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Oanda Demo Account

Many traders like to take things slowly. They want to see what their prospective broker has to offer and would prefer if they didn’t have to invest any money to do it. Fortunately, Oanda has the perfect solution. If you would like to test one of the best trading platforms in the world without any risks and check out all its trading options, you should definitely consider opening an Oanda demo account. Read our in-depth analysis and see what this feature has to offer. This is something you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re a new trader.

Oanda Demo Account | Trading platforms

Before we start, allow us to remind you that we have a very detailed Oanda Review you can check out if you want to inform yourself about this company’s other features. As for this article, we must say that one of the platforms you can use here is Metatrader4, probably the most popular platform of its kind in the world. Apart from that, though, Oanda also has its own platform – the fxTrade. It is an excellent piece of engineering designed by the company itself to provide traders with everything they need. Naturally, there is also a mobile app you can get to trade on the go. You’ll be happy to know that Oanda demo account covers all of these options, so you can literally test everything out. But we’ll talk more about the features in the following paragraph.

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Trading Platform

Oanda Demo Account | Features

We have to emphasize that opening an Oanda demo account is an exceptionally easy process. Just click on the “Open a demo account” button on the main page of the broker’s website and a short form will pop up which you have to fill out. And that’s pretty much it! Once you’re done with the form, you will get a demo account that has unlimited virtual funds and does not expire, so you will be able to use it without any limits. Like we said, you have multiple Oanda trading platforms to choose between and this is also a great way to test new strategies or see how certain trading tools work. When it comes to practice accounts, this really is one of the best you can find, so if you want a place where you can learn and prepare yourself for peace, you’ve just found it.

Oanda Demo Account | Conclusion

As you’ve read, Oanda made preparing for trading forex very simple. Oanda demo account can be opened in a flash and allows you to test out literally everything this company has to offer. Choose between one of the several platforms in this broker’s arsenal and see test everything it has to offer. There are absolutely no limitations on how much you can use this feature. So go ahead and sign up on this website and create your demo account. It will be an excellent move for your trading career.


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