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Is FBS a Scam?

FBS is a brokerage company with headquarters in Belize. They were founded in 2009 and have been growing ever since. We noticed that they have many faithful clients who have been trading with them for several years now, so we decided to make a little inquiry on what attracts these clients the most. In this “Is FBS a Scam” analysis you can check out the broker’s security, their support team and the ways you can handle monetary transactions. Keep reading our text and you’ll find out everything you need to know about them!

Is FBS a Scam? | Regulation and Support

The very first thing we want to discuss here in our “Is FBS a Scam?” analysis is the regulation. As we’ve already mentioned in our FBS Review 2017, this broker is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission from Belize. This means that FBS has to comply with strict monetary rules, so you can be completely sure that everything they do is completely legit. Since Belize is a developing center for international financial services, they’ll definitely provide high-quality regulation and protection.

Apart from that, the broker is subject to the International Money Laundering Abatement and Anti-Terrorist Financing and regulations based on that legislation. These regulations minimize the chances of money laundering activities, which is another proof of the fact that FBS really is legit.

Although we presume that you won’t be needing too much help from the broker’s support team, we’d like to emphasize that they are a reliable partner. There are various ways you can contact them and the easiest one is to ask a question on FBS live chat. We’ve tried this many times and they always answered us in a matter of seconds. If there’s a more complicated issue that needs to be resolved, you can always send an email.

FBS Contact

FBS Contact

Is FBS a Scam? | Monetary Transactions and Accounts

The way monetary transactions work on this website is also something you should definitely be aware of when it comes to choosing your broker. This is something most people think of when they ask is FBS a scam. Fortunately, the broker has done everything to make these processes as simple as possible. You can make your deposit in just a few moments using many different methods. You can choose between credit and debit cards, e-wallets and many local payment options. We’ve tested all of these options out and can conclude that all of them work perfectly. The same goes for withdrawals – you can reach your money in just a few clicks. As for the accounts, you can choose between several of them. The most basic package costs only 1 USD, so we can say that FBS allows literally everyone to start their business career. We’re sure you’ll find an account that’ll have everything you need because no matter where you look you will find absolutely no traces of FBS scam, only quality service.

FBS Deposit Methods

FBS Deposit Methods

Is FBS a Scam? | Conclusion

We are very happy to say that the answer to the question “Is FBS a scam?” is definitely no. When you open an account with this company you can just relax and trade – they’ll do the rest. They are a regulated broker with an exceptional support team and wide variety of accounts you can choose between which allow you to start trading for only 1 USD. With all that in mind, we think you should definitely choose FBS as your broker!


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