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Is Swissquote Forex a Scam?

Swissquote is an old forex company founded in 1996 in Switzerland, and since then they have been constantly expanding the range of services they offer and have earned a place among top 10 online forex brokers in the world. They are even a proud partner of football club Manchester United, which means they are a respected name even outside the trading industry. We understand that many people have their doubts about online trading and many of you have surely asked yourself at least once is Swissquote Forex a scam? There are so many brokers on the market today that boast with long years of experience and premium partnerships, but this means nothing because many of them later turned out only to be scamming the traders and taking their money. That is why we decided to do this scam test and go through all security features to see what is the truth about this broker. Want to know is Swissquote Forex a scam? Read on.

Is Swissquote Forex a Scam? | Security

The first thing we need to go through to find out is Swissquote Forex a scam is to check the main security of this broker. A very important thing is encryption technology, which is handled very well in this case. For login and money transfer they use a valid and trusted SSL encryption and they have a certificate to go with it, as well. All resources on their website are served securely, which means that your account is protected from hackers and illegal break-ins. What about money regulation? That part is also covered. Swissquote is a recognized public bank regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), which ensures that the bank can’t do anything illegal like steal your money. On top of that, all your money is held in a separate account that only you can access, so there is really nothing to worry about when it comes to security. You can read more about the company in our Swissquote Review 2016, as we move on to money transfers.

Swissquote Security

Swissquote Security

Is Swissquote Forex a Scam? | Money transfer

Next thing that can help us give an answer to the question “Is Swissquote Forex a scam?” are the deposit and withdrawal procedures. Some brokers have made deposit so easy only to complicate withdrawal very much so that traders can’t get their money. Well, as you will read, this is not the case with Swissquote. The best and the fastest option to deposit money on your account is to use credit cards. This broker accepts Visa and MasterCard with only 1,7% – 2% transaction fee, which is really very low. The other method of deposit is bank wire transfer, and with this option the money will be in your account in one business day.

Swissquote Card Deposit

Swissquote Card Deposit

If you want to withdraw money you first have to fill out a form and send it to Swissquote and the money will be in your bank account soon. All our transactions here went very smoothly, and we have nothing but praise for the way our money was handled here. If you want, you can even try out a Swissquote Demo Account without making any deposits, just to see what it’s like to trade with this broker. We have a lot more to talk about, so stay with us.


Is Swissquote Forex a Scam? | Support

Is Swissquote Forex a scam can also be answered if you take a look at their support team. A scam company causes the same problem and will never help you out with a problem, but Swissquote is always there for you. Although there are several very convenient ways to contact them, the best is to just go to their website and chat with one of their agents. Trust us, this is the best and quickest way to get help. You can also ask for a free call back in which they will contact you via phone. Other options are to call them on their office numbers or send them a fax. Their support team can even help you with your leverage if you are new to forex trading, and you can read more about the options you have there in our Swissquote Leverage article. We tried all the support methods while writing this and they all work great. Keep on reading, there is one very important thing left!

Is Swissquote Forex a Scam? | Education

Asking is Swissquote Forex a scam is kind of pointless when you consider the fact this company has an excellent education center. This center is for everybody: from beginners to experts, everyone will learn something. You can start by reading the basics of forex market, what it is and how it functions, but this part is for absolute beginners. Next you can learn how to calculate your profit and loss and find out everything about margins, from what they are to speculation. There are also a lot of market analysis strategies and tools and a forex glossary, where you can learn more about Swissquote Spreads. You can trust us when we say that it is not true that Swissquote Forex is a scam, as they want to educate their traders and help them earn more money.

Swissquote Education Center

Swissquote Education Center

Is Swissquote Forex a Scam? | Conclusion

After you’ve read our whole scam test, ask yourself the same question from the beginning: Is Swissquote Forex a Scam? Our final verdict is a definite NO! Swissquote is a safe and reliable broker that lives up to people’s expectations, and here’s why. They have excellent encryption technology that provides high level of internet safety and they are regulated by FINMA. Deposits and withdrawals can be done very easily, without any problems and only at your request. Their excellent support team is always available to you if you have any problems. Finally, their education center is free for traders of all levels of experience so they can develop their trading and work on their market skills. Does this whole thing sound like a scam to you? Of course not. Trust our judgment in this scam test and open an account with Swissquote, we promise you won’t regret it.


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