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Trade360 Bonus

In the world of foreign exchange, bonuses have become a standard part of every broker’s offer. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a broker with one of the best bonus policies in the industry. The broker’s name is Trade360 and it’s a fully regulated EU company that has become one of the most popular companies in this industry over the last couple of years. We opened an account and tested all the options they have to offer, so go ahead and read our Trade360 bonus analysis and check out what we’ve discovered!

Trade360 Bonus | Numerous options

Besides the standard bonuses, Trade360 provides its clients with many other interesting features. The very first thing we noticed when we started trading with them is that we started to receive many trade signals. They are SMS notifications which alert traders to every trading opportunity and important market movement. Furthermore, you can also get the so-called alliance signals which tell you at which prices you should open a position in order to maximize your profits. Another interesting trading method that’s definitely worth of mentioning here in our Trade360 bonus article is ‘crowd trading’. As the name says, you can observe how other traders invest and follow them in your trading, which is especially useful for beginners. The platform has much more to offer apart from that, so if you’re interested, you can always check out our Trade360 Platform article. But let’s now get to the more concrete part of our Trade360 bonus analysis.

Trade360 Practice Trading

Trade360 Promotions

Trade360 Bonus | Extra trading funds

Unlike many other brokers which offer only a few bonus options, Trade360 has a very unique and diverse bonus policy. First of all, they offer the deposit bonus. The size of this bonus depends on the amount you deposit. For example, if your deposit is 250$, you will get a 25% bonus (just to remind you, Trade360 Minimum Deposit is set to 100$). There’s also the Practice bonus, the very first bonus of this kind we’ve encountered so far. The broker will reward you with up to 60$ just for practicing and improving your trading skills! The next thing on our Trade360 bonus list is $50 Phone Verification Bonus you can get if you log in and enter your phone number and the code you get in the required field. As you can see, Trade360 bonus policy really does have some exceptional offers that will surely help you a lot with your trading. All you have to do is sign up!

Trade360 Practice Trading

Trade360 Practice Trading

Trade360 Bonus | Conclusion

There is no doubt that Trade360 offers some nice bonuses, so you should definitely make the most of the company’s offer. Basically, you get a bonus for everything you do! If you make a deposit, you get a bonus, if you enter your phone number, you get a bonus… You get the idea. Apart from their excellent bonus policy, the company offers many other great and very useful features, like trading signals and their ‘crowd trading’ option. Therefore, if you want to trade with a company that allows you to increase the value of your money, this is the broker you want to open an account with.

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