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Vantage FX Review 2017

Vantage FX is an Australian foreign exchange brokerage company with a very good reputation in the trading industry. They are considered to be very reliable by traders and they’ve won many forex awards for their work: Best ECN/STP Broker in 2016, Best Trade Executions in 2016, Best IB Broker in 2016 and so on. Apart from many loyal clients, they have many partners as well, such as MetaQuotes and Tech Financials. All in all, they seemed like a very interesting company to examine, so we decided to conduct a detailed investigation to see if they’re really that good. Check out our firsthand Vantage FX review and read the results of our tests!

Vantage FX Review | How to login?

As you probably already know, if you want to trade with Vantage FX, you’re going to need an account. And if you want to get an account, first you have to log in. A login implies sharing with your broker some personal and financial information in order to create a verifiable trading account. In the case of Vantage FX login, this information is fairly basic and you won’t spend too much time dealing with the procedure.

First of all, you’ll have to enter your first and last name, the country you’re currently living in and your phone number. After that, you’ll have to enter your email address, so that the broker can send you information about your account. Afterward, you’ll have to choose the account type you’d like to open. You can read all about that later on in this Vantage FX review, but firstly let’s say a couple of words about the ways you can fund your account!

Vantage FX Account Opening Page

Vantage FX Account Opening Page

Vantage FX Review | Deposit and withdrawal

Apart from logging in, there’s another thing you have to do before you can start your trading career – you have to fund your account. Although this part may sometimes seem a bit complicated, with Vantage FX everything goes very smoothly. There are a bunch of options you can choose between, and you’ll quickly find the one that suits you best.

First of all, you can make a Vantage FX deposit via credit or debit cards. You can choose between MasterCard and Visa brands, after which your money will be added to your account instantly. Then there’s the bank wire option – an international wire transfer to the broker’s segregated bank accounts held at National Australia Bank. In addition, you can choose between many alternative payments options, such as Neteller and Skrill, but you can also transfer your funds from your current broker (if you already have one). Vantage FX minimum deposit is $100, meaning anyone should be able open an account here. As for the currencies, you can choose between USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, SGD, JPY, NZD or CAD.

Vantage FX Deposit Methods

Vantage FX Deposit Methods

If it’s very simple to deposit your funds with this broker, Vantage FX withdrawal should also be an extremely simple procedure, right? All you have to do is to log in into Vantage FX client portal and select the withdraw tab from the menu. The broker doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees for money transactions, but some extra payments might be required from overseas banking institutions.

Vantage FX Review | Account types

Vantage FX offers several account types for you to choose from. First of all, we will present the Standard account. As the name says, it’s the most usual type of account. We’ve tested it ourselves and think that it’s ideal for both beginners and more experienced traders. In its offer you’ll find 40 currencies, 6 indices and 7 commodities you can trade with. As already stated, the minimum deposit required for this account is $100, which is quite fair and below the industry’s standards. Leverage is up to 500:1, which means that with $10 you can control $5000 and that’s something you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Apart from the Standard account, Vantage FX also has ECN forex trading account in its arsenal. ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network. It’s actually a way of connecting smaller market participants with liquidity providers. The broker obtains liquidity from its liquidity providers and makes it available for trading to its clients. On the other hand, the broker delivers clients’ orders to liquidity providers. Requested orders are automatically matched and executed, so you don’t have to worry about their efficiency. This Vantage FX account type is definitely the best way to experience ECN trading. You can open an account for only $500 and enjoy all the privileges it has to offer.

Vantage FX Account Types

Vantage FX Account Types

If you’re a Muslim, Vantage FX has a special offer for you: you can open their Islamic Forex Account designed for traders who can’t receive or pay swaps due to their religious beliefs. In other words, Islamic Account complies with the Sharia law, so if you want to trade in accordance with it this is the perfect solution.

Let’s now move our Vantage FX review on and check out the broker’s trading platform. Keep reading!


Vantage FX Review | Trading Platform

Just like so many other brokers, Vantage FX also uses MetaTrader 4 as its main trading platform. This is the most popular online trading platform in the entire foreign exchange industry, so the fact that you can find it with this experienced broker should not be a big surprise. It is intuitively designed and can process orders very quickly, which is absolutely vital for successful trading.

Among many options that Vantage FX MT4 platform has to offer, we’d first like to highlight its powerful charting methods. As you probably already know, in forex trading every piece of information is presented in charts. By using charts, one can see the dynamics of the market in certain time frames. With Vantage FX platform, you can view up to 9 timeframes and up to 3 chart types, which is an excellent feature, especially if you like to have many open positions at once. Apart from charts, on MT4 you can also let the robots run the show. In other words, you can use robots in trading. It’s a very helpful option in situations when you’re not at home or you’re stressed out for some reason. There are many options of customizing your trading robot, so don’t hesitate to use it!

The last element we’d like to emphasize in this paragraph of our Vantage FX review is the option of receiving forex signals. You can be informed on every significant market event and you can get the opinions of professional traders for free! With Vantage FX MT4 trading platform, you’ll have access to more than 3200 professional trading signals, a fact that can definitely be of huge assistance to you in your trading endeavors!

Vantage FX WebTrader

Vantage FX WebTrader

Vantage FX Review | Other Platform Features

Vantage FX also offers a way to trade anytime you want with MT4 mobile application! With Vantage FX app, you’ll have a fast and stable access to your forex trading account and every trading option and analytical tool, just like you do on the regular platform. There are applications for both iPhones and Android Phones and both of them can be downloaded for free. Mobile trading is a fast and dynamic type of trading and more and more traders are opting for it, so should definitely don’t want to stay out of the loop.

There’s also a way to access your MT4 trading account from wherever you have a secure internet connection. It’s called WebTrader and it’s very useful for those who use more than one device when trading. The Vantage FX WebTrader is designed in the same way as the desktop version of MT4 and allows you to access your account without the need for downloading the platform.

Vantage FX Trading Platform

Vantage FX Trading Platforms

If you’re still new to this type of trading, however, we advise you to pay special attention to Vantage FX’s social trading program called ZuluTrade. Through the ZuluTrade system traders can get an exclusive access to a network of professional traders and trading systems. You can choose a professional you’d like to follow and your account can become an exact mirror of the trader you follow. There are more than 10000 professional forex traders you can follow and that’s something newcomers should definitely be aware of!

Vantage FX Review | Demo account

Another feature designed for beginners in trading is the Vantage FX demo account, the best way to improve your trading skills for free! You see, Vantage FX allows its clients to try their MT4 platform with no strings attached. Whether you decide to take the Standard or the ECN account, you can get a 30-day trial to discover all options the platform offers.

By opening a Vantage FX demo account you’ll be able to access all technical tools and charts you’ll be using once you open a real account. In other words, you’ll have plenty of time to adapt to a new trading environment and to develop your own trading strategy. With this kind of risk-free trading, you can explore as much as you like and you don’t have to invest a dime!

Vantage FX Demo Account

Vantage FX Demo Account

If you’d like to get a demo trial, you’ll have to pass through a procedure similar to the one required for opening a real account. You’ll have to enter basic information about yourself, choose the type of account and you’ll get an instant access to your demo account with 50,000 virtual USD on it! All in all, this is a great feature that greatly improves your trading experience.


Vantage FX Review | Education

Another feature that might be quite helpful for both beginners and experienced traders alike is the Vantage FX education program. With the help of many different materials, videos and webinars, you can learn absolutely everything you need to know about forex trading and the MT4 platform.

First of all, there’s the Learn Forex option, Vantage FX’s comprehensive educational program composed of articles concerning the most basic questions about forex, such as Forex Market Overview and Forex Trading Psychology. These articles are written in a way that anyone can understand, but still they use all of the most important trading jargon you’ll have the opportunity to encounter in this industry. If you’re more of an interactive type, there are many forex webinars held by professional traders and experienced market strategists. We’ve participated in several Vantage FX webinars and are happy to say that this company has some of best tutors we’ve ever worked with.

Vantage FX Education

Vantage FX Education

In addition to these general forex programs, there are several features designed to teach traders how to use MT4 platform. MT4 User Manuals have been developed in cooperation with MetaQuotes Software Corporation and there you can find everything you need to know about the basic features of MT4. For more advanced clients Vantage FX has prepared MT4 Videos and MT4 SmartTrader Tools Videos. They are designed to help you develop your own trading style and so far they’ve helped many traders stand on their own two feet.

You can also gain quite a lot of additional funds from this broker, but we will leave that for the next part of this Vantage FX review.

Vantage FX Review | Promotion and Bonuses

With Vantage FX you can also participate in various promotional campaigns and get many interesting bonuses designed to attract new clients and boost cooperation with the old ones. Let’s start with the most basic Vantage FX bonus campaign called Refer a friend. Existing clients can get $100 if they can get someone to open and fund a real account with the broker. One can refer as many friends as they wish – there are no limits in number, so you can keep getting rewarded all the time!

Additionally, there are some cool things you yourself can get if you fund your account with a certain amount of money. For example, if you deposit a minimum of $1000, you’ll get a SmartTrader Tools Trading Package, a deluxe package of trading tools which can ease your trading a lot (Alarm Manager, Correlation Manager and so on).

Vantage FX Refer A Friend

Vantage FX Refer A Friend

Vantage FX promotions also include numerous competitions where you can win iPhones, iWatches and various Samsung mobile devices. You will need to deposit $500 to participate, but if you deposit $1000 or more you will become eligible for a 10% bonus. As you can see, there are many interesting deals this company offers, but if you’re worried about getting tricked – don’t be. Why? We’ll show you in the next paragraph.


Vantage FX Review | Safety and Regulation

The last thing to be discussed in our Vantage FX review is the broker’s safety. Although the last one, it’s definitely not the least important. In the foreign exchange industry you simply have to be sure that your broker is reliable, especially when you consider how quickly this industry is growing. Unfortunately, there exist some companies that are founded with the sole intention of stealing people’s money, but they are a minority when compared to the number of reliable forex brokers. Is Vantage FX a Scam? We’re happy to say that they are not.

First of all, we have to mention that Vantage FX is a regulated broker. They are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), meaning they operate in accordance with strict financial rules. Furthermore, clients’ funds are held in segregated accounts with the National Australia Bank. This is one of the largest financial institutions in Australia with AA rating. In other words, with Vantage FX your money is always in a safe place and there’s no way access to it is ever denied to you.

Vantage FX Regulation

Vantage FX Regulation

Vantage FX Review | Conclusion

As our Vantage FX review has hopefully shown, this is an exceptional broker that’s definitely worth opening an account with. In the conclusion of our analysis allow us to mention one more time everything you need to know about them.

First of all, it’s very easy to become a Vantage FX client. All you have to do is to go through a simple login procedure which takes just a couple of clicks. The minimum deposit is set to $100, so you can start your trading career with very little money. You can choose between Standard account and the ECN option, and if you’re a Muslim you can become a holder of the Islamic Forex Account. Once you open an account with Vantage FX, you’ll be trading on a modern version of MT4 trading platform, the best one in the entire industry. You can even try it for free with the demo account option and you can also use the mobile version! If you’re a beginner, you can also take advantage of numerous educational materials on the broker’s website. All in all, we think Vantage FX is definitely one of the best brokers in the field of foreign exchange and the perfect option for every trader. Open an account with them today and you’ll never look back!


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