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Trade WFX Review 2017

Trading forex and binaries has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Having that in mind, it’s not a surprise that there are a lot of brokers on the market, and sometimes it can be really hard to choose whom to work with. In this Trade WFX review, we bring you an in-depth analysis of one of the most underrated brokers in the industry.

If you read our guide, you will find out all you need to know about them. This broker is special because it provides you with some other ways of profiting besides trading. You can refer friends or do some PR, and they also have a very good bonus policy. As for the trading, they use the MT4 trading platform, the best platform in the industry. Read our analysis and you will discover an excellent business partner!

Trade WFX Review | Start Your Business

Nowadays, when everything happens so fast, it’s quite important not to lose your time if you don’t have to. And the best thing when trading forex with Trade WFX is that you can start your own career in just a couple of minutes! That’s right: you don’t have to deal with any sort of complicated bureaucracy. All you have to do is fill out a simple form with the very basic information and you can start trading right away!

If you decide that Trade WFX is the best option for you, you’ll have to fill out the registration form that consists of some very simple questions, such as your name, email and so on. For some required information you’ll have to submit a proof (of your address and ID proof). Also, at this step you’ll have to choose the type of account you’d like to use (more on the types of account you can read in the next paragraph of our Trade WFX review). But this is all very quick and simple to do, which is the first advantage of many this broker has. For further information keep reading our Trade WFX analysis!

Trade WFX Registration

Trade WFX Registration

Trade WFX Review | Minimum Deposit and Account Types

As mentioned, in this paragraph of our Trade WFX review we’ll discuss the accounts types this broker offers. One of the characteristics of devoted brokerage companies is that they have many types of accounts that you can choose from. That way everyone can find something for themselves. And when we say everyone, we really do mean everyone because Trade WFX minimum deposit is set to only $200! In other words, Trade WFX allows you to start a completely new career for a pretty reasonable amount. That way you really don’t have to risk too much in order to participate on the market. On the other hand, we’ll would advise you to invest more than the Trade WFX minimum deposit: the more money you invest, the more options you have and the faster you can increase your earnings

As for the Trade WFX account types, you can choose between no less than seven accounts: Micro, Standard, Gold, Pro Gold, Platinum, Pro Platinum and VIP. Every account comes with a particular set of privileges. Platinum, Pro Platinum and VIP are designed for traders who already have some experience and are willing to invest more substantial amounts. On the other hand, Micro and Standard are perfect for beginners.

As you can see, Trade WFX account types give the possibility of choosing between many trading packages and an opportunity to start trading for a relatively small amount of money. In the next paragraph of our analysis, however, we will write on the ways you can make your deposit, so stay with us!

Trade WFX Live Account

Trade WFX Live Account

Trade WFX Review | Payment Methods

When you’re investing your money, you want to see everything going as smoothly as possible. To that end, your broker should provide you with various methods you can use to make your transactions. Luckily, with Trade WFX deposit is the easiest part. The broker provides all kinds of methods, so any trader can find something that suits them just right.

You can choose between the following Trade WFX deposit methods: bank transfers, credit card, Skrill and Neteller. Bank transfer and credit cards do not need special explanation: these are reliable, old-fashioned ways to fund your account and from our firsthand experience we can say that they work perfectly well. Skrill and Neteller are modern providers of online payment and they also function without any problems at all. So, as you can see, you can choose between traditional and modern methods; whatever you choose, you can be 100% sure that the money will be deposited into your account.

As for the withdrawal, we can confirm that this part functions perfectly, too. We have to underline, though, that the method used for depositing will also be used for withdrawal. The processing time can be up to a few working days (if you choose bank transfer), but you’ll always get your money within the promised deadline.

Now when we see that it’s quite easy and quick to start trading with Trade WFX, in the next part of our Trade WFX review we will be talking about the platform this broker uses. Keep reading and find out all you need to know!

Trade WFX Review | Trading Platform

Now when we’ve explained the importance of simple registration and safe monetary transactions, we can start talking about other important features. In the terms of trading, the most important element we have to keep on our minds is the trading platform. When you choose a broker that’s going to be your partner in trading, you have to know that the company will provide you with a platform that doesn’t have any bugs, processes your requests without any problems and offers many trading options and tools.

Trade WFX trading platform is based on MetaTrader4 software, which is the most popular platform in the entire industry. The very first thing we’d like to mention about MT4 is that it’s very well designed. Its intuitive design makes trading very simple and every important feature is very easy to notice, so you won’t spend time trying to find what you need. Besides that, it’s good to know that Trade WFX platform is very quick, meaning it can process your requests almost immediately. With all that said, we can conclude that this broker really provides you with an excellent trading environment.

There is one more element we’d like to mention – the technical analysis tools. Trade WFX platform has more than 30 indicators and many custom indicators (Fibonacci tools, shapes, arrows and so on), so you will be able to make the best short-term predictions possible. Also, you can display 9 timeframes at a time, and you can use unlimited number of charts! But our Trade WFX review has some other perks of this trading platform to discuss, so keep reading!

Trade WFX Home Page

Trade WFX Home Page

Trade WFX Review | Alerts, News and Signals

In this paragraph of our analysis we’ll write about some other Trade WFX features that can improve your trading results. First of all, we’d like to highlight the option of receiving trading alerts. When you’re trading, you don’t have to miss an opportunity, so you simply have to have all the relevant information. Trade WFX platform allows you to keep track of the most important news in the world of finance and business in general. This type of help can be especially useful if you trade long-time trades (as a part of fundamental analysis). Also, it can help you whether you trade currencies, indices or shares. Besides that, Trade WFX platform also offers a possibility of copying other traders’ trades in real time. We don’t think you should completely rely on other traders’ predictions, but it can definitely help you a lot, especially if you find an expert to follow.

Furthermore, there is an option of automated algorithmic trading. This type of Trade WFX trading enables you to develop your trading robots and you can apply technical indicators of any complexity to your strategy. That way you can trade even if you’re not sitting in front of your computer.

In the next paragraph of our Trade WFX review, we will show you another, more dynamic type of trading. Stay tuned!

Trade WFX Benefits

Trade WFX Benefits

Trade WFX Review | Mobile Trading

As you all know, trading is a very dynamic activity. Markets are constantly moving and there is always some chance for you to make a profit. All good traders are aware that you can’t sit all day in front of your computer in order to wait for the right trade. That’s why all good brokers – including Trade WFX – offer you the possibility of mobile trading.

As you can see, with Trade WFX you can trade anytime you want and the best thing is that Trade WFX app doesn’t charge anything for this option! All you have to do is download the MT4 mobile application. You can get it both for Android and iPhone, and we can say it functions perfectly on both types of software. We’ve tested it and we were very satisfied. The mobile Trade WFX app has all the features as the regular platform, as you can use various technical tools, charts and so on. The only condition is that you have access to the internet.

If you already have some experience with trading, mobile trading should be a must. With the possibility of intervention at any time, you will increase your chances a lot. Trading is a dynamic activity, but if you can make it even more dynamic, you most definitely should.

There’s one other feature offered by Trade WFX that will also help you a lot , especially if you’re a newcomer in the field of trading. Keep reading and find out what we’re talking about!

Trade WFX Review | Demo Account

Demo account is one of the most important features of Trade WFX. This broker gives you an excellent opportunity to practice your trading without risking any real money! Although this is of special importance for beginners, we would advise every trader to open Trade WFX demo account. It can help you a lot and you have absolutely nothing to lose.

With Trade WFX demo account, you can explore all the features of the broker’s trading platform. When we say all the features, we really mean that. Their demo account is a 100% real simulation of market conditions. You can test various strategies in order to develop the one that will suit you best. You can try all the trading tools the platform provides, and you can also try various trading models. On the other hand, since the Trade WFX demo surrounding is a perfect simulation of the real market, you will get real and valuable trading experience and you won’t risk any money.

We’d like to highlight that you can’t open a demo if you don’t have a real account. When you choose one of many accounts Trade WFX offers, you will get an opportunity to trade on demo account before you start investing your money.

But there are other ways to profit from joining with this company. Of course, our Trade WFX review will cover them all, so stay and find out what this is all about!

Trade WFX Review | Promotions

Among other signs, you can recognize a good broker if it provides you any opportunities to improve your balance besides trading itself. When we talk about Trade WFX, they have many other promotions and ways to profit without really risking much.

First of all, you can earn some money by referring friends to the broker. That way you can get up to $100 of Trade WFX bonuses. All you have to do is provide referral details to the account manager. When your friend activates account and completes his or her first trade, your Trade WFX bonus will be added to your account.

Trade WFX Bonuses

Trade WFX Bonuses

Moreover, if you have some social media skills, you can take the advantage of Social Media Promo option. That way you can get $25, $50 or $100 of Trade WFX bonus in your account. Besides that, you can get special bonus on your first deposit of $500 + spread reduction on one instrument of your choice. There are also some exclusive Trade WFX bonuses up to 50% on redeposit, and you can also get an account upgrade. All in all, we think these are some great promotions and bonus policies, so you should definitely explore them!

Trade WFX Review | Regulation and security

Although more on the broker’s safety you can read in our Is Trade WFX a Scam? analysis, in this part of our Trade WFX review we’ll still mention the most important information. First of all, we’ll say a couple of words on the safety of your information. The company has to collect certain information about you in order to create your account. As you will see, there are some rules about the authentication of your ID in order to prevent identity frauds. All of the information is used only to provide you financial and trading services and to manage your account.

As for the security, Trade WFX uses various safety measures in order to protect the important information. For example, they use encryption during data transmission and they separate machines and data to provide secure areas. As we already mentioned, they have strong authentication mechanisms, so you can be completely sure no one will take your money or your identity. And last, but not least – they are registered with the Financial Services Authority.

At the end of this paragraph we’d like to say that, if you have any troubles, you can always contact Trade WFX’s support team. You can call them, or you can send them an email. We’ve tried to contact them several times and can only say that these people take their job very seriously and are very professional at what they do.

Trade WFX Contact

Trade WFX Contact

Trade WFX Review | Conclusion

In the conclusion of our Trade WFX review, we would like to emphasize all the important elements of the broker’s offer and its biggest advantages in general. We will start at the very beginning, which is very simple. You can register in just a couple of minutes and you can start trading for only $200. By setting the Trade WFX minimum deposit that low, the company has made trading affordable to almost anyone. You can also choose between seven types of account, and you can open a demo account and explore the trading platform for free!

As for the platform, the broker uses MT4 software, the best in the industry. It also comes as an application, so you can keep investing wherever you are. Besides trading, Trade WFX offers some other ways to increase your income. You can earn by referring a friend, by managing account, handling social media or you can simply get your hands one of the broker’s bonuses!

As you can see, Trade WFX definitely has a lot to offer. Open an account, make the deposit and start trading with them today!

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