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Is IronFX a Scam?

Since its launch in 2010 in Cyprus, IronFX has been constantly expanding its offer and range of products to meet all expectations of their clients. They are a true global company with 8 offices around the world, support and information in 45 languages and services available in over 180 countries. On top of all that, they are an official sponsor of FC Barcelona. At first glance, they seem to be completely trustworthy. However, we are here to dig deeper. We are here to show you is IronFX a scam or not and to test every aspect of this company’s offer. With our team of experts on the job, you will get the best possible information regarding IronFX’s reliability, so let’s get moving.

Is IronFX a Scam? | Basic security

First, we are going to talk about basic internet security. This part is very important because it keeps you protected from hackers and all kinds of data theft, and we are happy to say that IronFX is doing a great job in this respect. They have implemented the latest SSL technology that uses encryption protocols, which means nobody can access the money on your account or any kind of your account information. The fact that IronFX is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is also important for two reasons. First of all, this means that IronFX can’t do whatever they want, since they have a regulatory body that keeps an eye on them. Second, the broker must keep all clients’ funds in separated accounts, which means that only you and nobody else can access your money, not even the company. With this much protection, you can feel totally safe while trading with this broker. If you want to acquire more general information about the company, read our IronFX Review 2016, as we move on to find more features that can help us answer the question is IronFX a scam.

IronFX Safety Of Funds

IronFX Safety Of Funds

Is IronFX a Scam? | Money transfers

Money transfers are handled very well by IronFX. Everything is just as it should be: simple processes, quick executions and numerous methods. Maestro, Visa and MasterCard are the credit cards you can use to fund your account, but you can also use bank wire transfers for that. When it comes to online banking, you have loads of options: Neteller, PayPal, DotPay, Skrill, FASAPAY, China Union… Just choose one provider and you are good to go, but don’t forget that you can also deposit via M.O.T.O. (mail order & telephone order). As you can read in our IronFX Minimum Deposit article, minimum deposit here is $50, but keep in mind that you will need $500, $2,500 or $20,000, to open an account. As for the withdrawals, you can use the broker’s IronFX Client Portal for that, a feature that was specially designed to meet traders’ demands and protect their money and privacy at the same time.

IronFX Banking Options

IronFX Banking Options

As for the safety of all these processes, we have to say that they are overseen by several different bodies. For example, Financial Conduct Authority oversees Skrill, Neteller and Ecommpay transactions, Polish Financial Supervision Authority is in charge of Dotpay etc. Therefore, you really don’t have to worry about your money reaching your destination safely, and we can vouch for that too because during our time with this broker not a single problem appeared. Everything went very smoothly every single time. So, is IronFX a scam? Money transfers show that it’s not, but let’s see what’s next.


Is IronFX a Scam? | Education

Now, this is where many brokers fail. Fortunately, people at IronFX care about their clients and value them greatly, and that’s why they have developed an excellent education center perfectly suited for all types of traders. There is so much to choose from to expand your knowledge on forex, so let’s start with webinars. IronFX hosts a lot of educational webinars in order to improve the trading experience of their clients, and these also include Q&A sessions with the company’s forex experts. You can also attend live seminars and expos if they are in a town near you. For basic forex knowledge you can always use their Forex Encyclopedia and Forex E-Book as interactive guides or the broker’s range of educational videos that will help you get into the forex world and learn something about various terms specific for this industry, for example spreads. On top of that, if you want to practice trading before you start investing real money, you can open an IronFX Demo Account and trade as much as you want with virtual money. This way you can suffer no losses while testing your strategy. Still wondering is IronFX a scam? By now it looks like we already have an answer, but let’s check one final thing: support.

IronFX Academy

IronFX Academy

Is IronFX a Scam? | Support

IronFX support team is always there when you need them and you can reach these people in several ways. The easiest way is to go to their website, click on the chat icon and one of their agents will be with you in a moment. There are also toll-free numbers for almost 40 countries in over 45 languages. You can even request a call back and their agents will call you at the time you specify. Of course, there are several email addresses to which you can direct all your questions as well, and you can expect a very quick response here, too. On top of that, as a part of IronFX Bonus offer, you get an exclusive and individualized service 24/7 if you open a VIP account. Is IronFX a scam? We think the answer is pretty obvious by now.

IronFX Promotions

IronFX Promotions

Is IronFX a Scam? | Conclusion

So what would we say if somebody asked us is IronFX a scam? Of course, one big NO. As you can conclude for yourself from this article, this is an excellent brokerage company. They have some great internet security measures and a very convenient and fully regulated money transfer system. Their education center can help all traders, no matter their level of experience, and the support team is always ready to help you. In short, forget about the question “Is IronFX a Scam?”, because it is clearly not. Open your account with this broker right now and get ready for a wonderful trading experience.


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