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NSFX Scam Inspection

If you are a new trader on the forex market, you are most likely unfamiliar with the way the system works. Everything is new and everything looks suspicious, especially when there is money involved. Unfortunately, when there is money involved people will try to scam honest people. Nobody wants to lose money because of inexperience and that is why we are here to help you avoid scams. As with all other scam tests, we have spent days analyzing this broker trying to find any flaws and we are happy to announce that NSFX is 100 % safe and legit. This is one of the best companies we have encountered and we would like to add that it was a pleasure to trade with them. In this NSFX scam review we will go through all the most important features of the broker and show you why we liked this trader so much.

NSFX Scam Inspection | Regulation

We will start this NSFX scam inspection by taking a look at how legally supported this broker actually is. As you may know, this is an international company founded by a group of experts with a vision to provide their customers the best possible service. Their headquarters is in Malta, a country with one of the most stable economic markets today. They are governed by several regulatory bodies, such as the MFSA, that make sure your money is secure and everything is done according to rules. NSFX is authorized to operate within the whole EEA area and holds special approvals from the regulatory bodies of the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Denmark. This is something really special because brokers have to go through a thorough examination to get those approvals, which means that all these institutions consider NSFX legit, stable and safe. We have prepared a careful and detailed NSFX Review which provides a more general insight into this company, but if you want to find out if this broker has any bad features, then continue with this NSFX scam inspection.

NSFX Home Page

NSFX Home Page

NSFX Scam Inspection | Payment

Now, surely the thing that troubles you the most is transferring your money. You might be wondering “What if they take my money when I deposit?” or something similar. Well, your worries are now over, as payment is handled exceptionally well with this broker. SSL encryption is used to protect all your data, so there is nothing to worry about. There are several very convenient ways of depositing funds; you just have to choose the one which suits you best. Minimum deposit is set to $300, and you can use MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Skrill or even wire transfer to allocate your funds to one of NSFX Account Types you’ve selected.


The processing time is instant, which means your account is funded right away. Exception to this is wire transfer, which takes between 2-3 days to process. Withdrawals are especially easy and convenient; all you have to do is type in the amount and you have your money within one business day. NSFX doesn’t charge any commissions or fees for withdrawal, plus all the finance is extremely safe and protected at the highest possible security levels. No NSFX scam can occur during your money transfers.

NSFX Wire Detalis

NSFX Wire Detalis

NSFX Scam Inspection | Trading platforms

This broker offers a wide selection of NSFX Trading Platforms, with all of them being extremely secure. MetaTrader 4 and Java platforms are among your options here, with ECN and STP trading available, as well. Trade sizes vary from 0.01 lot all the way to 8 lot, so you have plenty of room to plan out your strategy and make the investments which suit you best. We have tested every single one of these trading possibilities and found absolutely no evidence of a NSFX scam. No wonder, since these platforms are all very well known for their quality and reliability. You can also choose between 220 different assets, which really is an impressive amount and you should have no trouble finding something that interests you. With this broker mobile and tablet trading is also possible, so you can monitor your trades even when you’re on the go. In short, trading with this broker cannot get any more reliable, and we can now continue our NSFX scam inspection by taking a look at the broker’s support.

NSFX Trading Platform

NSFX Trading Platform

NSFX Scam Inspection | Support

A lot of traders will say that you can tell a broker by their support, and that is because they find support one of the most important aspects of the broker, so it seems logical to include this into our NSFX scam inspection. We are happy to say that this broker’s support is superb. Whether you accidentally press a wrong button during trading or you simply need help with something, NSFX support is there for you. They are very fast, reliable, easy to communicate with and most importantly: they know their job. If you have a problem all you have to do is sit back and choose between several means of communication: email, Skype, telephone or live chat on their website. We tried all of them and believe us when we tell you they are among the best in the industry. And that’s not all, because when you open an account with them, which we are sure you will, you will get a personal account manager who will help you with your trading. Contacting them will make all your fears about a NSFX scam disappear.

NSFX Scam Inspection | Conclusion

After analyzing all of NSFX’s features, we are happy to say that our final verdict is: not a single sign of a NSFX scam can be found. NSFX is a safe and reliable broker which we would recommend to anyone. We wrote about their regulations and special approvals they received for several countries which are all a marker of high customer protection. Their payment methods are extremely well handled, you can choose between several options and even withdrawals are easy and convenient. Of course, all the finance is operated with great care, which means that your money is secure and safe at all times. Don’t forget that NSFX uses MetaTrader 4 platform, one of the most convenient platforms available today. Last but not least, their excellent support is available 24/7 to help you out. During this thorough investigation we could not find a single thing that would discredit them in any way, so we can safely say that our NSFX scam inspection is a complete success. NSFX is 100 % devoted to help you earn money, so don’t hesitate and open an account with them right now!


NSFX Scam Inspection | Website Preview

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