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OANDA Review 2016

Today’s world of forex is full of brokers who claim to be the best at what they do and tell you they are the perfect choice to earn money fast. This is often not the case and you always have to be careful when choosing a broker because not every broker is suitable for everyone. However, things are slightly different in this case as OANDA Review 2016 will clearly demonstrate. OANDA was founded over 20 years ago, which makes them one of the oldest companies of their kind. Numerous awards, trophies and recognitions only add to their good reputation, so there really is a lot to talk about when examining this broker. We will go through the company’s most important features in this article and show you why this company is still the first choice of traders around the world. Stay with us and learn more about OANDA!

OANDA Review 2016 | Trading platform

OANDA Review 2016 will start with the most basic, but a very important thing: the trading platform. Bad trading platforms can significantly affect your trading because they don’t allow you to place your trades in time, don’t display the right prices, have various bugs and glitches etc. Fortunately, this is not the case with OANDA. This company uses one of the best trading platforms currently available, the famous MetaTrader 4. It is very quick, reliable, easy to handle and extremely user-friendly. This platform is the most used forex platform worldwide and all you have to do is download it to your computer or mobile phone (yes, there is a free app!) and sign in using your OANDA login information. What is great here is that besides the great features that have made MetaTrader 4 so famous, you can benefit from special features provided by OANDA, like highly competitive spreads, 50 built-in indicators, access to OANDA’s reliable execution engine or use of Expert Advisors to setup automated trading. These features are also offered by the broker’s own software, so you have a choice to make when selecting your platform. But no matter what you choose, you can count on a great experience. OANDA Trading Platform article has more on this topic. As for our OANDA Review 2016, it will continue with a look at the broker’s bonus policy.

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Review 2016 | Bonus policy

This section of OANDA Review 2016 will show you how the account and bonus policies work. OANDA offers only one type of account, which is a good thing because too much types of account can sometimes be confusing, plus you don’t miss out on any of the available features. Just remember, there is no OANDA Minimum Deposit for opening an account with this broker. You can deposit as much or as little as you want (i.e. no less than $1), so you are always in complete control of your funds.


As for the bonus policy, now is an excellent time to open an account with OANDA because they have a great bonus for all new clients. If you open an account this month and deposit at least 200€ and place your first trade, you will receive a 100€ bonus. If you deposit at least 2000€ and place one trade, you receive a bonus of 200€. There are a couple more advantages for those who trade with OANDA: your OANDA forex trading account gets competitive spreads with no commissions on your trades and there is no account maintenance fee. Also, your trades are executed automatically without requotes or rejections. OANDA account and bonus policy are a perfect example that sometimes simple is the best.

OANDA Mobile Platform

OANDA Mobile Platform

You can also open an OANDA demo account and try out the platform and its features without any risk of losing your money, and you can always switch to the real account when you become more familiar with the platform. If you want to know more about the bonus policy, our OANDA Bonus article has got you covered. We’ll continue this OANDA Review 2016 with money transfer methods, so stay with us!

OANDA Review 2016 | Money transfer

As you cannot trade without money on your account, another important aspect of this broker’s offer are money transfer methods, and OANDA offers several ways to do it. Of course, OANDA Review 2016 simply could not skip them. You can use a credit card, debit card, PayPal, wire transfers and many other methods, but be careful because transfer methods differ from region to region. For example, there are no limits on deposits from United States and people there can also use checks as a payment method, while there are some limits for other countries and you will rarely be able to use checks anywhere else. For some methods you have to wait between one to seven business days for funds to be credited to your account, so the best way is to use a credit card and the money will be in your account immediately. You don’t have to worry about security when trading online, either. As you can read in our OANDA Scam Test, this company is very careful when it comes to protecting its traders and implements a security system of the highest caliber. All their internet connections are protected by the latest TLS security protocol and you can also get some useful tips from their videos on how to trade safely online.

OANDA Forex Labs

OANDA Forex Labs

OANDA Review 2016 | Conclusion

This brings us to the end of our OANDA Review 2016. We went through all the most important features of this broker and showed you that although they are an old broker, they are still among the very best in this business. Both versions of their platform are extremely good, with extremely fast executions and great design. There is no minimum deposit, which means you can deposit only $1 in your account if you want, plus there is a great bonus for new clients. There are also many ways to transfer your money to the account, all of them very safe and secured with the latest technology. Open an account here and you won’t be sorry!


OANDA Review 2016 | Website Preview

OANDA Home Page

OANDA Home Page

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  • Assets offered: currency pairs, indices, commodities, bonds and metals
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