also be the subject of your trade. This is definitely a spectacular offer, so if you’re into forex and CFDs, you really shouldn’t miss it.
An important part of any trading experience are the numbers that determine the trading conditions here. IQ Option trading platform will give you leverage of up to 1:30, which is in complete accordance with the latest regulations in the European Union, which is where this broker is located. As for IQ Option spreads, we think they are more than fair, but if you want to get a clearer picture, here are a couple of examples: EUR/USD 0.015%, EUR/GBP 0.030%, GBP/USD 0.031%, USD/JPY 0.031% etc. Like we said, there are almost 100 pairs, so it makes no sense to list them all, but you get the idea. However, apart from trading on your desktop computer, there is something else you can use to access the market. Keep reading!

IQ Option Trading Platform

IQ Option App

Every serious broker these days has to have a mobile app. That’s just the way traders (and the market) operate – you need to be able to react in a flash. Fortunately, this company has shown that it is willing to go the extra mile for its clients and has made its IQ Option trading platform available on a multitude of devices. But let’s start from the top.
When you say IQ Option app, you probably mean the app that can be downloaded to your smartphones and tablets. Of course, such an app is available, and you can download it for free from Google Play and App Store, which means that you can get IQ Option Android and iOS versions with just a tap. You get exactly the same tools, assets and indicators this way, only the interface is slightly different in order to fit your mobile device better. IQ Option leverage remains the same too, as do the spreads, so there is very little that sets the desktop version apart from this app.
But while most brokers would be perfectly satisfied with that, IQ Option app goes a step further and brings even more versions to traders. Apart from the Windows version, you can also download the app if you’re a Mac or Ubuntu user, which is certainly a lot more than most companies in this industry offer. All versions of the IQ Option app keep all the same tools, leverage, assets, spreads, indicators and pretty much all other features, so no trader will feel that they are at a disadvantage because they are using a different version. Mobile trading with this broker is truly spectacular, but we’re not done with our analysis yet.

IQ Option Apps

IQ Option Contact Methods

Another thing this company excels at is providing support. The live chat is absolutely brilliant because you can always quickly get the answers you need, either through the bot which is constantly present there or by talking to a real support team member. You can also give these guys a call (almost 20 different phone numbers for countries all over the world are available), send them an e-mail or even contact them on one of the social networks they use. No matter what you do, though, you will receive top-tier customer service every single time.
What is particularly interesting here is that the company’s CEO and owner have also publicly displayed their e-mails, which means you can talk to the bosses directly if you feel you need to. That’s not exactly something many other companies offer, so a big plus for transparency and accessibility to the brokerage here. You can also chat with other traders on a variety of topics, from various cryptocurrencies to forex chat and general info. However, there is a requirement here: your trading volume will have to be at least 300 USD if you want to participate in discussions. They don’t want any spammers here.
Finally, we will say that there is a very extensive FAQ section on the website too, meaning you can also find out everything you need to know about trading here that way, as well. In short, the broker has thought of everything, even of education, as the next part of this IQ Option review will demonstrate.

IQ Option Contact

IQ Option Education

Forex and CFD trading is not just random guessing. You need to be well prepared and follow the market regularly if you want to be a successful trader. However, since new traders keep joining the fray every single day, and they need a place to start learning. IQ is the perfect place for that. Not only do you get updated regularly about all market events, but there are also more than a dozen video tutorials which quickly and simply explain the basic trading terms.
If you want a tad more than just bare essentials, you will want to consult the company’s analysts. Oh yes, they have them and they are absolutely fantastic. You get multiple articles explaining everything every single day, and the source of all the information is the IQ Option blog. This is a slightly more casual place dedicated solely to market news and analysis, but the way these people approach this is absolutely incredible. All types of assets are analysed, plus there is a huge number of articles for all types of traders. You can find out literally anything from the trading world and get some very reliable predictions on daily basis. So, no matter if you’re a rookie or a trading veteran, we really think visiting the IQ Option blog is a must. It will help you out immensely. Before we go, however, there are two more things we need to mention.

IQ Option Video Tutorials

IQ Option Cryptocurrencies

If you’re into forex, you must’ve noticed a new trend popping up on the market in the last couple of years of so. Real currencies are not the only type of currencies you can trade anymore – virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Because of that, we thought it was absolutely necessary to take a moment to talk about IQ Option cryptocurrencies, i.e. the coins this broker has to offer.
Once again, you will be very pleased with the offer: 17 different coins are available at the moment. These include all major coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, but you can also find things like EOS, NEO, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash and more. The trading is done on a CFD principle – the more the price of your chosen coin goes your way, the more you win. However, IQ Option cryptocurrency section goes far beyond that. The company has developed its own cryptocurrency wallet, for example, called Hodly. Through it, you can deposit, withdraw, buy and sell these coins directly, meaning you can use cryptocurrencies just like any other means of payment. You can even choose Bitcoin x100 if you like, which is an asset that magnifies everything you do with Bitcoin 100 times. That way, even the most casual traders can experience the thrill of investing. If you’re into crypto trading, IQ Option cryptocurrency section is an excellent place for you. It is regularly updated, has loads of features and you can clearly see that the company has dedicated a lot of its resources to it. As a matter of fact, if IQ Option had just that section, we would say that it is an excellent cryptocurrency exchange. Fortunately for all of us, the website has much more to offer. One more paragraph to go before we conclude this IQ Option review!

IQ Option Cryptocurrencies

New IQ Option Features

If there’s one thing that can show you how hot this broker currently is, it’s the rate at which they’re adding new features. We already mentioned 40 new forex pairs that were added recently, as was the Bitcoin x100 feature and FX options. New CFD choices were also added (you can now trade stocks and commodities that way), and all of that was achieved just during last summer. The company took just a couple of months to implement everything.
But those are not the only new IQ Option features that have been added. Remember, these guys started out as binary options brokers, but they now offer pretty much every trading instrument imaginable. The trading platform and the app are constantly updated, and you can see that clearly from the number of versions the app has. The broker is also always quick to respond to every change regarding trading legislation in the EU, and you can always be sure they are 100% legit and up to date, be it on legal or market matters. Given that the rest of the year is going to be a pretty lively one, we can’t wait to see what appears next on this website. Follow them and you won’t regret it, that we know for sure.

IQ Option Calendars

IQ Option Review – Conclusion

As you can see, this IQ Option review of ours was a very positive one. If you know anything at all about online trading, this will not surprise you because this company is famous for its quality and low financial requirements, both for deposits and especially for withdrawals. But those are not its only strengths. Not only will you trade on a superb trading platform, you will also get to choose between a huge number of forex pairs, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and many other assets. Everything is available on mobile devices too, and the broker’s support team is always there to help you out and make sure your trading experience is a memorable one.
What is particularly important to emphasize about IQ Option is that they monitor the market constantly and are relentlessly adding new features. This has led to some very interesting and unique ways of trading you can choose here such as FX options and Bitcoin x100, but we expect more equally interesting features to be added soon. Simply, these guys surprise you often with something new which almost always turns out to be a hit among traders. If you ask us, that feeling of surprise and exploration you get when a new offer is presented to you is the broker’s greatest strength, greater even than its low requirements and its excellent team. Therefore, if you want to be pleasantly surprised on regular basis, open an account with this company and trade with one of the best trading partners in the world.

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