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MetaTrader is by far the most popular forex trading platform, and every trader who is even remotely serious about being successful in this business needs to know what their options are when conducting a trade. Several versions of it are currently available, with MetaTrader 4 being the most popular one at the moment. Mind you, MetaTrader 5 is also on the market, so it becomes necessary to learn about the differences between the two.
In this section, we will present to you what both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 have to offer, all from first-hand experience. Why is the older version still more popular? What are the advantages of the newer version? How do you utilize every tool available? These questions and many more will be answered here. If you want to be an efficient trader, you simply can’t afford to miss out on these articles.

easyMarkets MT4

easyMarkets is a brokerage company that’s been operating on the foreign exchange market since 2001, which makes them one of the pioneers in the field. Because of that, you would expect great trading conditions on their website. Certainly, a company with that much experience knows what traders need. Therefore, in ...
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HotForex MT4

HotForex is most certainly one of the leaders in the field of foreign exchange business, with years of experience and many interesting features and trading options at their clients’ disposal. This is all thanks to their excellent trading platform and in this article we’ll analyze how it works and what ...
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Swissquote Forex Demo

Swissquote Group is the leading online trading provider in Switzerland and a well respected company in the world of trading. After purchasing Advanced Currency Markets, the group was able to offer yet another type of trading to their clients – forex. Swissquote forex, as Advanced Currency Markets is now known, ...
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MetaTrader 4 Indicators

Interested in making some money on the forex market? Indicators are one of the most important aspects of today’s trading, so it is very important to know as much as possible about them. In this article you will learn what MetaTrader 4 indicators are and how to use them, but ...
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MetaTrader 4 Demo Account

If you are new to forex trading, MetaTrader 4 demo account is an excellent starting point for those willing to explore this exciting industry. But first, let us introduce you to the platform. MetaTrader 4 is currently the most popular trading platform used by many traders on the market. The ...
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MetaTrader 4 Signals

If you are new to foreign exchange trading and still unsure what to do, MetaTrader 4 signals are the best way to start in this business. In this review we will tell you why this is the best choice for newcomers and how it actually works, but first let us ...
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