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UFX Scam Investigation

In the world of forex trading, you always need a broker able to provide a secure and high-quality service. Many companies can do that, but some stand out from the rest due to their reliability and experience. This is, without any doubt, one such company. UFX was founded back in 2007, and that fact alone can tell you that they have managed not only to survive in this demanding industry but also to become one of its leaders. More than a decade in this competition is an immense accomplishment, but a company in this industry cannot afford to slip up in the security department. This UFX Scam investigation will help us determine if we can still count on their high standards. Here are the results!

UFX scam impossible, tests say

As you probably know, our first step in articles such as this one is usually to check for a license. Sure enough, UFX is a regulated company, with its license coming from CySEC. Not only that, but they are also listed with regulatory institutions in more than 20 countries of the European Economic Area and adhere to all rules from the MiFID directive. Apart from that, the company also received a positive report from PwC, after this huge accounting firm went through everything the broker has to offer. If they didn’t find anything wrong with trading here, you can be absolutely sure that there is no way a UFX scam can happen and that this company is as legit as they come. But what about protection from third-party intrusions? More on that next in this article.

UFX Regulations

The latest technology is protecting you

Before we move on, don’t forget that we have a very detailed UFX Review 2018, too. There you can learn much more about the features this company offers. When it comes to security, though, they absolutely shine because not only do they have two firewalls protecting all data, but the latest SSL encryption is also applied to all sensitive information. The company also owns two server farms, and the information on one has to match everything on the other, so attacking only one of them will yield no results. Nevertheless, each farm has specially trained guards. Apart from all this, you can also count on top-tier protection when it comes to your money transfers, as everything adheres to 3-D and PCI standards, plus all funds are kept at top-tier banks. A UFX scam is simply not possible.

UFX Security


To conclude, this forex broker is as safe and legit as they come. They have loads of experience and will not risk their reputation for some petty attempt to trick someone into losing a few dollars more. It’s just not worth it. The company has all the necessary papers, an incredible security system and even a positive review from an esteemed accounting firm. So, if you ever see someone talking about a UFX scam of any kind, know that they are lying. This is one of the best brokers you can find, and we advise you to open an account with them today!

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