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Videforex Review 2018

No matter which type of trading you want to take up, signing up with a broker is something you cannot avoid. Brokers are your link to the market and the ones who set up trading conditions for you. That’s why it’s extremely important to find a broker that can do its job well and provide you with numerous trading opportunities. You need a business partner that will have your best interests in mind. To help you find the right company, we conduct various tests and investigations, so that we can determine which ones should be avoided and which ones will give you what you deserve. This Videforex review is one such investigation, so read it and see what awaits you if you decide to make a deposit on this website. Let’s go!

Videforex Review | Accounts

Before you start trading, you will need an account. When it comes to Videforex account types, it is paramount that there is something for everyone. In other words, if you are a beginner, you probably don’t need an expensive account with too many extra features. If you are professional, you might need extra sessions or signals that will help you with your predictions. Finally, there has to be something for those in between, who are neither beginners nor professionals (actually, majority of traders belongs is in this group).

There are three Videforex account types to choose from. First of all, there is the Bronze account which is designed mostly for beginners and requires only 250$ to open it. For that, you will get some pretty cool things, such as live video chat support whenever you want. The most popular account is called Silver. It comes with master class web sessions, which is also a great deal for 1000$ you will need to deposit to gain access to it. The last option is, logically, the Gold account. This type of account is made mostly for professional traders and offers increased bonuses and a personal success manager to help you out. We must mention that, unfortunately, due to regulations in that country, US traders cannot open an account here at this moment.

So, Videforex account types have pretty much something for everyone thanks to the huge number of features they carry with them. But how can you make a deposit and gain access to them? Our review has the answer just below.

Videforex Account Types

Videforex Review | Deposit

After making a Videforex deposit on several occasions, we can safely say that the whole process runs without any problems. There are actually several different methods at your disposal. First, you have credit and debit cards, which are represented by Visa and Mastercard brands. This is the only method that has transfer fees and they can go up to 5%. If you decide to use cryptoccurencies as your funding method, you have Bitcoin, altcoins (Litecoin and Dash are the prime examples) and Ethereum at your disposal. If you are more into e-wallets, however, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Qiwi Wallet and OK Pay all provide a good service.

Like we said earlier, the minimum Videforex deposit requirement is 250$, which is an average amount when compared to other brokers in the business. Certainly nothing too big. However, what should also be mentioned is that there is a maximum Videforex deposit you can make. It stands at 50,000$ or EUR. Are the transactions in the other direction just as good? Read on and find out.

Videforex Deposit Methods

Videforex Review | Withdrawal

There is absolutely no point in trading if you can’t get your money back, which is why Videforex withdrawal has to be spot on. Keep in mind that the method you chose for deposit will also be used for withdrawing here. That’s standard practice in this business, but people often forget about it.

However, there are some things that are not standard here. Minimum Videforex withdrawal, for example, is set to only 50$, which is much lower than the industry’s average. Furthermore, the process is also very fast, too. With Videforex withdrawal, you can always get your money in a very short notice – all withdrawal requests are executed within one hour, but keep in mind that your request and account will have to be confirmed before that. Nevertheless, this makes the company a trendsetter in this industry. As a proof that everything is running flawlessly, we will point you to the fact that each day more than 10,000 transactions are processed on this website. Finally, just like in the previous section, Videforex fee is 5%, but it applies to credit cards only. All other methods allow you make a withdrawal without any additional costs.

Once you have everything set up, you can start trading. That’s why it seems logical to continue this Videforex review with a look at the trading platform and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Keep reading.

Videforex Withdrawal

Videforex Review | Trading Platform

Trading platform is definitely the most substantial part of every trading experience, but we are happy to say that Videforex trading platform has absolutely everything you need for successful trading. First of all, the interface is very user-friendly, so you won’t be losing time on figuring out where all the important buttons are. Second important characteristic of this platform is that it can process trading requests extremely quickly. Its speed will enable you to react in less than a second. If we have in mind the speed of fluctuation of prices, we can conclude that this is absolutely crucial for every trader. Finally, we have to mention the tools and charts one can use on the Videforex trading platform. These analytical tools and graphs will help you predict future price movements – once you learn how to handle them you will upgrade your trading skills big time.

We must also mention that Videforex trading platform has a feature that allows you to copy other traders, which can be extremely helpful if you’re not sure about something or simply want to learn from more experienced people. You also have the option of trading CFDs and binary options here, plus the whole thing was created by the broker from scratch. On top of that, you will not have to wait during the weekend for the market to open once again – trading here is available every day of the week around the clock! However, this is not the only way you can trade with this company. Stay with our Videforex review to learn more.

Videforex Trading Platform

Videforex Review | App

The platform that we’ve talked about in previous paragraph is completely web based, meaning there are no downloads and it can be used on any browser. But in this part of our analysis we will show you something even better – a trading platform that can be used on any mobile device, whether it is an Android or an iOS device!

With Videforex app, you can trade anytime you want. Instead of waiting for a trading opportunity while sitting at home, you can be an active trader and trade from any location which has an internet connection.  But the best thing about Videforex app is that it is pretty much the same as the regular platform and completely free. It has all the tools, charts and graphs. Besides that, it’s also very quick, which can be absolutely crucial if the market is hectic. We tested the app thoroughly and there were absolutely no problems whatsoever. Everything runs exceptionally smoothly. Although you are trading from your mobile phone (or perhaps a tablet), you basically won’t feel any difference!

Since forex market is extremely dynamic and there is always something going on, we definitely recommend downloading your Videforex app. In the next paragraph, though we will show you one trick – how to test things here for free. Stay with us!

Videforex Review | Try the platform for free

If you are about to enter the world of trading, you definitely want to get prepared as much as possible. One of the best things with Videforex is that it gives you an opportunity to explore its trading platform for free. All you have to do is to open Videforex demo account and that’s it!

Although only demo, this account provides you with everything you will use and deal with when you start trading for real. In other words, Videforex demo simulation is extremely realistic. Prices experience real time changes and all charts and tools function in the same way as with a real account. You will have at your disposal all tradable assets you would have if you were trading on the regular platform and with real account. All Videforex accounts come with a demo account attached to them, so all you have to do is sign up and you will be able to test everything out immediately.

There are many other perks of trading on this website and we’re just getting to them, so stay with our Videforex review to see how big a boost you can get once you get your real trading account.

Videforex Contests

Videforex Review | Bonus and Contests

Videforex bonus policy is actually a very a good indicator of the quality of this broker. Every trader who opens an account here will be awarded with some bonus funds. In other words, every initial Videforex deposit comes with a bonus. The bonus amount depends on the amount of deposit and it can reach up to 100%. Let’s explain it with a few examples. If you make your first deposit of 1000$, you will get a 50% Videforex bonus. That means that your total trading balance will be 1500$, which is a great deal. But, if you deposit more than 3000$, you will have your trading funds doubled. On the other hand, if you deposit less than 1000$, your Videforex bonus will be 20%.

Do keep in mind that accepting this kind of bonus carries certain conditions with it. By this, we primarily mean that you will need to reach turnover amounting to 300% of the deposited amount if you want to withdraw these extra funds. Don’t let this percentage fool you – compared to what other companies ask in similar cases, this is actually more than acceptable. Everything is explained thoroughly in the User agreement, so set a few minutes aside and read it if you can.

Besides bonus, Videforex offers additional opportunities to earning more trading funds. The broker organizes trading contests for experienced traders and beginners alike with the prize fund of 20000$. The best thing with the contest is that it’s completely free and automatic for every trader. A new Videforex competition starts every week, and all you have to do is execute as much trades as possible. The winner is the person who manages to trade the most, but top 20 traders all receive prizes which range to a 100$ bonus to 10,000$ in cash. You can even win an iPhone 10, so sign up, enter the Videforex competition and try to be the best!

Videforex Bonus

Videforex Review | Support and Safety

Support is another essential element we have to examine in our Videforex review. You may need additional information about the finances or maybe you want to know something about the platform or simply want to find out more about the competitions, but no matter the case, Videforex support team has to be ready for everything. We asked them a whole lot of questions about forex trading, as well as technical questions on the opening of account and about details of the offer. To our joy, they helped us with everything we needed. They are fast, friendly and you can really rely on them. As for the contact, you can send them a message, or you can call them. The broker has English, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Singaporean and Australian phone numbers. What is particularly interesting, though, is the fact that the support team is available via live cam, meaning you can see who you’re talking to. As a matter of fact, you will see the operators as soon as you get to the website, since there is a live feed of them working right on the main page.

This raises the reliability of this company by quite a bit and, although we already discussed the subject of safety in our Videforex Scam Test, in this paragraph of our Videforex review we’d like to mention that the broker uses SSL system that keeps all the transactions secure. The platform is always up to date, and all transactions are always executed exactly as promised. As you can see, when trading with Videforex, there is really nothing to worry about.

Videforex Contact

Videforex Review | Feedback

That last sentence in the previous part of this Videforex review is, of course, just our own opinion. To see what other people think, we took it upon ourselves to have a little chat with other people who trade here to get some feedback from them. What we found out is that most traders are satisfied with what they got here, particularly when it comes to the support. Quick withdrawals and their low minimum requirements were also at the top of the list of reasons why trading here is so pleasant, but the fact that you can use cryptocurrencies also got some attention, too.

Of course, there was also some negative Videforex feedback, as well. You cannot avoid those things when conducting a survey like this – you just have to analyze the reason for traders’ discontent and see if it’s justifiable. Most of the negative comments we got came from people who were frustrated because they had made the wrong prediction, while others could not present any evidence to their claim that got scammed. Actually, the latter would in most cases just say that they got tricked and leave the conversation without any clarification.

With all that said, we think the verdict is quite obvious. Read the conclusion to see what you shouldn’t miss when trading with this broker.

Videforex Advantages

Videforex Review | Conclusion

At the end of our Videforex review, let’s go once more over the crucial aspects of this broker’s offer that will help you see why trading with them is such a wonderful experience.

There are 3 trading accounts with various initial deposits. The minimum deposit is set to 250$, but when you create an account you will get a bonus that depends on the amount you deposited. Besides that, once you make your registration, you will instantly enter the competition which gives you an opportunity to earn some extra trading funds.

Another feature we would like to mention in the conclusion is the trading platform. We’re happy to say that Videforex has an excellent trading platform that’s fast, user friendly and has many options and tools. It also comes as an app, so you can trade anytime you want, but you can first try it for free by opening a demo account. But the perks of trading with Videforex don’t end here. They also have an excellent multilingual customer support and they guarantee withdrawals within just one hour.

In the end, there is nothing left for us to say but to invite you to open an account with this company. You will get a service on the very highest level.


  • accepts cryptocurrencies
  • low minimum withdrawal requirement
  • quick withdrawal processing
  • possible to copy other traders
  • multilingual customer support
  • contests and bonuses


  • 5% fee for Visa and MasterCard transfers

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  • Regulation:
  • Assets offered: currencies, commodities, crypto
  • Min. deposit: $250
  • Max Leverage: 1:50
  • Spread:

    XRP/USD: 50
    IOT/USD: 100
    ETH/BTC: 200

  • Deposit options:

Broker Pros & Cons

  • accepts cryptocurrencies
  • low minimum withdrawal requirement
  • quick withdrawal processing
  • possible to copy other traders
  • multilingual customer support
  • contests and bonuses
  • 5% fee for Visa and MasterCard transfers

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