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Sigma Forex Scam Warning

In this article, we will write about a broker called Sigma Forex. We came across many complaints about their work, so we decided to see for ourselves what’s going on. The foreign exchange industry is indeed very big, with many brokers participating in it, and not all of them have their clients’ best interests in mind. Therefore, you should always thoroughly examine the broker you want to trade with. This Sigma Forex scam warning will help you do just that.

Sigma Forex Scam Warning | Bad Trading Platform

The very first thing we will discuss here in our Sigma Forex Scam Warning is the broker’s trading platform because we all know how trading platforms can be crucial for your trading success. If you have a good, well-designed trading platform that can process all your demands very quickly, you probably chose the right broker to be your trading partner. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Sigma Forex. Quite the contrary.

There were two major aspects of traders’ complaints about this company’s trading platform. The first one has to do with the design which is very poor, meaning you simply can’t find the things you need for trading (such as tools and charts). But the bad design doesn’t have to mean that the broker is a scam – it can really be just a very badly designed trading platform. The other complaint, however, is much more serious. A lot of traders said that they just couldn’t do the trades. Money would usually disappear from their account, without being invested in a security, and the same thing happened to us. Unlike the lousy design, the situation where money disappears without the investment being made is indeed a serious indicator of a fraud. We tried to resolve this, and the results are in the following paragraph.

Sigma Forex Licence Problem

Sigma Forex Licence Problem

Sigma Forex Scam Warning | Support Team That Doesn’t Support

Before we wrote our Sigma Forex Scam Warning, we tried to get in touch with the broker’s support team, but that didn’t turn out so good. They never answered to any of the e-mails we sent them and they didn’t answer our phone calls, either. Their live chat support team was also quite useless, saying that the problem will soon be resolved and that the trading platform problem was only a minor issue in their system. If you can’t talk to your broker normally, you can’t really trust him, can you? That’s why we wanted to highlight the communication in our Sigma Forex Scam Warning. After talking to other traders, we found out that a lot of people experienced similar issues like we did, so we think that the situation is pretty clear here. These conversations helped us make the following conclusion.

Sigma Forex Scam Warning | Conclusion

In this part of our Sigma Forex Scam Warning, we would like to sum up all the difficulties we had while we were trading (or at least trying to trade) with this broker. There are two main sources of problems: the trading platform and communication with the broker’s staff. The broker’s trading platform isn’t just poorly designed: it also makes it impossible for you to trade. On the other hand, if you would like to resolve the problem with their support team, think twice, because they probably won’t answer or, if they do, they will not do it in a satisfying manner. All in all, the research we did for this Sigma Forex Scam Warning shows us that you definitely want to avoid this broker. If you want a reliable trading partner, check out the reviews we have up on this website.

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