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OANDA is a broker that doesn’t need any special introduction. With over 20 years of experience on the market, they are the first choice of traders worldwide. They are a respected company and offer plenty of opportunities to their clients. Low minimum financial requirements and great trading platform are only some of the advantages of trading with this broker. This article will deal with another one and we decided to write about OANDA bonus because now they offer a very interesting deal for all new traders. Stay with us and learn how to get that extra money!

OANDA Bonus | Depositing money

Now, obviously, before you become eligible for an OANDA bonus, you will have to make an OANDA Minimum Deposit. This is where the company really shines because it doesn’t set this important requirement very high. Quite the contrary, it sets it as low as possible – one dollar is all you need to start trading with this broker and you can make the deposit in a variety of different ways. Credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and wire transfers are all there, along with several other interesting methods. Make sure to check which method is supported in your region of the world, but we have no doubt you will be able to find a suitable one. The offer here is simply too good.

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Bonus | Bonus policy

Now we get to the most interesting part of this OANDA Bonus article. Upon opening an account, you will be offered a welcome bonus available for all new traders, so you should get your account as quickly as you can to increase your trading funds. The bonus is very simple: open an account this month, deposit at least 200€ and place your first trade. After you have done that, you will receive a 100€ bonus. That’s a 50% bonus on your deposit! Remember that there is no minimum trade size, so you can make a lot of small trades. There’s more – depositing at least 2000€ and placing one trade will get you a bonus of 200€.  If you are by any chance worried about security, don’t be. We proved during our OANDA Scam Test 2016 that this is a totally secure and legit company, so your money is safe.

OANDA Training Videos

OANDA Training Videos

OANDA Bonus | Conclusion

In this article we have shown you everything there is to know about OANDA bonus. The company has only one type of account, but there is no minimum deposit or minimum trade size, which makes it extremely flexible and able to satisfy all your trading needs. Another great thing is that you can get up to 50% bonus on you first deposit when you open an account, so do it now! Open an account, grab your OANDA bonus and enjoy trading with one of the best brokers in the world.


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