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IQ Option Scam Investigation

Online trading always has to be done in a secure environment and with a reliable partner. Generally speaking, forex brokers are always serious companies, but scammers do sometimes appear, unfortunately, so precautions have to be taken. However, if you choose to open an account with this broker, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Why? That’s what we are going to show you in this quick recap. IQ Option scam is simply out of the question for several big reasons, one of which is the fact that this is one of the most famous and most reputable brokers in the world at this point in time. Read on and learn why that is the case.

IQ Option is fully regulated

The most important thing to look at when checking a broker’s reliability is the company’s license. IQ Option is regulated by CySEC, which is a regulatory body from Cyprus. This means that the company is allowed to conduct business in the EU and the EEA and that it is strictly monitored by European institutions. It also means that it is checked regularly and that it always adheres to the financial laws and regulations there. You can see that from the regular updates the company makes. Every time something changes, IQ Option is on it almost immediately. That’s why they are always perfectly legit and never have any problems. You can rest assured that this website is as legit as they come. But that’s not the only strength they have here.

IQ Option Regulation

No IQ Option scam on the website

Moving on with our search for any sign of IQ Option scam. As you can read in our IQ Option Review, the broker’s main feature are low financial requirements. After testing them on several occasions, we can say that there were absolutely no problems with any of the payment methods. No wonder, since 3-D Secure protocol is in place here. But apart from that, we also have to say that the platform performs admirably too, since it always displays the latest prices and has never shown any glitches. Finally, we must mention the excellent support team here, which is another proof that all IQ Option scam claims cannot be taken seriously. Simply, these people really ARE here to help you and will always do their very best to resolve any issue you may have.

IQ Option Safety Of Funds


In conclusion, IQ Option scam is just an old wives’ tale. This is one of the very best brokers you can currently find on the market, with all the paperwork perfectly in order and with its employees closely monitoring any and all financial regulation so that the company can adapt if necessary. In other words, there is not a shred of legal inconsistencies on this website, and you can be absolutely sure everything checks out. This is a very serious trading partner who will do everything to protect you and your money. Trust us, if you want to start trading, you won’t find a better place to do it than this. Open an account now and experience the very best online trading has to offer.

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