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OANDA Scam Test 2016

They say that with age comes experience and wisdom. We can certainly agree that this applies to OANDA, since this broker has been active on the forex market for more than 20 years. They are a company that is regarded as one of the most reliable brokers and they have received numerous awards in the last two decades. However, some companies often become complacent after a while and do not update their security systems. That is why we decided to check all of OANDA’s security features in this OANDA Scam Test 2016. We found a lot of interesting and surprising stuff, so stay with us and find out if OANDA’s security has any flaws!

OANDA Scam Test 2016 | Security

Let’s start this OANDA Scam Test 2016 with some general stuff about security. First of all, OANDA uses a completely secure TLS connection and web location certificate. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the latest cryptographic protocol for online communication. Since you will be sharing your login data and information about your money and credit cards with this broker, OANDA always keeps security on the highest level by using this protocol, valid server certificate and secure resources. We should also mention that OANDA is a global company with subsidiaries around the world. All of them are fully regulated by the CFTC (U.S), IIROC (Canada), FCA (United Kingdom), ASIC (Australia), and licensed by the Monetary Autority of Singapore, so you can be absolutely certain that this is a legit broker. Of course, the trading platform also functions perfectly well and if you want to know more about it, you should read our OANDA Trading Platform article. OANDA Scam Test 2016 will continue by taking a look at the money transfer methods.

OANDA Home Page

OANDA Home Page

OANDA Scam Test 2016 | Money transfers

This topic often causes a lot of concern with traders, but who wouldn’t be concerned when their money is involved? Well, in this case you don’t have to worry because when you’re trading with OANDA your money stays with you. First of all, everything you deposit stays in a separate account, which means that only you can access it and no one else. There are also numerous ways to deposit and withdraw your money: credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, wire transfer etc. As we already wrote in our OANDA Minimum Deposit article, there is no minimum deposit requirement, so you can deposit as much or as little as you want. Please remember that the rules and methods may be different depending on country you come from. For example, you can use checks as a payment method in the US, but not in other countries. Be aware that you may have to wait between 2 to 7 days for the money to appear in your account. We suggest using your credit card since the money appears in your account immediately. For more interesting info about the company read our OANDA Review and we will move on to the next topic in OANDA Scam Test 2016, which is education. Stay with us and learn something new!


OANDA Scam Test 2016 | Education

Examining a broker’s education materials can often tell you a lot about their dedication to their customer’s success. Fortunately, there is plenty to examine in this case. You see, OANDA Academy has resources that will help you trade much better and with more confidence. You can learn for free from their experts or use their Video-On-Demand library. One thing they are especially proud of is the fact that you can participate in their interactive live online sessions which are a part of their premium education for the clients. On their website you can find a lot of information on trading in the form of notebooks, which means that you can choose your own speed of learning and do it whenever you want. As you can see in this OANDA Scam Test 2016, this company puts a lot of effort into educating all traders and helps them earn more money. Apart from providing great education, it does so by providing a bonus when people open an account. Read all about that in our OANDA Bonus article, as we are about finish this OANDA Scam Test 2016 with an analysis of the company’s support.

OANDA Training Videos

OANDA Training Videos

OANDA Scam Test 2016 | Support

If you ever have any problems or questions, you can always go to OANDA Help Portal. There you will find everything you need to know about various topics, from opening an account to instructions on how to trade. All the FAQs are grouped according to topics, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding the right answers. If after that you still don’t have a solution, then contact their customer service. You can reach them via live help, phone or email. We tried all of these options and their agents were very helpful, professional and above all competent. All our questions were answered very quickly, in a simple language with absolutely no complications, so even inexperienced traders will quickly realize what they need to do to solve their problem.

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Scam Test 2016 | Conclusion

We hope you learned something from this OANDA Scam Test 2016 and that we helped you choose the right broker. We have shown that this is a really honest company with over 20 years of experience in the business. Since their launch, they are constantly developing new products to offer to their customers and you can clearly see OANDA cares about their clients. A very secure cryptographic protocol and a very stable and safe trading platform will make sure you have a great trading experience here. Depositing and withdrawing money is completely protected and can be done via multiple methods; you only need to choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. On top of all that, the company is fully regulated in all parts of the world. So trust this OANDA Scam Test 2016 and open an account with this broker right now!


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