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Is London Capital Group a Scam?

If you are about to enter the foreign exchange market, you should first consider all possible options. To put it differently, it’s very important to choose your broker wisely because, unfortunately, scammers do operate in this business. Since traders usually don’t have enough resources to test every broker on the market before they decide to open an account, we do that instead of you. In this article, London Capital Group will be in focus. This broker has been a part of this industry for almost two decades, a fact that says a lot about the company’s quality. However, for new traders’ sake, we will move on with the analysis. Read our detailed Is London Capital Group a Scam assessment and learn all you need to know about this London-based broker!

Is London Capital Group a Scam? | Trading Options and Analysis

The first things to be discussed here in our Is London Capital Group a Scam analysis are trading options that the broker offers, as well as the analytical possibilities its clients have at their disposal. If you open an account with London Capital, you will be able to trade more than 60 foreign exchange pairs 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. If you are already a professional who likes to play big, know that this broker offers professional ECN forex trading service, low commissions and various volume discounts.

Another great thing about London Capital Group is their excellent website. We all know that the information you have (or do not have) can have a serious impact on your trading. Luckily, the broker’s research team is doing a great job. They provide traders with technical analysis, breaking news, economic indicators and general market discussions. On top of that, if you sign up for the newsletter, you will be always fully informed!

London Capital Group Platforms

London Capital Group Platforms

Speaking of things that can be helpful in trading, the company has also prepared some useful video tutorials. For example, you can learn about the moving averages, relative strength index or identification of trading trends. The quality of all the aforementioned features shows just how reliable this broker is. They will help you make the most of your London Capital Group Bonus, of that there can be no doubt. However, our Is London Capital Group a Scam analysis is far from over, as we will now say a few words about the trading application and the demo account. Stay with us!

Is London Capital Group a Scam | Demo Account and Trading Application

As you can see in our London Capital Group Review 2016, there’s a way to test all features of London Capital’s two trading platforms without having to invest any real money. All you have to do is open a demo account, a type of account that provides you with all features regular (real) accounts have. The only difference is that you don’t trade with real money – you don’t even have to invest a London Capital Group Minimum Deposit. It’s completely free! We think this is a great opportunity for you to practice your trading techniques and to develop your own trading style without ever experiencing any losses. You will get invaluable experience this way and you won’t have to pay a single cent for it, so we definitely recommend it!

London Capital Group Login

London Capital Group Login

Another recommendation that we would like to make at this point of our Is London Capital Group a Scam article is the company’s unique trading application – the best option for those who do not want to miss anything and that want to be able to trade anytime they want. In trading is very important to react on time, so we advise you to download this application. Its quality and the seriousness with which this broker approached developing it speak volumes of the company’s seriousness and reliability. After this, we can move our Is London Capital Group a Scam analysis along and tell you about the broker’s transaction policy and the safety of your money and your data.


Is London Capital Group a Scam? | Safety and Transactions

Let’s make it clear right away – London Capital Group is a perfectly safe and legit broker. Once you sing up with London Capital Group, you can just relax and begin with your trading sessions.

There are two things traders are usually concerned about: privacy of the information they share with their brokers and safety of the money they deposit into their trading account in order to trade. All of your personal information that you share with the broker at some point of London Capital Group Login procedure will always be completely safe and sound. The same goes for the card details you will have to enter when depositing for the first time.
There is also some information you will have to give in order to withdraw your money from your account, too. You will have to fill out an online request, and the amount you wish to withdraw will be automatically transferred from your trading account. It usually takes 3-4 to complete this entire process.

London Capital Group Premium Service

London Capital Group Premium Service

In addition, this broker uses the so called 3D Secure scheme, a system designed to improve the way your card payments are authenticated and reduce the probability of identity theft to a minimum. Also, the company is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom. The FCA regulates financial firms and takes care of the UK’s financial market’s integrity, so you can just trade, enjoy and earn. After this, you really don’t have to worry about is London Capital Group a scam or not anymore.

Is London Capital Group a Scam? | Conclusion

There’s not much left to say at the end of our Is London Capital Group a Scam article. It’s a great foreign exchange brokerage company that will provide you with everything you need for safe and dynamic trading. You can trade more than 60 different foreign exchange pairs, and if you already have some experience, they have an excellent ECN trading service. They also offer the opportunity to test their trading for free via London Capital Group demo account. To put it bluntly – this broker is very reliable. It most definitely respects the privacy of their clients’ data and they keep clients’ money on separated accounts. After all they have been in the business for almost two decades, which says a lot. Open an account with them, you won’t regret it.


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