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Kawase Scam Test

It’s time to take a look at another broker. This time, we will be looking at a company called Kawase which was launched in 2010. Just the fact that they have been on the market for about eight years now can tell you a lot about their reliability, but we need much more proof than that if we are to recommend them. That’s why our team is, as always, on the job of examining the security system this brokerage has in store for you. We will take a look at all the documents these guys have and at the trading features in place here. Let’s get started because there are many interesting things that need to be reviewed.

Kawase is regulated

Our search for a sing of any kind of Kawase scam will begin with an examination of the broker’s licenses. Since they are based in Cyprus, they have a valid CySEC license which allows them to conduct business anywhere in the EU. Furthermore, they are registered with over two dozen other regulators such as FCA, for example. We can therefore safely say that all legal requirements have been fulfilled. In addition to that, Kawase is also a part of the Investor Compensation Fund, meaning you always have somebody to turn to if you want an independent third party to help you settle a problem with this company. So, papers seem to be in order, but what about the actual processes on the website? Stay tuned!

Kawase Regulation

Perfect service

If you have read our Kawase Review 2018, you know pretty much everything about the experience this website provides. Still, allow us to say here that this broker only does business with top-tier banks such as Hellenic Bank or Barclays. That’s why both your deposits and withdrawals will be 100% secure every time. We can confirm that ourselves.
As for the platform, it is easy to use, regularly updated and very versatile, which has brought is several prizes. The support team is on the same high level, with very competent staff, several available languages and numerous contact methods (from live chat to LinkedIn, your choice). In short, there is absolutely no way you can come across a Kawase scam. This broker is as professional as they get, and you will enjoy your every second with them.

Kawase cTrader


Yes, the verdict is that we can indeed recommend this broker. They are fully regulated, operate in accordance with the very highest standards in the industry and work with some of the most reputable banks in the world. Simply put, Kawase scam is out of the question. Remember, they have been operating for eight long years, which is something scam brokers cannot do. The support team also deserves high praise, as does the trading platform, so all in all, if you’re looking for a reliable broker, you can do any better than this. Open an account and see why forex is the biggest trading market in the world.

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