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TradeKing Bonus

For more than a decade now, TradeKing has been an important part of the trading industry. Numerous prizes this broker has won speak volumes of the broker’s quality and reliability. The team working to make sure you have a great time trading on the company’s website turned out to be very capable and very well managed, and the perks you can get there also help a lot with your trading experience. We are going to discuss some of those perks in this article because here we will, with some help from our financial experts, be taking a look at TradeKing bonus policy. So stick around and read on if you want to learn how to get more value from your investment.

TradeKing Bonus | Deposit bonus

There are several ways you can get your TradeKing bonus, so we will start our analysis by examining the broker’s deposit bonuses. You can get some really great deals here because there is no TradeKing Minimum Deposit requirement, so you can invest as little as $1. For that, you will get $100 in free trade commission, which means that even with a single dollar you can have a full trading experience. Furthermore, if you decide to deposit $500, you will get $500 in free trade commission and effectively double your trading funds. Finally, for a deposit of $5000 or more, you will become eligible for a free trade commission of $1000. These are some pretty good deals, especially if you decide to invest only $1 or so, but there are other ways to get your TradeKing bonus, so stay with us.

TradeKing Trading Platform

TradeKing Trading Platform

TradeKing Bonus | Other bonuses

You see, you can get $50 for each friend you refer to this broker, provided that they make a $3000 deposit and execute 3 trades. But that’s not all – TradeKing will cover up to $150 of transfer fees if you decide to transfer your trading account from another broker, and they will even cover up to $25 of your wire transfer fees if you make an initial deposit of $5000 or more. You should also check out TradeKing Select, a membership program for clients with account value of $25,000 and at least 30 trades over three months. This program will get you even more TradeKing bonus features, such as no wire transfer fees or overnight express fees, no costs when placing a trade over the phone and more. If you’re looking to become a full-time trader, be sure to check this program out. Other relevant features have been examined in our TradeKing Review 2016, so be sure to check that out as well.

TradeKing Promotions

TradeKing Promotions

TradeKing Bonus | Conclusion

To conclude, TradeKing bonus policy offers loads of great features for all traders. No matter if you’re looking to invest just a few dollars or a bigger amount, this company will make it worth your while. But it’s not just the deposit bonuses that are impressive; you can also get a whole lot of additional useful features which show you that the broker really wants you to have a great time. So if you want a high-quality trading partner, open an account with TradeKing and you will be trading with one of the very best.


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