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Is easyMarkets a Scam?

Given the fact that this broker has been around for 13 years, asking is easyMarkets a scam doesn’t seem like a very reasonable question. Still, because online trading is expanding every day, new traders appear on regular basis and they need to know which companies are reliable and which ones are not. This is why our experts have prepared a thorough analysis of this broker’s security system and its features, so that everybody can see for themselves how their personal data and money are protected. We will cover everything from trading platforms to transfer methods, so sit back and set aside a minute or two of your time if you want accurate information. Read on!

Is easyMarkets a Scam? | Regulation

The first thing that can help us determine is easyMarkets a scam is seeing whether or not they have a valid license. Fortunately, we can report that they do. This broker is licensed by CySEC, an European regulatory agency that makes sure all trading is conducted in accordance with all laws and regulations of the European Union. Therefore, from a legal perspective at least, there is nothing to worry about. This was actually pretty easy to verify because the broker clearly states its license number (079/07) and the number also contains a hyperlink which will take you to CySEC’s website, where you can check for yourself that the company is indeed regulated. As you can see, there are absolutely no problems to report in this respect, so we can move on with our analysis.

Is easyMarkets a Scam? | Trading platforms

The next thing that can show us is easyMarkets a scam is the broker’s trading platform. Two of them, to be exact. You see, easyMarkets has developed its own platform and it is offered alongside the company’s version of MetaTrader 4. As you probably already know, the latter platform is one of the most popular platforms in the industry, so we really have nothing bad to say about it. However, we were surprised with how well the in-house platform works because you can find some awesome features there and fully immerse yourself in your trades. Prices are perfectly accurate and regularly updated on both platforms, so you always have the correct data in front of you. There were no glitches of any kind while we were trading there and everything went extremely smoothly. MetaTrader 4 was also turned into easyMarkets App, but we won’t go into that much here, suffice to say that it is also on a very high level. No matter which platform you choose, you will enjoy investing through it, that we can guarantee.

easyMarkets Platforms

easyMarkets Platforms

Is easyMarkets a Scam? | Money transfer

Usually, when somebody wants to know is easyMarkets a scam, what they really want to know is whether or not depositing (and withdrawing) money with the broker is safe. Will their money always reach its destination? In short – yes. There are loads of different transfer methods you can use, from bank transfers to eWallets and various types of cards. All of the most reliable brands are there, so you will be able to choose between the likes of Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many others.


We tested the transfer methods ourselves and are happy to report that every deposit and withdrawal went through without any problems. We deposited easyMarkets Minimum Deposit several times and then even some higher amounts to get our easyMarkets Bonus. Trading accounts were funded correctly every time. The same can be said for withdrawals because we got our money back every single time within the promised time frame. Here we should also mention that you will need to verify your account with some personal documents, which will be in extremely professional and capable hands of easyMarkets’ support crew. However, we will talk about that more in the next paragraph of our “Is easyMarkets a Scam?” article.

easyMarkets Banking Methods

easyMarkets Banking Methods

Is easyMarkets a Scam? | Support

After a while in our line of work, you begin to notice things scam brokers lack when compared to genuine trading companies. Quality support is one of them, so seeing how the support team functions here can very clearly tell us is easyMarkets a scam or not. First of all, you can contact the staff via a live chat application, which is a very useful feature because it allows you to get first-hand info almost immediately. An operator will be with you instantly (provided that it’s not a particularly busy day, of course) and these people really know everything there is to know about the company’s offer and forex trading in general. They answer very precisely and always get straight to the point, although they can give you a bigger picture too if you so desire. Scam brokers usually do not have anyone answering the live chat or any other inquiries, so this is a pretty solid indication that this broker is legit. Arabic, Polish and Chinese languages are also available, as well as phone, fax and e-mail as your contact method. All in all, the answer to the question “Is easyMarkets a Scam?” should be pretty obvious by now, but if you want to know more about them, feel free to check out our detailed easyMarkets Review 2016.

easyMarkets Contact

easyMarkets Contact

Is easyMarkets a Scam? | Conclusion

So, is easyMarkets a scam? Absolutely not. They have more than a decade of experience in this line of work and a huge number of clients, so there really shouldn’t be any doubts. Great trading platforms, reliable transfer methods, knowledgeable staff and a CySEC license should be enough to convince every trader that this company is worthy of their time. We tested absolutely every part of the offer that can pose a security threat to a trader and found absolutely no evidence of scams. With this level of quality, it’s no wonder that they have been around for 13 years. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place where you will be treated with respect and where you can trade safely, open an account with easyMarkets.


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