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Is AvaTrade a Scam?

Here we are with another scam test. This time, we’re talking about a real international forex broker: AvaTrade. It is an Irish company founded in 2006 in Dublin, known for offering one of the best services in the business. They have received several awards for their offer, like Best Forex Broker by Forextraders in 2015 and Best Broker 2015, just to name a couple of them. Experienced traders have no need to ask is AvaTrade a scam, but we want to show less experienced ones that they have nothing to worry about. We are therefore going to analyze all major security features to see what the proofs of this company’s reliability are and are they strong enough to convince people to start trading here. We found a lot of interesting stuff, so stick with us to the end of this scam test. Is AvaTrade a Scam? Let’s see.

Is AvaTrade a Scam? | Security

First we’ll start with the broker’s general security. This is very important because all trading is done exclusively online, so AvaTrade has to provide top-notch protection. Well, we are happy to say that AvaTrade took good care of that, since they have the latest TLS connection and web location certificate. This means online communication is encrypted with a protocol, so no one can just pick up the information about your credit card or your trading account. Furthermore, the company is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, meaning you as a trader have great legal protection, as well. When it comes to trading accounts, they are always separated from company accounts, so that only you and nobody else can access them. Not even the broker can touch your funds without your permission. Besides, the regulating body keeps an eye on the broker to ensure they don’t do anything illegal, so you can rest easy. If you want to find out more general information about AvaTrade, read our AvaTrade Review 2016, and as for the question is AvaTrade a scam, we can say that their general security shows that it’s not, but let’s see how the money transfers work.

AvaTrade Regulation

AvaTrade Regulation

Is AvaTrade a Scam? | Money transfer

AvaTrade has several convenient ways to transfer your money and they are all very safe and quite reliable. Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit and debit cards are all an option with this broker, but we should mention that these are the fastest methods, as well. Just keep in mind that the minimum deposit for credit card transfers with this broker is USD 100. Bank wire transfers are also available, but the minimum deposit in this case is USD 500. Both of these options are available for all clients around the globe. Internet payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney and Neteller are all accepted too, but for now they are not available for residents from EU and Australia. For money withdrawals you just have to fill out a simple form and wait for the money to appear in your bank account, or you can request your own Ava Debit MasterCard credit card that is connected to your account and pick up the money at any ATM. Oh, and one more thing: before transferring money, read our AvaTrade Bonus article and see how to get some extra trading funds upon your deposits. Is AvaTrade a scam? We never encountered the slightest problem during our transfers and our money was always duly delivered. But let’s see what else is there to examine.


Is AvaTrade a Scam? | Education

Education is very important when looking for a new broker because if you are still new to the forex world this is an excellent way to get to know it and improve your skills quickly. There are so many ways to learn about forex trading on AvaTrade’s website, so let’s start at the beginning. There is a section called Trading for Beginners where you can learn all the most basic information about trading, and after that there is a section on how to use economic indicators. You should also take advantage of their free live webinars provided by their team of experts, which will give you a deeper knowledge of things like AvaTrade Spreads. But wait, there is so much more. You can also watch trading video tutorials, download and read forex e-books or simply check their awesome glossary whenever you need it. So, is AvaTrade a scam? Even education shows that it’s not, but let’s test their support before we draw any final conclusions.

AvaTrade Education

AvaTrade Education

Is AvaTrade a Scam? | Support

If you ever get into any problems, AvaTrade support team is always ready to help and here is how to contact them. FAQ section is always a good place to start looking for answers. Most probably, you will find the solution to your problem there. If you do not find what you’re looking for, seek help via live chat – all you have to do is go the company website and start your live chat with a support agent. Trust us, this is the best and most convenient way, but there are several other options. There is an international phone and fax number that you can always call, plus a number for almost every country where they operate. Your last option is e-mailing the team with a specific question. We tried all of these options and every time the answer was quick and precise. If at the beginning of your trading you are not sure and have a lot of questions, try AvaTrade Demo Account first. With it, you can test and check anything you want without any fear of losing because all the money you have in this account is virtual. Is AvaTrade a scam? After analyzing this last feature, we can finally give you the conclusion.

Is AvaTrade a Scam? | Conclusion

We are sure you know the answer by now. Let’s see what we found after asking is AvaTrade a scam. They have excellent internet security measures and several very convenient ways to transfer money, their free education center is great for traders of all levels, and their support team will always solve your problems. So, is AvaTrade a scam? Of course not, every aspect of this broker shows they are an honest company and extremely far from being a scam. Feel free to open an account with them because that way you will get to enjoy one of the best trading experiences in the world.


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