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OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA is an old player on the forex market, one that traders around the world have confidence in and trust them with their money. They are an international company with offices around the world and winner of numerous awards for quality and excellence. One thing they are especially proud of is their new award-winning online trading platform, which we examined thoroughly and we can honestly say it is great! The speed, the technology, the innovation, the security… Everything about the platform is really something special and that is why we decided to share our experience with you. Keep reading and find out everything about OANDA trading platform.

OANDA Trading Platform | Superb software

The first thing you will notice about OANDA trading platform is that there are several options to choose from. First, you can download their own fXTrade platform on your computer and use it at home or work. This platform is specially designed for high volume trading and has easy-to-use professional trading features. It also reduces trading costs and speed of execution, as it executes 98% of trades within 0.057 seconds or less, and believe you us when we say that is very fast. But that’s not even close to everything that is great about this platform! This software allows multiple sub-accounts to test different trading strategies, you get powerful charting features and you can trade more than 90 currency pairs. On top of that, Contracts for Differences (CFDs) and precious metals and also available if you are not from the United States. The last great feature of this software is that you get the latest financial news and market analysis. When it comes to safety, you can check out our OANDA Scam Test 2016, but to put it simply: it will never worry you. Find out about other options for trading with OANDA in the next part of our OANDA trading platform analysis!

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Trading Platform

OANDA Trading Platform | Other options

You see, OANDA fxTrade software is not the only option they offer for trading. The company knows that people have different affinities and are interested in different aspects of trading. For starters, if you want to stay in touch with your trades at all times, 24/7, then download their fxTrade Mobile and you won’t have to worry about missing any important trades. This is an app for your smartphone, which means that you can trade wherever you are, as long as there is some kind of internet connection there. You also get more than 40 analytical tools and you can customize and arrange your chart as you wish. With this app you will never miss a good opportunity. The next option you have is trading on the famous MetaTrader 4. If you are really used to this great trading platform, you can use MetaTrader 4 with all the extra features of the previously mentioned OANDA trading platform! Talk about a compromise. Whichever trading platform you choose, don’t forget to grab your OANDA Bonus when opening an account.

OANDA Mobile Platform

OANDA Mobile Platform

OANDA Trading Platform | Conclusion

This is everything there is to know about OANDA trading platform. The company’s fxTrade software powers an excellent and reliable platform with many great features including extremely high speed of execution and charting options. But you also have other options for trading: smartphone app and MetaTrader 4 platform, both of which function flawlessly. Open an account with OANDA now and enjoy the very best way to trade forex!


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