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Is 121Clearing a Scam?

Nowadays everyone can make a decent website and offer nice bonuses, but the best way to find out if a broker is legit or not is to open an account with them. If you’re a regular trader, that’s quite risky – so we do it for you!

In this Is 121Clearing a Scam? article, we’ll analyze one of the hottest brokers on the market at the moment. In our unbiased article, we will address all the most important security questions about this company. Stay tuned and learn all you need to know!

Is 121Clearing a Scam? | Regulation

We’ll start our Is 121Clearing a Scam? investigation with regulation. When you’re thinking whether a broker is legit or not, regulation is the first thing you should be looking for. Some brokers might have excellent performances and they can be good in all possible ways, but if they’re not regulated, you can never be 100% sure that they are legit. Luckily, 121Clearing is a regulated company.

They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s the conduct regulator for more than 50.000 financial services firms and financial markets in the United Kingdom. The FCA controls fairness of the financial markets, so you can be completely sure that with 121Clearing you’re trading with a legit company. The regulatory has thoroughly checked the broker for scams, frauds or anything of the sort and found nothing. In the continuation of our Is 121Clearing a Scam? analysis, you can read about another safety measure of the company. Stay with us!

121Clearing AML Policy

121Clearing AML Policy

Is 121Clearing a Scam? | Safety of Funds

We also have to write about additional safety measures that make your funds with this company even safer. One of the most important ones is the segregation of traders’ funds. Clients’ money is held on different account than the company’s: the money is “ring-fenced” in bank accounts and perfectly safe at all times.

Furthermore, the company has made an extra effort to fight more successfully against the money laundering. As we’ve mentioned in our 121Clearing Review 2017, the broker requires a valid proof of the client’s identity, valid utility bill as a proof of residence, they closely follow clients’ money transaction and so on. Besides that, they have an excellent return policy, meaning you can make your withdrawals with ease and very quickly. All in all, your funds are perfectly safe with 121Clearing.

121Clearing Safety Of Funds

121Clearing Safety Of Funds

Is 121Clearing a Scam? | Conclusion

In the conclusion of our Is 121Clearing a Scam? article we can only repeat that this broker is completely legit and that you won’t make a mistake if you open an account with them. Your money will always be safe, held in separate account and protected from money-laundering. Furthermore, the broker is regulated by FCA, which is another reason to consider them legit. We’ve tested them on our own and everything went perfectly fine.

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