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Is Vantage FX a Scam?

Vantage FX is an Australian broker. In the last couple of years they’ve become very popular among traders so we decided to test them to see if they’re really that good. Read our Is Vantage FX a Scam? article and check out the results of our investigation!

Is Vantage FX a Scam? | Monetary Transactions

The first trading elements we’re going to talk about in this Is Vantage FX a Scam? analysis are monetary transactions. It’s quite important to know that you broker can provide you with the safest monetary environment possible, and we’re proud to say that with Vantage FX everything works perfectly.

We’ve tried both deposit and withdrawal and we were surprised how easy these processes really are. All transactions were done quickly so you won’t have to wait a lot to get your money. All in all, we can conclude that Vantage really does provide you with best service possible. In a continuation of our Is Vantage FX a Scam? article we’ll write about the broker’s platform, so stay with us!

Vantage FX Deposit Methods

Vantage FX Deposit Methods

Is Vantage FX a Scam? | Platform and Staff

Another crucial element in every trader’s career is the trading platform one will trade at. That’s why we decided to test each and every option of Vantage’s platform in order to see what they really offer. We tried to trade on both, their regular platform and on the mobile one.

We can confirm that the platform provided by Vantage FX is simply excellent, as seen in our Vantage FX Review article as well. Their platform can proceed your requests, so you won’t lose any money due to the speed of execution. When it comes to platforms there’s another crucial thing: tool box. Vantage provides you with all of the most useful tools and all of them work perfectly.

Vantage FX WebTrader

Vantage FX WebTrader

Besides that, the platform’s design is very user friendly, which makes it perfect for newcomers in trading. Furthermore, the mobile application is also excellent, so you can trade anytime you want! And if you’re going to have any troubles, you can always call their customer support! We’ve tested them a couple of times and they helped us with everything we needed.

Is Vantage FX a Scam? | Regulation and Safety

As we’ve mentioned at the very beginning of our Is Vantage FX  a Scam? analysis, Vantage is an Australian broker. They are regulated by ASIC, Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Besides that, traders’ funds are held in a segregated account, so we can conclude that your money is completely safe with this broker.

As for the general information you’ll share with Vantage FX, all data is protected by various security measures. The broker takes care to ensure that all the personal information you share with them is protected by firewalls and data encryption, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

Vantage FX Regulation

Vantage FX Regulation

Is Vantage FX a Scam? | Conclusion

We can say that this broker really is the best partner to start your trading experience with. We’ve tested all of the important aspects and we’ve concluded that they are really exceptional. Their trading platform will be perfect for both beginners and experience traders, and the same goes for the mobile application. Besides that, monetary transactions can be made very quickly, which will definitely ease your trading. Their customer support is always ready to help and they’re regulated broker, so you should definitely open an account with them!


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